Gift Card Giveaway

One of the best parts of being on the True Value Blog Squad is being able to host home improvement-related giveaways. This week, we’re giving away one of these little guys…

It’s got a hundred bucks on it, and it’s good at any participating True Value store. (Click that link to make sure the True Value near you is participating in the giveaway.)

All you have to do for a chance to win it is leave us a comment on this post between now and Wednesday, August 22 (2012). We’ll randomly select a winner and include it at the bottom of Friday’s post. Good luck, and happy home-improving!

This post is part of our 2012 True Value DIY Blog Squad series, and we’ll be hosting more Ask The Blog Squad” sessions on True Value Facebook page on October 9th, November 13th and December 18th.

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  1. melaniek says

    would love to win this, we are currently gearing up to paint the exterior of our house!

  2. Alison F. says

    Great giveaway! Thanks, we’d love to use the gift card on a credenza project we’re working on!

  3. Kristy Stanaway says

    ready to tackle a new project and this would be a GREAT start. thanks!

  4. Shannonshoppe says

    Love True-Value! Our local store is right down the road… I was just in there yesterday- stocking up on Varathane sealers, contact cement, wood glue and wrapping twine… GREAT place to browse!!

  5. says

    Would LOVE to win it…we have SO many things that need to be done around here. :) Thank you for the chance!!!

  6. Laura says

    The main bath was completely torn out yesterday! Who couldn’t use a little pengar (Swedish for money)?

  7. Michelle says

    Ooo – yes, please! I am taking some time off in September to get some projects done and could put this to good use.

  8. says

    Oh I could so use this. Will be posting about projects that I’ve been working on at my parent’s house. Will soon be working on art and music studio for my mom. It would really come in handy. Pick me, pick me, pick me. :)

  9. Maureen says

    How generous. It would come in handy for our need to do the bathroom and the master bedroom with paint.

  10. Jean says

    Just today my husband was saying “Can’t wait until we fix up he office”. This gift card would be a great start!

  11. Maria E says

    We always have a project going on – gift card would be wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. says

    Really, that is all I have to do for a chance to win a wonderful gift certificate? I love your blog and have learned so much from you two. Every time you post I am sending it to my daughter and her husband and showing my husband. Keep up the great work!

  13. Anita Wilkinson says

    In a little less than 2 weeks, I’ll be closing on my first home. I’ve been helping my friends and family with their home remodeling jobs for years.I’m looking forward to having my own home to fix up.

  14. Gayle says

    Boy, this would come in handy for my upcoming mini-bathroom update! Please pick me, pretty please.

  15. Marissa H says

    I love our local True Value! The owner knows our family by name and is always very helpful and gracious! My son loves to scour the aisles and find new and interesting products!

  16. says

    Wow! I could think of a hundred projects I could start with a hundred dollars. :) Okay, I exagerate only a tad. But, I know I could make a huge dent in several of the things on my ‘projects I want to try due to reading too many blogs’ list!

    Hugs, Angie

  17. Christina says

    This would be a nice start towards the french doors and related hardware for my home office… Thanks for the opportunity, y’all!

  18. Bridget P. says

    This would be perfect for helping us finish up some home improvement projects!

  19. says

    Love your blog and all the tips & ideas you give! Would love to win this gift card as we start a DIY kitchen remodel!!!

  20. says

    A hundred bucks? Woohoo! That could pay for the paint in the hallway and then some! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Shell We says

    Definitely yes please. Thanks to this post I actually found a store about 10 miles away instead of over an hour woohoo!

  22. PeggyAnn says

    I would love to win, we are remodeling the bathroom now. The nearest store is 40 miles away but a road trip would be fun!

  23. says

    I just found your blog today and I may or may not have spent two hours on my couch this afternoon drooling over your current renovations. So hi!

    Would be stoked to win this giftcard and thanks so much for the giveaway!

  24. NANCY says

    Yay! Thanks for the chance to win this card–we’re in the middle of making our first house ready to move into and could really put it to use!

  25. Meg Hum says

    So glad I found your cute blog, we are building our dream home and I am always looking for design inspiration.

  26. Kathleen Calimeri says

    Oh I could find some project to start or finish with a gift card win… Thanks…

  27. Kathy says

    I would love to win, I have a bunch of painting projects to do this fall.
    Thank you-

  28. Tassie Adams says

    Oh I hope I get lucky enough to get picked. We just swapped all the kids around in different bedrooms as their birthday presents this year (3 of the 4 birthdays in August). Money’s tight, and I know they are eagerly awaiting changes to make their new spaces their own spaces. Thank you for such a great blog to get away too when I need a break!

  29. susie mann says

    Oh this would be amazing..we just bought a house and will be moving in a week…I will be living at the hardware store!

  30. Debbie says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’m lovin your blog more with every new post. My favorite part about your blog: yall are so refreshing! Good, clean, to the point information! Again, thanks!

  31. Angie McGeown says

    Would love to win this, have a lot of home improvement projects on my list!!

