• Graffiti Love

    The following emails were exchanged between me and my Mom, a couple weeks back, regarding a birthday gift for her husband, Randy…

    Three days later, I received one of Randy’s train cars…

    …along with a little note from my Mom…

    So I printed out some letters from Dafont.com to use as a guide…

    …and (nervously) began to draw…

    …and paint…

    …and sent the train car back to her as soon as it was dry.

    Thanks to all the Mom’s out there that continue to encourage their children to create and color outside the lines. Us kids really, really appreciate it.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    PS- I’m happy to report that Randy loved the train car (whew!)…

    “We hooked it up during happy hour, and smiled every time it went by. We named it ‘The Love Train’. We have a little guy in one of the open doorways in another car on that same train, and we like to envision that it’s his Valentine from whomever he’s leaving behind, too. Hope you two have a great day!
    Love, Mom”

    (Me, my Mom, and Randy…watching the trains go ’round, a couple years back.)

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