Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 13

Yay! It’s Friday! Will you be watching your favorite college football team play tomorrow? Kevin and I are huge Auburn fans and will definitely be tuning in to the game against Georgia. Last weekend we actually got to go to the game in person courtesy of a friend of Kevin’s brother, who let us use his tickets. We’ve been burning the midnight oil seven days a week around here lately so it was fun to have a day off!
Auburn is about an hour from Prattville, but it was a beautiful day, so the drive was great. Jordan Hare Stadium (which is actually pronounced “Jer-dan” Hare) holds almost 90,000 people and the surrounding parking lots hold approximately 1,800 cars. I’m kidding- but for real, we had to park over a mile from the stadium, and since I spend most of my days sitting at the computer, I am insanely out of shape. The day after the game I felt like spaghetti from the waist down.
Once we reached the stadium, and discovered that (of course) we were on the wrong side of it, we kept walking ’til we finally reached the entrance we were supposed to go in. But the cardio didn’t stop there. Next, we climbed up nine concrete ramps (we didn’t know we were allowed to take the elevator- there was an attendant in it and he intimidated us for some reason) and just before my heart pounded its way outside of my chest, we finally arrived at the top of the stadium.
Yeah. You heard me right.
I said the top.
And when I say, “the top”, I mean the top.
As in, the nosebleed section.
As in, the place with the seats that are so steep it makes you feel weird.
As in, my feet are in line with the persons head in front of me and I feel like if I move I’m going to be magnetically sucked forward out of my seat.
As in, honey I don’t know if I can physically force myself to sit here anymore because , at this point, I can literally feel my body at war with gravity- and gravity always wins.
As in, okay- now I’m not even watching the game because I’m concentrating on holding onto this seat for dear life and trying to figure out if I’m actually dizzy, or if it’s all just in my head. ???

Here’s a picture of my legs…

Okay, obviously I’m kidding. We didn’t bring our camera to the game, but that photo sort of shows what I’m talking about. :-)

Before I spiraled myself into a full-blown panic attack, we decided to make the trip back down to a level that didn’t mess with my equilibrium so much. We ended up finding a spot we could stand and watch the game from on one of the concrete walkways I previously mentioned. It was located more in the middle level of the stadium. Kevin liked it because he likes to jump up and down and pace while they’re playing. :-)

And since they were winning by such a large margin, a lot of people left the game early- so we ended up sitting really close to the field for the entire 4th quarter. It was awesome! :-)

Anywho….enough about that. Let’s talk about the guest bathroom!

Kevin primed the legs of the farmhouse table yesterday. He also added little casters at the bottom of each leg because we needed the table to be 2 inches higher than it was…

He didn’t get a chance to work on the top, but a coat of wood conditioner and some water-proof sealer and it’ll be good to go!

He started trimming out the sides of each built-in. You can click on the photos to see a closer view of each of them. I asked him to use 1″x3″ pre-primed MDF boards and a few pieces of beadboard panelling to create some visual interest in the sink area.

Once it’s all caulked, primed and painted, I think it’s going to look fantastic!
I’m very proud of him for diving head first into this just because I told him I believed he could do it.

He’s more talented than he will ever give himself credit for, but I look forward to spending my life trying to convince him just how extraordinary I think he is.

I’m not sure what he’s got planned for today, but I look forward to documenting and sharing more photos and/or video footage here on our blog this weekend!

We’ve got an exciting giveaway planned for later this afternoon- so if you want to check it out, come back and visit us for all the details.

Happy Friday!

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