  32. says

    True value is the best. At my old house I lived literally 2 blocks from one! Which make the multiple trips that you inevitably take during renovations easier. Now it is a bit farther away… but still worth the drive!

  33. Edwina says

    Thanks for offering this awesome giveaway! Thank you also for all the amazing inspiration you provide!

  34. Debbie G. says

    We have a great True Value store here. It would really be fun to go there with a gift card to start my next project. Thanks a bunch!

  35. Abby says

    Your blog has been a “go-to” for me for months for decorating/color/design ideas. Love it!

  36. Lori H says

    Trying to get our office transformed and this card would be a huge help. Count me in! And thanks.

  37. Cotton Peony says

    Nice snag Layla! Yes, pleaese put me in for a gc too.

    with love,
    Cotton Peony

  38. Rebecca says

    It would be so great to win. We have 4 little children and I stay at home so $100 would really help finish up some small projects around here!

  39. SuzyMcQ says

    I shy away from the BBS’s (Big Box Stores) so winning this card would be incredibly wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity guys!

  40. Missy King says

    Thanks for all the ideas! I have decided to paint several rooms in our house. Went to the local True Value, Hayes True Value in Caldwell Ohio, to pick up the paint samples can’t wait ti get started. THANKS

  41. Katie says

    Could really use this….currently have 2 DIY projects going on!! Trying to get everything done before the holidays spring up on us!

  42. Jen Knox says

    A new Ace just opened in my neighborhood and we are loving it instead of the huge stores where no one helps you! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Sira says

    Me please! I want to repaint my kitchen and bathroom, and could definitely use $100 towards some paint!

  44. danielle cascone says

    I could really use right now. I would put it toward new hardware for my kitchen.

  45. Monica Beth Converse says

    Love True Value! Small town feel with everything we need! I would love to win this gift card! We’ve got a whole lot of painting to do over the winter! This sure would help with the budget! Thanks!

  46. Elle says

    I love random giveaways! Our neighborhood True Value is a great store.

    It’s sad when sincere queries are misconstrued.

  47. Kelsey says

    I love seeing what y’all come up with! I am starting to encloGraduate Degree, Museum Science and Entomologyse our garage and I am using your wonderful ideas on plank walls and colors (white with pops of red and vintage greens/teal). Thanks so much!! I would live tO have an extra 100 for the project! Keep up the great work!!

  48. Phebe Mott says

    I don’t NEED an excuse to start another project, but I will take one! Thanks!

  49. Lori says

    I would love this! Oh, I bought the skill driver tool that Kevin showed us…LOVE IT!

  50. Lori says

    Enjoying your blog. We love home improvements and have been more inspired to get things done around here. Wood floors in living room is next. On our list.

  51. says

    We’ve got a baby on the way and a room that needs to be turned into a nursery – this gift card would be awesome to help get us there!

  52. Kelly Hawkins says

    Oldest son just moved out to attend college/medical school and would love to get started redoing his room. Short on funds due to the above as you can imagine.


  53. Lisa W. says

    OH very nice…LOVE True Value…on of the nicest all American hardware stores….Thank you for the chance!!!

  54. Erin C says

    We are moving in one month and this gift card would go a long way in the paint and decor area!

  55. says

    Thanks so much for having such a great Blog! I’m a junkie, checking it all the time:) You have wonderful ideas and tips.

  56. annie says

    Ohhh yes please! It sure would come in handy after you pick my living room/dining room “pick my presto” :)

  57. Shana says

    Love True Value — thanks for the great giveaway!

    shanahattis at gmail dot com

  58. says

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway! This would be so useful right now as we’re in over our heads with house projects!

  59. TracieB. says

    My hubby and I tore out all our carpet upstairs yesterday so this definitely would come in handy with the new project in hand!

  60. Jennifer C. says

    I love the hardware store! Keep up all the great work on your blog, I love both of you guy’s style!! :)

  61. margaret says

    Perfect timing. I’m just starting to work up ideas for my back entry. Trying to create a more inviting entrance and pick the shoes up off the stairs. Visited True Value yesterday to pickup paint samples.

  62. Itsa says

    Love your blog…I’m currently giving my master bath a facelift so the giftcard would come in handy!

  63. Rebecca says

    Could use a hardware gift card! My son needs some closets in his room and this would help!

  64. Whitman says

    Our local True Value has some of the neatest products and beautiful plants- I would love to go on a shopping spree there!

  65. Jennifer says

    Would love to win…this would be a great help as we get our nursery ready!

  66. Elizabeth P says

    We’re midway through converting our garage to additional bedrooms and a bath – every little bit helps!

  67. Laura says

    Thank you…….how perfect this would be, we are moving into our new condo on Sept 1. Thank you for all of your great inspiration!

  68. Cristina says

    With a house over a hundred years old….this card would certainly be put to good use. The projects are never-ending!

  69. Lexi M. says

    This would be amazing to win! My hubby and I just moved into a new home and have been doing all kinds of projects! :)

  70. Kim G says

    $100 bucks — goes a long way on a remodel! thanks for the opportunity and LOVE your blog!

