Green Paint Colors

Remember when I blogged about the Chip It! tool from Sherwin-Williams?

Well, I’ve been eye ballin’ the green paint colors in my inspiration photo for a few years now…

…so I thought I’d do a little experiment. I got a $5 sample pot of the color Dill (SW 6438)…

…and painted it onto the lid of an old jar I found at a local flea market last week…

Not bad, eh?

I’m looking forward to using various shades of green in my home office, and my new Dill jar (no pun intended) will definitely come in handy in there! If you’re obsessed with paint colors as much as I am interested in installing the Chip It! tool, just drag and drop the Chip It! bookmarklet below up into your toolbar:

Literally use your cursor to click and hold that little blue button all the way up to the top of your computer screen (right below where you type in a website address) and then let go.

After that, it’s super easy to use. Just click on the words “Chip It!” to activate it. When it’s ready to go, a big blue badge will appear in the upper left hand corner of your computer screen:

Hover over the photo you want to “chip”, and then click on the smaller Chip It! button (on top of your inspiration photo) to see the paint palette Sherwin-Williams suggests. Need visual instructions? Just click the play button below to watch a video that shows step-by-step instructions on how to use/install it:

Inspired by the colors in my Chip It! card, we went with a green/gray/white color combo in our mini master bathroom re-do, and I look forward to sharing some pics and a post about it this week when we’re done!

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  1. Gabe says

    Odd question, but do you know if that wallpaper available anywhere online? It is nothing short of fantastic!

  2. Lisa says

    I’ve been eyeing a gray-green combo for my bath too! I can’t wait to see yours. I have so much trouble visualizing the end result so your pics are my inspiration and courage!!

  3. says

    ooooooh! love the Dill color! I love the green of Jadeite and this looks so similar. The jar turned out great! I’m going to be on the lookout now….they would make great sugar and flour canisters!

  4. says

    The Chip It tool is so much fun. Love the dill. I recently have begun using Caterpillar from Behr and it’s such a fun color. It’s very green and scared me a bit at first, but after a little sanding and wax, it came out amazing.

  5. says

    I really like Dill… and can’t wait to see how you use it in your office. I am amazed at the energy and motivation you have to go straight from the guest bedroom to renovating your master bath. I guess it’s better than stopping and trying to find the momentum again.

  6. says

    Our kitchen is Martha S. Timothy Hay green…lighter than your Dill, but a great grey-green still the same. Enjoy your office greenery :)

  7. Marianne in Mo. says

    I’m a green freak, so I love the Dill! That’s my color pallette for my main floor guest room. Can’t wait for your office posts! BTW, how’s Ree’s hallway coming along? Haven’t heard much aobut that.

  8. says

    I love Chip IT! And that green color is really nice with great undertones ~ I can’t wait to see the master bath! :-)

  9. Kathy PH in LH says

    Well I love the paint color and the Chip It! tool, but what I’m more intrigued by is that little bird planter in the shot with your Dill jar! I could swear my grandmother had that exact same planter (with the cracked and glued tail 😉 in her kitchen FOREVER! (wonder what happened to it when she died?)

  10. Laura Shanahan Bauer says

    It’s funny but I am just coming in from outside painting a dresser in Bunker Hill green, waiting for it to dry and thought I would check todays post!!! Loving green in the home!

  11. Teddee Grace says

    Layla–I had to drag the icon above the search bar, not below, to get it to “take.”

  12. says

    What a great tool! I’ve already used it to pick a paint color for the front door, inspired by your first post about Chip It. Thanks for the tip!

  13. says

    The Chip It tool is too cool! And I am loving your desk vignette there, with all the lovely happy colors.

    By the way, is there anything you don’t think of painting? I have a bunch of those cracker jars … so now my mind is wondering!

  14. Amy says

    I tested my chip it tool on your picture comparing your inspiration to the color dill and the paint it recommended to me was called pickle! I don’t know why, but I found that hilarious. Maybe I will go in and ask for a shade between “dill” and “pickle”.

  15. Lisa Frank says

    I have been playing with the Chip It tool for the past few weeks and, although I really *want to* love it, I’ve not been having good luck with it. It seems like 90% of the photos I roll over come up with a somewhat random color selection and many times the dominant colors in the photo are not even represented! Chip It tends to pull very minor colors or colors from the background instead of the foreground. I even just tried it on a photo of a mint green necklace with a pure white background and Chip It pulled up grey, black, yellow {from the teensy gold clasp?} and an off-color of green.

    Is there some trick to it I don’t know about? Do you have to wave the cursor over a specific area on the photo to get it to work more effectively?

    • Susan says

      Ditto Lisa Frank’s experience and feelings! Wanted to love the tool and still love the concept but, except for a very few “chips”, the palettes I get seem way off. Dominant colors do not show up; some colors show up repetitively.

  16. says

    Hi Layla,
    What a great idea to paint the top of that jar! I have the exact same bird, I bought it at a thrift store a few years ago. I was wondering if you know anything about it? mine has a number on the bottom and that’s all. I really just bought it because I liked it but I always like to know the history of these things.

  17. Arli says

    Hi Layla,
    Do you know how to install the chip it icon on a PC? I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks.

  18. says

    I’m amazed that the green in the inspiration photo and your painted green lid actually look like the exact same color! Cool.

  19. Kris B says

    Wow, that’s almost an exact match! I’ve played with the tool a little bit but now I must take a picture of my chair in my living room to get some paint colors! Maybe finally I can settle on a wall color.

  20. says

    Wow, what a wonderful little tool. What Pinterest did for visual inspiration, Sherwin Williams has done for painting! Thanks for sharing!
    BTW, I also have been crushing on different green paint colors for awhile, but haven’t been able to settle on the perfect shade!

  21. says

    by the way, this chip it thing is AMAZING! ever since i saw this on your blog yesterday, i’ve been using it non stop . SO helpful!! Thanks again for sharing Layla! :)