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  1. SarahSing says

    I love your front yard! You and tu madre did an excellent job. I’m coming over to see it sometime this week.
    P.S-I checked and its totally a faux cuff in the sleeve. I can’t believe we bought almost the exact same shirt for the same concert-hahaha! Im rockin it with a denim mini so maybe it will look totally different.

    P.P.S- I loved the cameo by Maximus. I didn’t know that he was such a good dancer. I’ll let his girlfriend Ruby in on his little Fred Astaire status.

  2. Layla says

    Sarah White-

    Yep! Mom is a landscape designer/master gardener. She works for the University of Florida right now. She gets to make up new varities of flowers all the time- how cool, huh?

  3. Anonymous says

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