  71. Lee in KY says

    Thanks for the chance! Enjoy the blog, particularly the “Pick My Presto!”

  72. melanie chambers says

    I would love love love this to finish up some projects at hour house.

  73. Pam Faust says

    This would be great, it’s time to start repainting the “Builder’s White” walls in my new house!

  74. Sara B says

    I would totally love that! We are trying to redo our laundry room & are in desparate need of wood & paint, etc for shelving.

  75. Andrea says

    I’m re-doing my guest bedroom and living room this fall, so this would come in really handy!

  76. Tracy Rizzot says

    What a fun giveaway! We are buying our first house right now- finally I get to try some of these ideas!!!

  77. Michele Laramay says

    I would love to win this! There is always and forever a project going on here!

  78. Amy says

    We’re currently in the market for our first home and $100 from TrueValue would go a long way to helping us buy paint or something else that we will need to get it cleaned up. I love your blog- you have a really great home decor style! :)

  79. Karen M says

    Would love the gift card to get some painting projects started. Great giveaway!

  80. Andrea Farrow says

    My next renovation starts when the kids go back to school, so I’m ready for some paint!

  81. Samme says

    A $100.00 True Value gift card would be awesome to help out with the fall projects I’ve got planned!

  82. says

    I pulled a “Layla” this weekend and knocked a hole in the wall while my husband was out. It needed to be done (drywall needs replacing), but a giftcard would help with the cost (and maybe buy some forgiveness from the hubby)!

  83. Bonnie says

    We have so many projects to do on our home! Thanks for offering a chance for a gift card.

  84. Romanwoman says

    There is a True Value Hardware right here in my little town. There are so few small town stores remaining. Hope I win!

  85. bibiana says

    I’m currently remodeling my powder room, so this would really come in handy! :-) Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. Megan says

    Fun! We’re in the middle of several DIY projects, so this would be very helpful :)

  87. Audrey R. says

    So many things could finally get accomplished with a gift card, sign me up! <3

  88. Judy Hinten says

    Awesome giveaway! Can’t wait to see the other half of your guest bathroom.

  89. Kathleen Bolton says

    My to do list is so long this would be great. I love True Value stores, great stuff.

  90. D Pinyan says

    We are re-doing a 50’s home and really could use some help from True Value.

    • D Pinyan says

      We are redoing a 50’s home and could really use some help from True Value

  91. Morgan Thomas says

    We just bought a house this summer so this gift card would definitely come in handy! :) thanks for the oppurtunity to win!!

  92. Cheryl B says

    I would love to win, plus I love this blog. Keep up the great work you two!

  93. joan says

    L.O.V.E. this blog. I’m getting lots of new, fresh ideas on how to freshen up my own home. Thank you for all your pictures and details.

  94. says

    Very cool – this would come in very handy as I’m in the midst of a number of DIY projects! Including some pieces purchased at our local Salvation Army that I’m refinishing ;-)

  95. Pam says

    Now that would come in handy! Can think of lots of ways to spend $100 at True Value!

  96. Cathy says

    Awesome give away!! Would love to be the recipient and use the money towards building our first chicken coup!
    THANKS for the give away!!

  97. Gretchen says

    I would love to win this- we are gearing up for a master bath renovation and every little bit of extra cash would help!



  99. Carla says

    Please enter me , and pick my name :) I need Paint to paint my library that is finally stripped of his wallpaper. Love you two, and all you do.

  100. Sharon says

    Would love to win this card and be able to try out some of your great ideas, especially in my kitchen.

  101. says

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Wednesday is my birthday, so winning would be a great treat to help soften the 35-year-old blow…. :)

  102. MimiG says

    Could put this to good use! I have a few projects just “waiting for funding”….

  103. Tracey says

    I would love a chance to win. I could sure use me some DIY!! Thanks for the opportunity :)

  104. sarahannerw says

    great giveaway! my anniversary is on Wednesday, so this would be like getting my husband’s gift for free! :) just kidding!

  105. Raquel says

    Oh, what I could do with $100 gift card from True Value! Thanks for this give-away!

  106. says

    Hey you guys – love your blog and all your designs!
    I’m in the market for a new mailbox so I’m in!
    Thanks for always inspiring me –


  107. Lora Pherson says

    We bought a fixer-upper 20+ years ago and we’re still working on it!
    It would be great to win.

  108. Lynn says

    Thanks for the chance to win Layla! I LOVE their Cabinet, Trim paint in High Hiding White. That stuff is durable!

  109. Jenny says

    We just bought a house and have a lot of projects ahead of us, I’d love to have this gift card!

  110. Lisa says

    getting ready for being a first time vendor at a christmas market (using reclaimed, vintage and recycled materials – yikes!) and would love love love this giftcard to help out!!

    you’re awesome. thanks for the giveaway!

  111. says

    Our favorite local hardware store on Floranada is a participant. Woo hoo!! Looking to pick up some supplies to spruce up one of my listings for sale in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks.

  112. Meagan V. says

    We’re going to be moving in less than a year and will have lots of new projects to work on then!

