Seed Sack Pillow

I’m big on little things when it comes to interior decorating. Choosing wall colors and arranging furniture is fun, but adding (he)art and accessories is my favorite part, and I’m so stinkin’  smiley about the pillow nestled up against back right now!

The front is an old seed sack we dug out of a barn in Iowa a few years ago

…and the back is a dish towel from Ikea that we had been using in our kitchen:

Thankfully, all the food stains washed out of it- ha!

The hemp trim came from Joann Fabrics, and I love how the corners are sort of feminine-looking, while the rest of the pillow has kind of a masculine “baseball uniform” vibe to it, ya know what I mean? I’m always on a mission to make sure our environment appeals to both mine and Kev’s sensibilities, so I’m all about a nice blend of cottage-style “mister-meets-ma’am” up in here!

(Huge thanks to my neighbor, Cindy, and my new friend Sharon the pillow-maker, for graciously helping with my “little lumbar love”!)

While I was taking those pics of my pillow, I was able to capture Kit-Cat performing one of his daily stunts…

Like most cats, he loves to be high up off the ground. The top of our piano is one of his favorite places to lounge, but I have a feeling he’s got even loftier dreams.

PS- I’m hanging a random collection of old plates on the wall behind my Christmas Amaryllis today- and I look forward to blogging about them as soon as I’ve got ’em all hung up!

Decorating With Plates
DIY Shades

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  1. Geri says

    Layla, love you pillow, love your room color, love your mom’s flower gift, and love kit cat doing acrobatics on camera.
    I have curtains from your very ikea dish towel in my laundry room.
    Easy breezy clipped on metal rings. Perfect height no less. Can not wait each day to go on your adventures. Hugs. Geri.

  2. says

    Oh it looks gorgeous in there!!!!! That pillow is amazingly perfect!!!! Kit Kat is quite the jumper and dreamer, love those shots of him!!! Can’t wait to see the plates on the wall :)

  3. Penny says

    LOVE, LOVE the pillow! (and love the pics of Kit-Cat). My tuxedo boy Oreo tries to “kill” my ceiling fan every day…I’m just waiting for him to pull that thing out of the ceiling.

  4. says

    Kit-Cat’s gymnastics are adorable! My cat is the same way. We don’t have a lot of high spaces in our house, so we allow the un-hygenic option – his realm is the kitchen counter!

    I love the pillow too. It’s cute!

  5. Shelley says

    hey layla, so love your style, just wondering what the paint color is that u have for your secretary next to the piano there? i have a hunter green china cabinet my husband and i converted into a coffee bar, and im really thinking of changing it to a lighter color. the rest of my cupboards are a beautiful cream lacquer, and the walls are boarded with 2×6 boards and painted a “prairie gold” (yellow) color. Do u think the color of your secretary could be a match?! :)

  6. Mairi says

    Would love to see a step by step process of hanging the plates as I’m looking to do something like that in my kitchen! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  7. Sunny Beamish says

    Hi Layla,
    Your blogs always seem to bring a little (Son)shine into my day. It makes me smile how God uses all of us to lift one another, and I really like the terminology of (He)art in the home. Keeps my perspective to let He and I do the fun projects in my home that will ultimately bless others, and not become boasting of my own. Can’t wait to see how sweet the plates will look.
    Keep looking up,

  8. Kelley says

    Hi there – I love the pillow and Kit Kat! I also wanted to tell you something fun I did today because of you and all the great ideas I saw online of Random Acts of Kindness & handwritten notes! At work we are doing some renovating of our company kitchen/lunchroom and in the meantime the vending machines have been moved near my desk. I taped a dollar to a note that read, “Your snack is on me today – Happy Friday!” and I taped that to the money slot on the snack machine…then I waited. One lady walked by and said “Awww” then kept walking. Another saw it and came to my desk and said “Someone left a $ on the machine. Was it you? It sounds like something you’de do!” But I just smiled and kept quiet. Later a guy walked up…saw it…scratched his head…then lifted it up so he could slid HIS OWN DOLLAR into the machine leaving mine still taped there! Later the owner of the company saw it and went and got another lady to show her, saying how nice that would be for someone to find. But still no one used it! Feeling slightly deflated I stepped away from my desk and when I came back seconds later – it was GONE! I was sad that I didn’t get to see who the lucky snacker was – but oh well – that was never the intention, right?? Minutes later a company wide email goes out with this: THANK YOU FOR MY SNACK. HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU TOO!! From a sweet lady (who just recently lost her daughter). Layla – my heart is filled with joy! Thank you for the nudge.

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