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  1. Chris says

    I waited all weekend to see your progress, and I soooo don’t envy the work you had to do. However, it looks incredible. You must just love it!

  2. Marie says

    It looks great! Are you happy, or what?? :o) That must have taken a lot of work. Yikes!

  3. Rechelle says

    I’ve been checking in since yesterday to see if you’d updated and boy was I happy to see this! The landscaping looks wonderful and I can just imagine how it will look when it all fills in. You must be soooo tired.

  4. maitlandmommy says

    Looks great Layla :) i’m contiually blown away by your blog savvy-ness LOL.

  5. Kelly says

    I love it! I have to do it to my front yard as well, but being pregnant with 4 kids I haven’t had the energy. Did you dig up all the grass or just cover it with the fabric? I have been avoiding it because of the extra digging of all the grass. Looks fabulous!! :)

  6. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    I love a big landscape project & ya’ll did a great job! love your little videos, that makes it even more fun to watch.

    Will you please take off your letter verification…pretty please?? (see my rant from last Friday’s post) You can leave on comment moderation without this part. I think a lot of new bloggers don’t realize this.


  7. SarahWhite says

    AWESOME!! I love it! Did your Mom do all the plans? Is she a “pro” gardener? Love her renderings too. You are starting a trend with all these wonderful video clips…makes it so much more personal. Love it, love it, love it! :)

  8. Susie Harris says

    Layla.. You are just the cutest thing.. I know that yall worked your patooties off. The yard looks great and Im sure you made many memories with your Mom. God Bless Moms! I loved your video… Susie H~

  9. SarahSing says

    I love your front yard! You and tu madre did an excellent job. I’m coming over to see it sometime this week.
    P.S-I checked and its totally a faux cuff in the sleeve. I can’t believe we bought almost the exact same shirt for the same concert-hahaha! Im rockin it with a denim mini so maybe it will look totally different.

    P.P.S- I loved the cameo by Maximus. I didn’t know that he was such a good dancer. I’ll let his girlfriend Ruby in on his little Fred Astaire status.

  10. Nancy Hood says

    Your videos are too cute!! and the landscaping is great ~ that hard work paid off!!

  11. Layla says

    Sarah White-

    Yep! Mom is a landscape designer/master gardener. She works for the University of Florida right now. She gets to make up new varities of flowers all the time- how cool, huh?

  12. Anonymous says