  113. Jenny says

    I ALWAYS have multiple projects going (much to my husbands dismay!) there are so many ways I could use it!

  114. kathy says

    I would be so blessed to win this… I am the paint queen!! I change paint colors every other year! Thanks for the offer:)

  115. Diane P. says

    This would be great to spruce up our porch rocking chairs. Thanks for the chance!!!

  116. says

    Thanks for the chance to win! This would help tremendously with a mini-bathroom makeover I’ve been putting off. :-)

  117. Nancy Munshower says

    Pick ME!!! I need some extra cash to keep up with Layla’s design inspirations :)

  118. mary fanara coleman says

    Oh my gosh my kitchen ceiling is caving in and I could use this so much.

  119. Rebekah says

    Would love to win the True Value gift card! Hubby needs a new hedge trimmer and I have a painting project that needs to be started:).

  120. Courtney Frantz says

    Would LOVE to win!!! I have a list of things I could put this toward!

  121. Dawn says

    What an awesome give away! I know we could put that to good DIY use in out home!

  122. Britton Gammill says

    I already have an idea of how I would use the gift certificate should I be so lucky.

  123. Raylynn says

    Would love to use this for some much needed repairs.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. KarlaJ says

    You guys are awesome! (And I really need to paint both of our bathrooms.) Thanks!

  125. Kylie says

    We are brainstorming Winter house projects we want to tackle — redo master bath, tile the laundry room, and make some minor updates to the kitchen. This gift card would be put to great use :)

  126. Zan says

    Oh WOW! We are starting a major home rejuvenation including kitchen and bathrooms. Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. wanda hurst says

    Love that fall temps are finally showing themself in our area, that heat was bruttle. Happy fall to you both.

  128. says

    I can’t even begin to name the billion ways I could use this! Remodel is not for the faint of heart. Remodel on a dime is most definitely harder. All the little things! Right now though, I’d probably put it toward buying some flooring..any flooring to finish our closets out. Or baseboards to finish that. Or paint to finish painting….I could go on and on and on.

  129. tracyo says

    I love your site and your wonderful ideas! We plan on using several of them on a property we are working on! Thanks Layla!

  130. Mary Kate says

    Wouldn’t it be nice to get started on a new diy project with a True Value gift card!

  131. Kristin says

    We’re needing to replace our front door and hardware, plus paint the guest bedroom this fall so this would be perfect for us!!

  132. says

    Oh, the things I could do with 100 True Value bucks! Love your blog, Layla. And thanks for the chance to try and win that sweet li’l gift card! :)

  133. Charlotte says

    $100 True Value Giftcard would be amazing for home projects! Thanks for the opportunity!

  134. TracieOB says

    Hi TLC – Thanks for the giveaway. That would come in so handy in getting some DIY done around here. Hope to win. Tracie

  135. Suzy Bryan says

    Would love to win the $100 gift card…..getting ready to tackle home office and 13 yr old daughter’s bedroom!

  136. says

    Oh, Layla ~ I wish for this card, so hard! Between joining two households, wedding costs, and prepping his house for my style, we could really, really use it!

  137. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    We are leaving Destin and heading back home to Parrish. Our first project is to re-do our “bar” and convert it to a “library”. We sure could use this card at our local True Value! What perfect timing.
    Good Luck to all of us.
    P.S. We never used the “bar”…….we certainly will use the “library”.

  138. Justine says

    Sure could use one of these!!! We’re always fixing SOMETHING at our house. Thanks for the chance to win.

  139. Terry says

    I am wanting to get an electric sander to help me refinish my grandmother’s antique swinging door for our pantry!

  140. says

    I am just starting the journey of fixing up my house. I need so many basic things to get started with my projects. This card would make a dent in my purchase list. Thanks for the chance to win.

  141. Laura Stone says

    Great prize! I have lots of painting and fixing to do. This would sure help me out.

  142. Darcie says

    Living in the sticks – Tru-Value is the closest place for all my DIY supplies. Fortunately it’s well-stocked and so friendly. Would love a gift card! THanks for running the Giveaway!

  143. Urban Wife says

    I would absolutely love to win this card! Oh, the possibilities of what we could actually get done around here. ;)

  144. Jaime DeArman says

    We are in the middle of redoing our foyer’s ceiling with wood planks. (Palmer style) and have a million other projects. A gift card would definitely be put to good use!

  145. kathy says

    Yes I would love to win this, I have soooo many things I want to do to my house……………

  146. Marianne in Mo. says

    I’ll have to drive 30 + miles, but it’ll be worth it, that’s the area we used to live in, and I love that particular store! Hope it’s me!

  147. Amanda Taylor says

    We just moved into a great 70s house and have TONS of updates to do before we have a baby in 3 weeks! I’m all about some True Value action!

  148. Kathy Gillespie says

    I love our local True Value Eugene Hardware Store in Eugene, Oregon! I have been a patron for 35 years! It would be an honor for me to win this gift card!!! Pick me!! Pick me!!!!

