Follow Your Heart

Dear Stef, TamiK, OsageGypsy, HelloHahaNarf, and CottageByTheSea,

You said you liked my wonky “O”, so I thought I’d skooch it back down to where I found it resting the other day…

What do you think? Hot glue to the rescue, or wonky wins?

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  1. Lynne Carothers says

    I like the “O” lopsided. I think it fits the theme of the sign. Hearts have a way of taking you here and then there quite unexpectedly.

  2. Kate says

    Wonky! for sure. It is so much more creative that way. I mean anyOne can have a straight O. ha ha And I too thought it was intentional. That’s what made me like it so much.

  3. Melissa says

    Mmm hmmm…straighten the O – I love the message for itself. Sometimes it’s good to keep it simple!

  4. says

    I vote for wonky! Life isn’t perfect! It gives it a certain charm. When the Amish make a quilt they always put a mistake in it- since no one is perfect in their eyes except God! Quite a nice sentiment really- even if one isn’t religious!

  5. says

    Honestly, I like it either way. OR if you want something wonky on purpose you could the same with another saying. This doesn’t really apply to house stuff but the phrase “progress not perfection” comes to mind with one of the E’s in perfection being off kilter.

  6. Steph Connor says

    I like the wonky O! It complements the idea of following your own path and daring to be different :)

  7. says

    I like the wonky “O”. It’s a subtle homage to the quote, in that following your heart you sometimes get off track or mess up a few times. :)

  8. Tracey says

    Wonky for sure…why do you think you found it that way? Serendipity!! The universe is speaking to you.

  9. Ann says

    I like it glued straight. I do like the look of the wonky but do not find it fitting to the quote. I say keep this one straight and do the wonky on another sign sometime.

  10. Jenn A says

    I like it wonky. It adds some quirk and extra personality – that path you’re following might have some unexpected twists and turns. Most paths aren’t perfectly straight. =)

  11. Jane says

    Wonky for sure…it has that bit of surprise and makes you remember that lifes path goes in different directions for different reasons….Love it!

  12. says

    Fix it! It would drive me crazy to have to walk past that every day! It’s like when a picture is hanging crooked…drives me crazy!

  13. Jessica says

    I love the straightened-out “O!” I thought the crooked “O” was intential at first too, but found the wonkiness to be distracting from the whole of the sign and message.

  14. says

    Straight up…….. but I am an old woman and the word wonky is wonky enough for me!.. Love your blog, Love your husband’s phtography class!

  15. says

    I’m going to be honest, as much of a perfectionist as I tend to be, I absolutely loved the wonky “o” so I’m glad it’s back. The imperfection just makes it that much better. :)

  16. Arli says

    Yeah, I’m with the group who thought the wonky O was the way it was supposed to be….and then it got “fixed’! Wonky O makes it interesting!

  17. Donna Young says

    I am also a bit OCD, and I like the wonky O. I also thought it was intentional when I first saw the sign (before) and was a little sad when it was all upright (after). Here is what I think:

    If an “O” does not keep pace with its companions…perhaps it is because it hears a different drummer…let it step to the music which it hears, however measured, or far away!

  18. Laurie V says

    I’m all for a good wonkiness, but this is one of those things that when someone sees this they are going to say “Your O is falling off”, and then you will have to say, “It’s supposed to be that way”, and then they will say “Oh…..Ok”

  19. says

    I love the IDEA of a wonky “O”, but I don’t think it fits with the feel of the quote it’s used in. More in a tongue-in-cheek type situation! But SO cute.

  20. Elizabeth says

    I too like it a little wonky. Though I didn’t comment, I thought it added a little bit of the unexpected which is really the message of the sign…not to follow everyone else, but to follow your own path. The wonkiness sort of drives that message home. Really, though, if you’re following your heart, you need to just do what you feel is best and not cave to mass opinion from comments.

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I know which way I like it…just thought it might be fun to hear what my friends think, too! ;-)

  21. says

    I like it wonky too – I had the same thought yesterday when I read the post – looks so much more intriguing with the wonky-ness!

  22. Sunny says

    I thought the wonky “O” was deliberate, and a visual play on the beginning of the phrase: “There is no set path…”, and I like it! But I like it straight, too.

  23. says

    After seeing it straight forward, I would say make it wonky but adjust it where it’s not quite sitting on the lower letter. A little wonky as opposed to too wonky?

