Goin’ to the Chapel!

I’ve got some very fun news to share with you today! We’re hosting a vintage goods market here in Pike Road, Alabama on October 19th!


(Logo by Courtnie at Poppy Pedals!)

It’ll take place in what’s technically called “The Meeting House”, but most folks around here refer to it as “The Chapel”:


It usually functions as a place for meetings, weddings, and birthday parties- but we thought it would be a super fun place to host a vintage goods market in!

(Note: I got a question about it on Instagram, so I feel like I should also mention that the chapel isn’t, and never has been, a church building.)

It’s not super huge, but there is enough room for 8 vendors inside. These are the ladies (and gentleman!) who will be setting up booths at the market:


Marian, a.k.a Miss Mustard Seed and author of Inspired You, is driving in all the way from Pennsylvania with a trailer full of fabulous flea market finds! We’re very excited she and her hubby are coming to town, and I can’t wait to see how she sets up her booth! (Have you seen her booths at Luckett’s in Virginia? #Stunning)


Lucy Farmer, who blogs at Lucy’s Inspired will be bringing in a whole truckload of architectural salvage from (owner) Garlan Gudger’s Southern Accents store, in Cullman, Alabama. Lucy will also be selling pieces of vintage-to-vogue jewelry from her Lucy’s Lockets line!

Evan_And_Company copy

Evan G. Cooper, stylist extraordinaire, will not only be helping me style (and re-style!) the Chapel Market event, he’ll also have a flower stand set up smack dab in the middle of the chapel for local folks that want to take home a pretty bouquet that day!


Mary Gulbrantson, a.k.a Urban Farmgirl is driving all the way down from Rockford, Illinois with what is sure to be an awesome bunch of farm-style finds. Mary hosts wildly popular vintage goods sales at her Urban Farmgirl shop in Rockford on a regular basis, so I’m really excited to be partnering up with her for this one in sweet home Alabama! (True story: Mary and I have been talking about doing something like this together for about three years now, and I can hardly believe we’re actually going to do it for real this year!!! #BestieFromAnotherNestie)

And to make matters even more fun, Susan from Maple & Magnolia will be coming down  with Mary, and rumor has it, she’ll be bringing a bunch of vintage goodies with her, too!


Shaunna West, who blogs at Perfectly Imperfect Blog will be selling a lovely mix of both vintage and vintage-inspired items in her booth. Her Perfectly Imperfect shop is located in Troy, Alabama- which is only about an hour away, so I may try to talk her into bringing up two loads of stuff! :) (Paint-lovin’ peeps: Shaunna will also be selling Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s line of Milk Paint in her booth.)


And speaking of talented Southerners- New York Times best-selling author, Mary Kay Andrews, will also be bringing a trailer full of vintage goods picked from around the South, and I could not be more excited that she is able to attend! Her next book comes out on October 15th, so it’ll be extra fun to celebrate with her at the market that week!


KariAnne Wood was named Country Living magazine’s “Blue Ribbon Blogger” last year, and her blog, Thistlewood Farms, is definitely one of my favs! She’ll be driving down from Kentucky with another one of my favorite bloggers, (Laura from Finding Home) and I can’t wait to see all the vintage goodness they bring down with them!


I’ll be setting up a booth at the market too, and I look forward to parting with/gathering up a bunch of fun stuff to put in it over the next few months!

(Note: The items in the photos above are not necessarily going to be for sale. I just wanted to include a few small photos of the types of things you will probably see at the market.)

Each of us vendors will be posting pics of the actual items we’ll be selling on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from time to time- so if you’re interested in seeing what everybody’s bringing, be sure to pop over there for sneak peeks along the way!

Marian Parsons: @MissMustardSeed on Twitter/@MissMustardSeed on Instagram/Miss Mustard Seed on Facebook.
Lucy Farmer: @LucysInspired on Twitter/@LucysInspired on Instagram/Southern Accents Architectural Antiques on Facebook.
Evan G. Cooper: @EvanGCooper on Twitter/@EvanGCooper on Instagram/Evan & Co. on Facebook.
Mary Gulbrantston: @UrbanFarmgirl on Instagram/@UrbanFarmgirlCo on Twitter/ Urban Farmgirl on Facebook.
Shaunna West: @PIShaunna on Twitter/ @PIShaunna on Instagram/Perfectly Imperfect Restoration on Facebook.
Mary Kay Andrews: @MKayAndrews on Twitter/@MaryKayAndrews on Instagram/Mary Kay Andrews on Facebook.
KariAnne Wood: @Thistlewood on Instagram/ @ThistlewoodFarm on Twitter /ThistlewoodFarm on Facebook.
Layla Palmer: @LetteredCottage on Instagram/@LetteredCottage on Twitter/The Lettered Cottage on Facebook.

(PS- We’ve been tagging pics with this hashtag: #TheChapelMarket)

We’re still working out all the details and I’ll update you here as we get closer to October, but in the meantime, leave us a comment if you think you can make it, and let us know if you have any questions. Hope to see you this Fall! :)

PS- We’re celebrating Kevin’s 39th birthday at my mom’s house down on the coast today, but I’ll be back on Monday with our half bath reveal! 😀


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  1. says

    Soooo, I just used google maps to figure out how long it would take me to drive there… just a measly 16 hours and 46 mins. Lol.
    I may have to talk my bestie into a fun girls trip to Alabama. What a *great* group of girls you’ve gathered together! #excited #excitedforyou #can’twaittoseeyourinstaposts
    p.s. Happy Birthday Kevin!

  2. Barbara says

    OOOOHHH….Can’t wait!!! I’ll be there and will bring my BFF Kitty with me! How did you manage to include every one of my favorite bloggers?? This is gonna be a blast!

