Guest Bathroom Reno – Day 12

Hello! Can you believe the week is almost over already? Tropical Storm Ida rolled through the day before yesterday and it rained sideways the entire day. Unfortunately I made the mistake of giving in to a strawberry milk craving around two o’ clock that afternoon. My trip to Walgreens went something like this…

And by the time I got home I looked something like this…

But at least I got my strawberry milk!


While I was swimming back and forth from Walgreens, Kevin continued working on the guest bathroom.
So far it’s been quite the little brain teaser. Neither of us are “math people” and this project has been riddled with the stuff.
Here’s the equation he used to determine the exact location of the farmhouse table so that it would sit directly under the light fixture in the sink area…

Okay, fine. The dude in the cardigan did most of the figuring.



The following video shows some footage Kevin put together over the past couple of days to document more of the reno process. He pulled me away from my office to talk a little bit about our plans for the room, so this time I need to apologize in advance for the giant rats nest located on the back side of my head during the interior portion of the video. (“Would have been nice if someones husband, ahem, would have told his wife, ahem, so that she could comb it before they shot a video for their blog”, said the lady with the perpetually messy hair whose husband didn’t think to mention anything because it looked no different this day than it did any other day.)

All that rambling and I forgot to mention that the mirror will actually be hung a little lower than it currently is AND we’re going to paint the walls a more colorful hue as well. I’ve got a few shades in mind, and I predict a trip to the paint store in the near future. And speaking of paint, I’m so excited to see those table legs painted! I believe that’s on Kevin’s agenda today, so I’ll post photos of it as soon as it’s dry, the tabletop is conditioned and sealed, and after he’s got the old sink securely in place.
I can’t tell you how neat it is to finally want to go into this room. I’ve spent the last two years avoiding it as much as humanly possible, and cringing every time our guests ask, “can I use your bathroom?“.
Even though it’s far from finished, it’s finally on its way, and there’s no turning back now! :-)

Happy Thursday to you!


PS…Congrats to Jason and Sarah (Sham-Wow! and Flo) for winning our 2009 Halloweenie Roast costume contest!

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