  149. Geri-Lynn says

    Oh would love to win this gift card. It would come in so handy right now that we are about to decorate a nursery. Baby’s coming in 5 months.

  150. Karyl says

    We’re refurbishing an old cabin right now and could totally put this to good use! Crossed fingers……

  151. Andrea says

    This would be so helpful for us! We just got married and are about to close on our first house, so we can definitely use all the help we can get!

  152. kim e says

    What a fun give away…thank you for this opportunity. Our list of home improvement projects seems to get bigger each week!

  153. julie g. says

    Yes please, we are getting ready to turn our front porch into a foyer and would definitely put a gift card to use!

  154. Susan says

    Perfect timing! I am just starting a big decorating project!
    Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  155. Casey Barnhard says

    I could absolutely use this right now!!!! I need paint for the bedroom and the kitchen!

  156. NancyElizB says

    Would love the opportunity to make use of that gift card! Thanks for the giveaway!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  157. Michelle says

    We love the True Value in our town…they have free popcorn! Thanks for the chance!

  158. Angela says

    This would definitely help begin chipping away at our “honeyS do” list! ;)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  159. Susan Evin says

    Ooooo! I have a True Value nearby & they are the nicest “get exactly what you need” people anywhere! Please please please enter me for the gift card! Thank you for the chance to go shopping at my favorite local business! Love your blog (&Kevin’s) =) I live in a 70yo home & love it, but it’s patch, patch, patch! :D

  160. sarah says

    Awesome giveway. I just went to IKEA this weekend and could use that card to finish some related projects!

  161. Karen G. says

    Well, I can say I would put that little card to work! Thanks for the opportunity to win, guys!

  162. Jan says

    Thanks for letting us know about this. We would be sincerely grateful if we were selected!

  163. Alison says

    What a great gift card! My boyfriend and I moved in together this month and we are about to built a king-size storage bed together. This will be our first home project and I hope it goes well and more to come. This gift card will come in handy!

    Really hope I win!

  164. says

    We have take a house down to the foundation & are in the process of building a Nantucket Shingle style home in the footprint. The gift card from True Value would be put to good use!

  165. Bev S. says

    I have several DIY projects to finish before Labor Day as we will be hosting a family reunion! That gift card could come in SO handy!!!
    Thank you for the offer.

  166. Carol says

    Of course! Yes, I would love to spend a True Value gift card:) DIY always requires a trip to the hardware store sometime during the process. Isn’t that right? Thanks for the opportunity.

  167. Cory S. says

    My husband and I are always a big supporter of the True Value in our town over the other two big box stores here.

  168. Rebekah Tice says

    WOW! This would be awesome. Would love to get some products done with those extra funds!!!

  169. says

    Yesterday was my seventh anniversary! I usually head over to the Big Orange Store, but I’ve been thinking I should check out True Value…maybe they’ll have better structural brackets for my new bit of counter.

  170. Pam Smith says

    I would love to win! i am remodeling my whole house, one room at a time. this would be a big help. thanks for the opportunity!

  171. Stacey says

    My fiance and I are in the process of wedding planning AND home renovations! A TV gift card would be the best wedding gift ever! ;)

  172. Carol Ann says

  173. Jessica Gluck says

    We are in the middle of a garage conversion for our home office/den. I’ so excited, we are getting closer and closer to a finished room. Espresso colored hardwood floors are being layed today! Now just the little details and the room will be complete! I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from your blog!

  174. Katie says

    Man, I would love this. I’ve been wanting to repaint the kitchen in my rental apartment for a while but I’m unemployed and somewhat… pressed for funds.

  175. Lisa C Johnson says

    This would be so great! Thanks so much for the chance to win! we could definitely use this to help spruce up our home!

  176. Cindi P. says

    I absolutely love your blog and my brother’s first job was at True value…thanks for the chance to win!

  177. Lisa C Johnson says

    Actually, it looks like my local Ace True Value stores do not participate. Thanks anyway!

  178. Deborah Coburn says

    We’re fixing up an 1899 farmhouse, and a $100 gift card would be awesome! Thank you!

  179. Kristy says

    Would love to win! Found this blog through your beautiful closet door makeover! Can’t wait to try it.

  180. Rachel says

    Wow, this gift card would finally allow me to add more to my music room than my keyboard :)

  181. Susan Dutka says

    $100 would be a good start for a new project! Thanks for the opportunity.

  182. Christy says

    We are in the process of slowly remodeling & redecorating our house…$100 would definitely help! Thanks for the chance to win!

  183. Emily says

    I would love a $100 true value giftcard! We close on the sale of our house and the purchase of our new house next month! Home Improvements stores everywhere: Look Out! We’re Coming!

  184. says

    Would love to win this – maybe it would help my husband get started on his long list of honey-fix-this-please?
    Thanks, guys!

  185. Felicity says

    We’re moving into our brand new house in three weeks. We’re so excited, but every wall will be white. $100 would go a long way toward paint and supplies. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  186. Ann says

    We have so many home projects going on and on our “to do” list-would love to win this!!

