Guest Bathroom – Let the Demolition Begin!

As soon as the Halloweenie Roast dust had settled, Kevin and I convened in our guest bathroom to discuss exactly what we should do with the ‘lectric lavender reno-gone-wrong we inherited when we bought the house.

Do you remember the post I did about it a while back?

In case you missed it, you can click on these gnarly “before” photos to read all about it:

Today, in true Lettered Couple style- we decided to start ripping things apart the second we finalized our plans for the room.

Here’s a short video that Kevin filmed while removing the cabinets, countertop and peel-n-stick floor tiles. (The “stick” on the bottom of the tiles actually got a little revenge on him in the end!)

We hope to have the vanity side of the room complete by end of the month. Among other things, our plans include an old farmhouse-style table flanked by built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookcase-style shelving. (Holy hyphen-filled sentence Batman)

It’s bound to be a wild ride, as neither of us has ever renovated a bathroom or constructed built-in shelving (heck- we hadn’t even used power tools ’til a couple of years ago!), but I have faith that Kev can pull it off.

The question is, can he put it back together! 😉

Have a marvelous Monday y’all, and thank you for the encouraging comments you left us last week. They were day-makers and we appreciate you taking the time to leave them. :-)


Guest Bathroom Reno - Day 2
Halloweenie Roast 2009 photos

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