Ford Family Kitchen Redesign

The Ford Family recently hired me to do a Virtual Consultation on their Kitchen.

Here’s what their Kitchen looks like currently:

Renee told me that underneath the red material, there is horizontal planks running all the way up to the ceiling. AWESOME!

Their refrigerator sits just outside the kitchen, in their breakfast room, but they don’t want to remove any walls at this point, so I didn’t need to work it into the design.

Renee said this about what she wanted to achieve in the new design of the Kitchen-

“I want people to want to spend time here. I don’t really even like to spend time here. It is a kitchen. The heart of the home. It is away from the family room; so, I want people to want hang out with me in there.”

This is what she told me when I asked her about a color scheme-

“Bright (not yellow–not red). We just did the dining room green. Definately need your help for this one!”

I asked her what she wanted to keep in the room (besides the appliances), she said-

“I really want to keep the little TV that is sitting on that bar stool at the moment. It gets really lonely in there at times.”

I asked Renee to pick a few words that best described her style, she said-

“Shabby Chic, Country, Cottage, Farmhouse and Classic.”

So I came up with four different layouts for them to choose from.

In a couple of the layouts, I got Renee’s approval to change the little closet that currently houses an old ironing board, into a space where the TV could sit:

Here are some “resource” photos I sent them of some of the items/finishes I used in the space:

Lights above the mirror & sink = $18/each (Lowes)

Green stain for the table = $4.99/can (Ikea)
(stain is shown on the chair in this photo)

Dining Table = $99.99 (Ikea)

Stainless Steel Trash Can = $59.99 (

Trash Can = $149 (Troy Country Cottage)
(available in an array of colors)

Paint Color = “Paper White” (Benjamin Moore Classic Color 1590)

Here’s what the folks at Benjamin Moore had to say about this color:

“The luminous light seen at the beginning of each day features soft hues, creating gentle color schemes. Paper White is clean and fresh, offering comfort in the promise of a new day.”

So, which layout would YOU choose? :-)


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