  187. Jackie Keesee says

    Love your website. Great ideas that I totally plan to steal…I mean borrow and take full credit for! Ha ha :)

  188. Johnnie Robinson says

    We are about to start remodeling my parents home, This would be so helpful.

  189. Garden, Home and Party says

    I follow your blog daily, or whenever you post. You and Kevin are so talented…I hope you get a HGTV show someday.

  190. Lindsey M Thomas says

    Great giveaway! Would love to start some new projects a little sooner than planned!

  191. Laura says

    That is very generous! I had to look to see if there is one near me, and there is about an hour away.

  192. Kaysi B says

    I just got married and am starting home improvement projects… man this gift card would really come in handy. Thank you both for all your wonderful tips and inspiration. I hope I can make my home as beautiful as yours!

  193. Annabelle says

    Love your blog! We are excited to start using some of your ideas on our new-to-us old house!

  194. Rachel Barkley says

    I am wanting to diy remodel our kitchen and my husband said, “If you can find the money, you can do it!” so….this would REALLY help me out! =) Here’s hoping I’m ‘the one’!! =)

  195. Anne says

    Am finally going to tackle my kitchen cabinet redo project so this would be awesome!

  196. Arli says

    Oh how I could use this. Just moved across the country back home (failed relationship) and need to fix up the apt. BADLY. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  197. Jane-Ellen says

    I have the projects waiting in line…I know I could put this card to use!!!

  198. Denise Gebalski says

    I love seeing the progress of your house re do. Your ideas inspire me!

  199. Jennifer Clarke says

    Would love to win this! I sure could use it!!! :O) Thanks for the chance!

  200. DJ says

    Yay! Always seem to be working on a project over here. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  201. Kerry DeVries says

    Thanks for the giveaway. We would love to put crown molding up in our living room. This gift card would be a great help for that project.

    PS: LOVE your blog! You have such great style!!

  202. Tina K says

    All of the walls in our house are beige. I would love to buy some new paint…especially for the new baby’s room!

  203. Deborah says

    Oh please pick me, the damaGE i could do with that little baby would be so good!!!!!!!!1

  204. Marcie says

    I just “started” my list of improvement projects at my house. This would sure be an awesome prize to win!

  205. Mandi says

    This would be great! We need to do several little projects around here and this might spur me on to finish them.

  206. says

    I was at the True Value store in Sag Harbor last week. I only purchased sand paper and spray paint, but I saw lots of things I need. It would be great to go back and buy them all with the gift card.

  207. Allison Y says

    would love to win this… always looking to do little projects around my house, and the GC would definitely help! :)

  208. Jan G. says

    Would love to get some of their close out plants for a new area we’ve torn up… I’ll take any color please and thank you!

  209. bette anne says

    Great giveaway! We have an older home which always needs something done to it! Thanks!

  210. Debbie Wilson says

    Oh how I would love to win this beauty! We have so many projects for our humble abode and this gift card would go a long way!

  211. says

    YAY!!! true value!! i love your blog! and will be trying a white washing of my fireplace soon, inspired by you guys!!

  212. Diana says

    Love following your adventures in home improvement. $100 from True Value would help me to try out some of your great ideas!

  213. Emily Fontenot says

    I would so love to win this! I have a bathroom that needs to be painted desperately!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  214. malachi abeloe says

    yes please! we have a lot of home improving to do! this would be a major blessing.

  215. Robbin says

    Love your recent office/guest bedroom/jam room redo! You are so very talented and inspire me. :)

  216. Joanne B. says

    Count me in! Thanks for this chance to get in a little DIY! There’s always something that either has to be done or we want to do!

  217. Susan Schneider says

    Layla- I would give my winnings to my daughter to provide her with more resources to add to her home. It’s a gorgeous post and beam cape cod in NH. She and her partner have redone six pieces of furniture so far! All have turned out awesomely! Hopes he can do more with this prize. :)

  218. Kelly says

    Would love to win this and try to copy some of the great ideas from your house!

  219. Kasey says

    Thanks for this fun chance! I love your blog and love seeing how you transform different spaces.

  220. Heidi says


    There is a True Value around the corner from me and I’ve been lusting over some paints there for a new project.

  221. Syvil says

    I could use this so bad! I need to paint the entire interior of my home ~this would be a blessing. Fingers crossed.

  222. says

    I would love to win this. I have an inset dining room ceiling that is already framed with crown molding that I’ve been itching to paint. AND I have a small entry that I would LOVE to do something dramatic to.

  223. Melinda says

    Oh what improvements we could do with the help of True Value and The Lettered Cottage!

  224. Anna says

    What an awesome giveaway! I have so many projects I would take the plunge with if I had a gift card to get me started :)

  225. Linda says

    I, among countless others, would love to win this True Value gift card. I will just need to wait to see if the “random selection gods” choose me! : )

  226. Lori says

    wow. we are getting ready to re-do our kitchen and that gift card sure would come in handy! thanks for the giveaway and for all the inspiration layla!

  227. Heather says

    Oh my stars, look at all these comments. Well, I need to paint my entry way a lovely shade of gray and this sure would help!!

