Goods Deeds and Kind Words

Did you know Random Act of Kindness week is February 14-20 this year? Yep. It is!

First of all, I love that someone created Random Acts of Kindness week. What a great reminder that true peace lies in providing peace to another, and that we’re definitely better together than we are apart. The sky’s the limit when our hearts are in harmony!

Secondly, it’s important to remember giving doesn’t necessarily have to be a monetary or time thing. Think of the last time someone acknowledged and/or encouraged you. What an absolutely inspiring, inexpensive, and impactful way to give that was, right? Giving through acknowledgment and/or encouragement is so contagious too. Love that!

And since this is The Lettered Cottage, I thought I’d post a few, fun, letter-themed random act of kindness style ideas I found while surfing the web. I love me some creatively-place, kind words!


(House 8810)

(Becky Higgins)

(Twig & Thistle)

(Heidi Burton)

And I had to share this incredible post with you too…

(26 Reasons I Feel Happy)

Neat, huh? Love that good deed doin’ Becki! (And her awesome Whippy Cake too!)

I’ll leave you with a couple of ultra-inspiring videos today…

…and wish you an exiciting and luminous Random Act of Kindness week next week! Have fun with it!


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  1. says

    I had no idea next week is RAOK week! This Friday is what would have been my daughter’s first birthday. She passed away when she was born, but we are having a RAOK celebration day this Friday in her memory! More than 100 of my friends and family are participating, and I can’t wait! Thanks for posting about next week, too!

  2. says

    Layla…WOW, huge surprise to hear from you!! What a random act of kindness!!..You’ll never know how perfect the timing was. I love your blog…follow you on FB. You lifted my spirit to the moon! xoxo

  3. Deb says

    I am a true beleiver in what comes around goes around ,my husband is being treated for cancer and last week we had some extra nutrition health drinks we decided that would better benifit an elderly gentleman ,it was today ,less than a week later my husbands weight began a sudden downfall but out of the kindness of another donation to us another whole case was passed our way , whew ,how quickly it can come back to you . Yes the world would be a better place if we all shared in this way .

  4. says

    Love this! And little Miss Priss Whippy Cakes is a rock star! I’m totally inspired. I’ll be 50 in November and wonder if I could somehow cram 50 random acts of kindness in a day…what an amazing challenge! Thanks for sharing this!

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