Pretty On My Porch

Thanks to a cold-that-won’t-quit, I’m still kickin’ it on the couch. It has been sort of fun just (new) neighborhood watching out the window though. Yesterday, this pretty little bird kept me entertained, just as the sun was starting to set…


It sat there for soooo long. I started to wonder if it was going to lay an egg- ha! Max and Kit-Cat were very intrigued by it, too…



It must have been there for almost an hour by the time it flew away.

We were all very tired after the “excitement”.


Well…maybe not all of us…


PS- Alabama peeps: I’m hoping to be well enough to attend Shaunna’s Vintage Market later this week/weekend:


Will you be there? Sounds like it’s going to be awesome!


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  1. says

    Feel bettah! Nice pets! I love how the photo caught them in mid-rumble! My Dachshund does said-same with our cat. Fun!
    K A Y

  2. says

    Cute little guys!
    A while back I had a cold that lasted about two weeks strong… sinus, cough, feeling really tired. It really affects day to day life! Hope you feel better soon, Layla!

  3. says

    I hate that it is because you aren’t feeling well, but love that you are enjoying the quiet pleasures just outside your window. We should all take a moment to do the same. Get well soon.

  4. says

    It’s a dove, and they mate for life. Its partner is probably in a nest nearby. They take turns tending to the nest for hours at a time. Basically, it was off-duty at that point. I have a dove nest in a window box here, and it is so much fun to watch the male and female do equal duty.

  5. Jeanine says

    You’re pets are just too cute. I think you should definitely frame that pic of them ” dancing” under the piano and put it on or above the piano. You can’t help but get the idea that someone is playing the piano while they dance:). Hope you feel better soon. I just survived a bad spring cold, but at least you can sit outside on that pretty front porch.

  6. says

    I love the pic of your dog and kit kat dancing. They sure know how to get the party started! I hope you’re feeling better very soon-it’s no fun to be down with a cold in the springtime! I know you are working on adoption plans and I’ve always wanted to let you know how awesome I think that is. I wrote the first post relating to the harsher side of adoption, on my blog which is usually just an optimistic, sassy little thing, about some real, real, life adoption stuff this week. Maybe you’ll be able to read it sometime. Meanwhile, have fun at the market, sounds like a blast.

  7. says

    oh sorry to hear you have a no quit cold…those are bummers. i am SO beyond bummed i can’t come to the vintage market. i know everything happens for a reason so trying to be up about it but i was so looking forward to hugging shaunna’s neck and seeing the bathroom she painted all up for us….boy so sad.
    i too can get lost in birds…i always think of that verse about God’s eye is on the sparrow and the verse that if He takes care of the bird how much more us….His children:)
    get well…eat soup:)

  8. Bernice says

    How cool Layla! Love this post! I am so glad you keep your camera handy for moments like this , even and especially with a cold, or allergies maybe? Love your furry friends and now the feathered friend. I know what you mean about the simple things that entertain us and make us appreciate creation. We were just in Ensenada for a week visiting friends, and there is a bird there called “bird of a thousand voices”..really! I also went online to you- tube.. to see ….and yes. It has a song sooo long and sweet, doesn’t he ever breathe? I sat for 2 or more hours on the patio just listening to him. (Assuming it was a him, because you know moms are too busy to just sit on a wire and sing all day! right?) Unless they have a very bad cold! Anyway I am glad you had company while fighting off the blahs! Thanks for posting this, And for the pics of your fur babies! I love the yawn! ♥
    Hope your friend comes back to visit!

  9. SJ says

    I wish you would post more pics of the new house. I miss seeing those types of updates. :(

    • Layla says

      Sorry, SJ! :-( I’m under the weather, and we’re in the process of adopting, so we haven’t been going 100mph in that department lately. That said, I am looking forward to blogging about finished our half bath in June! :-)

  10. says

    What a beautiful bird! Seems like Max and Kit-Cat provide a lot of entertainment around there, thanks for sharing them with us. Get well soon, Layla!

  11. says

    Oh I love watching what goes on outside the window (and we have a lot of those doves around our house too!) so much so that I get distracted from what I should be doing because there is so much to see out there! Hope you are “good as new” soon : )

  12. Margaret Langenberg says

    Hi Layla, Hope you are feeling better by now. I envy you all the lush green outside your windows. Still barren in Nebraska due to both the severe drought and no spring whatsoever. That is a Turtle Dove or some people call them Mourning Doves. They are always in pairs so the mate was somewhere close by. My Dad always said if he heard their voice that rain was close by. I guess if you listen it could be considered a mournful cry. At times they sound like they are cooing. I loved how Kit Kat could stare at the bird for so long almost like a statue. Yet still wake up enough to have a dance with Max. I enjoy their antics. Get feeling better.

  13. Ashley says

    Sweet bird! Your cat and dog have made me want a pair that love each other the way they do….and 4 animals later we finally have one combo that love each other like yours do. It makes me so happy to see how excited they are to see each other and play together!

  14. JolieAnne says

    You may have to just let your cold run it’s course now. But I am going to eat some raw garlic if I feel a cold coming on. Ever since I
    started eating a clove of raw garlic once a week, I have had less colds! If you put some garlic in some chicken soup or broth you will feel better, too! Speedy recovery Layla…

  15. Jenifer says

    Hi Layla! I have been a fan / follower of yours for a couple of years and am so inspired by your posts! :) L O V E your blog! I have a newbie Interior Decorating business in Trussville / Birmingham and was curious as to what software / website you use to create your “pick my presto” photos. Technology is totally not my gift 😉 Decorating is my hobby / gift / side job and I’m looking for a way to present my ideas to clients without subjecting them to a “non-artistic” sketch on graph paper :) Have a blessed day!!

  16. says

    Yes, the bird is beautiful and yes, I can sooo relate to the cold that has over stayed its welcome, BUT…the last pictured has me laughing so hard!! I simply adored it, even though it sent me into a coughing frenzie. ;0)
    Here’s to a healthy weekend for the both of us!
    P.S. We are participating artists at Shaunna’a Vintage Market this weekend! So blessed and excited to be there! 😀