• Pretty On My Porch

    Thanks to a cold-that-won’t-quit, I’m still kickin’ it on the couch. It has been sort of fun just (new) neighborhood watching out the window though. Yesterday, this pretty little bird kept me entertained, just as the sun was starting to set…


    It sat there for soooo long. I started to wonder if it was going to lay an egg- ha! Max and Kit-Cat were very intrigued by it, too…



    It must have been there for almost an hour by the time it flew away.

    We were all very tired after the “excitement”.


    Well…maybe not all of us…


    PS- Alabama peeps: I’m hoping to be well enough to attend Shaunna’s Vintage Market later this week/weekend:


    Will you be there? Sounds like it’s going to be awesome!


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