Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 16

Greetings! It’s very late, but I couldn’t go to bed without posting the video I mentioned earlier today! I thought it would be neat to share how Kevin put the “chunky” in our new chunky shelves. :-)

Before I head to bed, I do need to mention that the pieces I called 1×3’s in the video are actually 1×4’s. Oops! I told you math wasn’t my thing. Where’s the dude in the cardigan when you need him. :-)


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  1. HEATHER says

    OHmyGOSH I just came across your site and I’M IN LOVE!!! You guys are amazing!!! Sooooooo dang inspirational!! :) Ok, so I’m totally new at any kind of renovation but wanting to try my hand at some of it… so this may be a ridiculous question (lol) but how did he secure the plywood to the ceiling and floor? Is there a certain kind of bracket that is less visible or do you not worry about it because of the shelves? Thanks so much!! Ok I have to get back to work and stop drooling over your projects lol. :)