  228. Megan B says

    We’re moving into our first house…we’d welcome a $100 True Value gift card!! :)

  229. Marianne says

    This would be awesome – we have so many late summer/fall projects now that the weather is cooling off! I’ve been dreading the scraping and painting of the garage…

  230. Kathy Dickerson says

    oh wow how i could use this gift card. my 3 grandchildren have come to live with me in my 1000 sq ft cabin and i have to get pretty creative figuring out how we are all going to fit-like shelves, storage, bed frames, desks, etc etc etc

  231. Jane S. says

    I love True Value Hardware! The paint department is my favorite — I’d love to operate that paint tinting machine. :)

  232. Janine Igliane says

    This would be such a blessing to win this gift card. We have so many projects we would like to do in our house but just don’t have the money in our budget right now. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  233. Catherine T. says

    We are in the middle of a whole house remodel…well maybe we are closer to three fourths of the way done. A gift card would be great!

  234. Ann says

    I have many painting projects on my list I could use this for or maybe a new front door handle or some fall decor or Christmas or……….

  235. says

    Haven’t been much of my own DIY-er, but recently got addicted to the idea of painting a couple of wooden stools bright, bright colors to grab some attention in our lake house. Hubby surprised me by priming them for me, then painted one with the bright yellow I chose. Now I’m TOTALLY hooked on the idea of DIM – doing it myself! Such a small job, yet with such a huge payoff! I told him not to touch the other two, I wanted to really do them myself!! Can’t wait! Would love to win so I could choose MORE projects to do!!!

  236. Vonda L. says

    If I win the gift card, do you come with it to give decorator’s advice? Okay, wishful thinking…..

  237. Angie G. says

    This would help jump start some painting projects I have in mind. Thank you for the chance to win!

  238. says

    Oh dear, so many things need to be done at mi casa! We could really use $100 toward landscaping (and by that I mean weed control and mulch.) The neighbors (and I) would be thrilled if this turns out to be mine!

  239. Jett says

    I really want to win this! I have so many projects that need some attention and funding to get them going! This would really help!

  240. says

    To win a gift card from True Valu would be so great! I love that store, and buy lots of my supplies for my jewelry design business from there. So hoping I’m a lucky girl on this giveaway opportunity.

  241. Jenelle Eberly says

    I would love it! I have lots of projects that I could do with it!

  242. says

    Bathroom renovation…shutter painting…kitchen work. Yup, I could use this giftcard in a heartbeat!

  243. Brandy says

    I have a million projects that I would like to accomplish and never enough money to just start. I would love it if you could help me get started.

  244. Lisa E says

    Hello there! Would love to win this giveaway! Have a great week and love your blog!

  245. says

    I usually don’t try for giveaways, but why not? Layla, I love your blog and read faithfully though I guess I am a lurker since I don’t comment. But thank you for your sweet, sweet heart, and your GREAT sense of style! I love your style!

  246. Mary says

    leaving a comment, leaving a comment, leaving a comment in the hopes of being randomly chosen…..:-D

  247. Annette Jackson says

    Hi!! Just love to check our your site for something new each day!! Keep on DIY more of your house. It sure is looking great!! Would love to win the gift card. We always have another project that needs done around our house.

  248. Jen says

    Got a few ideas from your blog & an hoping to get started soon. A gift card would be such a blessing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  249. Lisa says

    Hi, thanks for the giveaway. I’m brainstorming on a magnetic spice rack via magnetic paint and chalkboard paint.

  250. Cathy says

    My son is my handyman and this would be a great reward for helping me. Thanks

  251. Kathy says

    I would love to win the Lowe’s card giveaway!!
    Have twin grandbabies due in December and a lot of projects in my future!
    K Meadows

  252. charlotte says

    Would love to win this to put towards a air compressor and nail gun so my dream of owning one would come true :-) and I think my husband would be excited too ;-)

  253. Kelly says

    Our 1938 cottage has great bones- and alwys a TON of possible projects! I’m currently adding molding and replacing old 60s wood paneling.

  254. Kristen says

    Just bought a house from 1954 — there are several trips to the hardware store in our future!

  255. Krysta says

    I’m hoping to tackle some outdoor projects this fall and $100 would definitely help.

  256. Lynn in Michigan says

    Oooooooooooooohhhhh … lots of participating stores in my area. New place = new projects. $100 giftcard at True Value? Yes, please!

  257. Tracy says

    I would love to win this! I love True Value and have plenty of things that could be spruced up around the house using this card!

  258. says

    Thanks for the giveaway… this would be a great one to win! And I have to thank you for all your posts about plank paneling… this weekend we tore down our previous styrofoam ceiling in our old farmhouse and the beadboard revealed underneath was pretty much beyond repair. Then I remembered your posts about the planks, I showed my husband and he made a trip to Lowe’s the next morning! It looks fabulous, even without the trim put up yet. :-) Thanks for all the inspiration you provide!