  3. Deb McKathan says

    I am SO excited about this I can hardly express it. My daughter lives in Pike Road so it will be so nice to see my favorite bloggers and their products/items so close to me! Looking forward to every photo and detail! Thanks to all putting this together.

  4. LisaBR says

    I will definitely be driving up from Dothan, Al! CANNOT wait! Can you tell…I’m super excited! Yay! :)

  5. says

    I am so excited about this. I have already told my husband not to plan anything for that weekend because we are taking a road trip to Pike Rd, Alabama. It will be so much fun to get to meet you and all the other bloggers!

  6. Paula says

    I cannot believe it! All the people I love to read everyday are coming to town. I live here in Montgomery and love reading your blog. I have been painting with Annie Sloan paint for two years. Thank you for making this happen!

  7. says

    Happy Birthday to Kevin. Oh how I wish we could take a vacation down your way for this event – looks fabulous and I am trying hard not to be envious of those who get to attend : )

  8. Julie b. says

    I can’t even express how excited this makes me! And to throw in MKA, who I’ve been a fan of for YEARS, is just the added bonus!! I’m already there (in my mind!) Can you please tell me what time the event will start (sorry if I missed it somewhere else). I live outside of Atlanta, and want to make sure I allow enough time to get there early. =) Can’t wait to see all of your talented folk in one location!!

  9. says

    This sounds like it will be amazing and I would even love, love, love to be there, but you are full up and I will be sharing my wonderful electric lantern fixtures at the ‘Apple Festival’ in Ellijay, GA that weekend. If you ever have another vintage goods market, I would love to participate. Have a GREAT time.

  10. Sissy Zugg says

    I am so excited about the upcoming show. I want to make plans to attend as soon as we know the exact dates. The best vendors under one roof. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    • Layla says

      Hi Sissy! The market is going to be on Saturday, October 19th. Hope to see you there! 😀

  11. shar y says

    heck yeah! i am coming, driving over from Houston!! Wahoo! Care to post some sort of lodging list for the area?

  12. says

    I will be there along with at least three of my friends! Such a great line up of vendors/bloggers. All of the blogs are among my favorites.

  13. Angie says

    I am so excited! I live in Pensacola and have told my husband I just MUST go to Pike Road in October. Shauna and Marian are my very favorite bloggers and I am in the middle of reading Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews. Some of my favorite people all in one place…..Thanks for putting this together!

  14. Denise says

    Oh. My. God! I can’t WAIT! Something fantastic within my reach! (Have I used up my exclamation points allowance yet?) I’m saving my money til October 19th! I’ll be busy figuring out Mapquest and exactly how far away ‘The Chapel’ is from Clayhatchee, Alabama…..

  15. says

    I can’t believe something this great is right in my “backyard”! Thanks for putting this together…will there be an admission charge?

  16. says

    OMG I’m so excited! Finally something a bit closer to home yey! I can’t wait! You will definitely have to remind us again when the time is near xo.

  17. Ann Cobb says

    I will be attending along with my daughter Carrie Hays. Carrie lives on Ring Around.

  18. Brenda Harrell says

    We have four of us coming from Arkansas and MO. A girls weekend with some of our favorite people who inspire us .

  19. says

    I’m putting this on my calendar. I live south of Atlanta – around 2 hours away. I really hope to be there. Will there be room? This could be so popular that I’m afraid I might not be able to get in the door!

  20. says

    Ok. Officially jealous and in LOVE! Why must I live way up here tucked in a coastal town in Massachusetts. Why didnt I move to Alabama when my sister lived there and raised her kids for 20 years???? Maybe my principal will give me a few days off? Maybe my husband will say spend the grocery money on a flight dear. Ok, probably not, but a girl can dream! If you ever want to put something like this together in southeastern Massachusetts, Im your girl! And Happy Birthday to Kevin. ( I have a Kevin too)

  21. Pat Porter says

    Where and how do you get to Pike Rd. Chapel. What part of Alabama is it located in? I live on the Mississippi Coast.

  22. Linda Coleman says

    My daughter and I are planning to come to the chapel sale. Sounds wonderful!

  23. says

    YIPPEE!!!! Cannot wait! My daughter and her Volleyball team mates took photos at The Waters and I kept saying, “this looks veeeery familiar”. Then it clicked: The Lettered Cottage! Cannot wait to meet everyone and do some shopping!

  24. says

    I went to the first County Living Fair and the vendors were great but Country Living was not prepared for the onslaught of people that arrived. There was a monster traffic jam, the bathroom lines were an hour wait and they sold out of water immediately. I think that you will be surprised at the number of people that show up. Wishing you the best. Are you selling advance tickets?

  25. says

    I ust found you via Miss Mustard Seeds’s facebook page. I would love to make this a Fall trip for me and my hubby. Is there a charge to enter the Chapel? Where is the nearest place to stay…etc..I guess I would just love more details….if that is in your upcoming info then I will be watching. Blessings on this adventure.

  26. Kathy says

    I would love to attend! I’m in Panama City, FL so I don’t think you’re very far!! I must check this out!!

  27. Jennifer says

    Oh my goodness! I am sooooo excited! So thankful I found this today! Can’t wait!

  28. Sandy says

    Yes, I’ll be there I can’t wait, hope you have enough room for all the people who said they are coming:)

  29. NITA HARBISON says

    Found you thru a friend. Will be on my way from Fairhope,AL Can’t wait to come visit :)

  30. Betty Whatley says

    I live in Montgomery and would like to know what time you are going to start with the show Saturday? I am excited to know that ya’ll are coming since I read all your blogs. I was so glad to find out where it was going to be, because I .know they have the Pike Road arts and crafts show the first weekend in November and thought maybe that was what you were talking about. You should try that one also. They come from all over he United States