Ga Ga for Galvanized

I just can’t get enough of galvanized accessories! We carry these galvanized pedestals at and I just had to get myself a set to use here at the Lettered Cottage.

They come in three different sizes…

…and we also carry three different sized glass cloches that you can use on top of them to really dress them up. (The glass cloche in the photo above is not one of the ones we carry)

I couldn’t wait to get done shooting these photos so that I could gobble up some of the chocolate-covered strawberries Sarah made…

(Diet? What diet? Chocolate is fat free, right?)

When I’m not using them to display delicious pastries, they look just as great on the kitchen counter filled with artificial (or real) fruit and veggies.
(I can also see a pile of pretty soaps, seashells or coral, candles and maybe a bird nest on them in a bathroom as well!)

When it gets a little closer to Halloween, I’m really going to have fun with them. Among other things, I’d like to use some small white pumpkins or gourds on them, and who knows, maybe I’ll even incorporate a little hay into our tablescape. I’m kinda crazy like that. :-) Mr. LC never knows what I’m going to be dragging through the door next!

In other news, I was confined to my office yesterday, while Kevin worked on the house with a couple of fine young gentlemen out in the Living and Dining rooms. You’re not going to believe your eyes when you see what they did! As soon as the job is finished, I’ll share all the before and afters. It’s amazing what 3 grown men can accomplish in just 8 hours. At one point, I ventured out to offer them some of those chocolate-covered strawberries and proceeded to trip (backwards) over an old board and landed squarely on my bottom. That’s when I noticed the sharp, old nail connecting the bottom of my foot to the board. Oh yeah, it went in about a half an inch. All the way through my flip flop and up into my foot. So needless to say, I’m limping around today, and anticipating a giant bruise on my backside. These things are bound to happen when you buy a fixer upper I guess.
Blood, check. Sweat, check. Tears, check.

Layla :-)

Happiness, check!
Sunshine in the House!

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