  259. heidi marshall says

    I could really put my husband to work with that! I am seeing a pretty backsplash………

  260. says

    Ooh I would LOVE one of these! Seems like lately all my spare dough is going to home improvement stores as we working on renovating our kitchen and two bathrooms, so this would REALLY be a treat! :)

  261. Colleen says

    So cool! We just closed on a duplex that needs scads of work. This would be lovely to get the ball rolling.

  262. Tyler Watts says

    I would love this. I could buy more tools for all the projects that I want to build.

  263. says

    We are in the middle of renovating our new house and planning our wedding – we love gift cards right now!

  264. Danielle DtotheB says

    Lovely giveaway! We moved into a 1928 (est.) beach cottage and there is a never ending laundry list of items to contend with. Every bit helps! :)

  265. Danielle says

    I would love this and would use it in my quest to repaint every surface in this house. :D

  266. says

    When I first looked at this post, I thought, WHAT? They’re giving away a mouse pad? LOL But then I realized it was a gift card! Woohoo. I’d love to enter because my home needs some True Value..

  267. Carol says

    I love your blog … read it daily! And would really love to win this TrueValue gift card.

  268. Hilary says

    Just bought our first house and we are constantly realizing we need to make another stop at a home improvement store. Hopefully we are not alone in this!

  269. Nicole Colombo says

    BAH! this would be a PERFECT way to move into the new home we close on this FRIDAY! Fingers crossed!!!!

  270. Carla says

    Oh…I love the way the hardware store smells. Would love to win this so I could actually buy something instead of just walking around sniffing things. {weirdo} :)

  271. Ashley C. says

    Pick me, pick me! ;) We’ve been in our new home for over a year and haven’t had the budget to do ANYTHING to it to make it our own. Thank you for your consideration!

  272. JulieW says

    This would go a long way in helping with my laundry room makeover. I would love to win.

  273. Blanca says

    Puff… With so many comments it’s going to be impossible to win it!

    Anyways, they say it’s always worth a try! Fingers crossed!!! ;)


  274. Mary South says

    I don’t know why I am entering because I never win anything but I want you to know that I love your blog!

  275. Cathy R says

    I love fall DYI projects and this give away would come in mighty handy! Thanks.

  276. Kaitlin says

    Yay! I hope I win- we are closing on our first home next week! Would love to buy some goodies!


  277. Kara says

    I love my local True Value . . . they are always so friendly and helpful!

    Yay! Pick me!!

  278. Anne says

    Here’s to projects just waiting to happen! Would love to use this to help at my mother-in-laws house…

  279. says

    So many projects that need finishing here at the Phinney Cottage – This Gift Card could help make that possible! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  280. says

    Oh how fun! I shop there all the time, they are the best place to go to when I need help. The staff actually KNOWS what i am asking about and they help me figure things out!

  281. Sandi says

    What a great giveaway! Our one bathroom is in need of a major upgrade. This would be a great start! Thanks!

  282. natty says

    Would love to receive this gift for the purchase of paint for our home office and stairway. Thank you,

  283. downthelanegirl says

    I always enjoy checking in on your blog. You’ve given me much inspiration!

  284. erica says

    OOooo Oooo PIcK me PICK mE ((got my right hand raised and waving in the air)) lol

  285. Chelsea says

    Soooo many home-improvement projects on our list! A little bit of cash at True Value would come in handy! Love, love, love your blog…such inspiring style!

  286. says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win, we are doing a lot of home improvement projects and the giftcard would be a great help. I absolutely love your blog, you are so encouraging.

  287. Lena D says

    This would be a great help to fix our bathroom. Would be great motivation too :)

  288. Beth N. says

    We’ll keep paws crossed that we can win :-) We have a lot of projects to finish….

  289. Ryan says

    Was not a fan of blogging, until I came across DIY blogs…now needless to say I’m hooked! :) Thank you

  290. Meghan Oaks says

    My husband and I just bought our first house and are slowly working our way through decorating/redoing it. This would definitely help!!

  291. Lisa Singleton says

    Yeah! So need to re-do our kitchen ceiling!!! Thanks We love your blog!!

  292. Beth W. says

    This is my first time commenting on your blog and I love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  293. Muriel says

    I’m moving only a new house in October and already have plans to change everything!! This Would help!

  294. Carrie says

    What a great giveaway! I’ve never been to a True Value (they are all about 30 miles away from me), but with a giftcard, I would have just the movtivation I need to go check out the aisle of spray paint glory (so I hear)!

  295. says

    We’re in the process of buying our first home, and I already have my DIY list made. Would love to use this gift card to get some of those projects going!

  296. Lee Ann Fletcher says

    Oh please randomly select me! Thanks Kev and Layla for all your ideas and inspiration! I could certainly knock out some painting projects around my house with this dandy gift card!

    Lee Ann

  297. Wendy Gleaves says

    I love your site… I have a new house and lots of stuff to paint and redo. A hundred bucks goes a long way.

  298. Gayle says

    Fingers crossed! We’re in the middle of renovating our family room (w/ possible planked ceilings) and that gift card could buy lots of paint and brushes and lightswitches and etc.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!