  24. Dawn says

    I really thought the “O” was suppose to wonky the first time I saw it. It just makes the saying make sense to me. :)

  25. Tina S says

    I love it wonky! To me the wonky O reinforces the sentiment much better than a straight or semi-wonky O. As a matter of fact, when I make this project I will make the O wonky….and resting on the letter underneath. Just following my heart…….

  26. says

    I’ll play politician here and say, I like it both ways. Depends on the look you want- straight looks very calm and restful. Wonky follows the sentiment of the phrase, looks a little whimsical. I like wonky initially (ha!), but I think my ocd would cause me to have to straighten it.

  27. SuzyMcQ says

    I’m sure glad that someone spoke up because I loved it wonky too! Who wants a path in life that’s straight and predictable? It’s the curves and the potholes that make it worth living!

  28. Kim Griffin says

    Wonky – for both O’s in ‘follow!’ Just to show the bumps in the path when you follow your heart! Sheesh leave it to me to be extra ‘wonky.’ :)

  29. says

    That is so funny….I thought the wonky was better when I read your post yesterday…it actually bothers me when everything is straight and perfect! ;-)

  30. Elizabeth says

    I liked it when it was hanging down. It makes sense when you think of how journeys take unexpected turns.

  31. Pam the Goatherd says

    I’m in the “I thought it was off-kilter on purpose” camp. The wonky way definitely fits the quote!

  32. Linda says

    Wonky for sure – because that’s what life IS! Wonky, unpredictable and following its own path. I thought it was intentional too – thought maybe I’d copy it that way!!

  33. Amy says

    Wonky. I actually thought the first picture was intentional. :) looks like several other people thought the same. phew.

  34. Jane Crawford says

    I thought it was supposed to be “wonky” and was a bit disappointed when you “fixed” it. I looked at is advice to follow your heart even even it tkaes you off of the straight and narrow path.

  35. Sue Davies says

    I like wonky because the path to following your dreams is not always smooth and perfect so I think it is appropriate. In fact I thought it was intentional the first time I saw it.
    Sue in Fl.

  36. Nan Parker says

    Love it wonky. My thought is that following your heart isn’t always ‘straight’~~sometimes we take an unexpected twist or turn while on that path. XO <3

  37. says

    squeeeeeeeeeeeee! you changed it! not sure if you are keeping it this way, but you know i love it. our hearts take us places that might not appear perfect, yet totally are. to me, the wonky o fits the phrase.

    whether or not you keep it, thanks for indulging us. xoxo

  38. says

    I absolutely think it should be wonky! Seriously, I thought it was intentional the other day. But honestly, I like either way. I haven’t seen you do anything wrong:)

  39. donna says

    I love the wonky O! It like the expression: following your heart doesn’t always lead down the expected path!

  40. says

    Wonky all the way!!! It reminds me of something I say a lot…. My ducks ARE in a row, it just doesn’t happen to be a straight one!!! I love things a little off-center…..

  41. erin says

    I liked it wonky but when you fixed it I didn’t comment. But since others did I give my opinion now. I think the wonky “o” relates to finding your own path since it’s finding its own path on the board!!


  42. Laura says

    Wonky… wonky… wonky… Word has lost all meaning! (Little spin on a “Friends” quote!) I must say wonky wins for me!

  43. liz says

    Funny, I really liked the “O” in it’s hanging style…it suits the phrase so well…no need to stay in a line when you’re following your heart! But, follow YOUR heart and place it the way you like!

  44. Amy says

    Wonky! It goes with the saying – the “O” follows no set path. It brings your eye to the words of the sign, not just the sign.

  45. says

    Wonky for sure!!! It goes so well with “follow your heart”. Our hearts don’t always take us on the road followed most often. Different is good.
    Happy weekend!

  46. Kathy H says

    Wonky def wins for me!! It is uniquely yours and makes people think. Just like it’s supposed to be!! Be blessed, Kathy

  47. Avey says

    Wonky for sure! I love it that way and was disappointed that you “fixed” it. It’s just darling and so you!

  48. says

    So…I think you should use sticky tack. And then whenever you have an off day, you can move it to the wonky position. bahaha! And that way Kevin will know whether or not to bring up a controversial subject with you – he’ll just check out the “O.” ;) lol!

  49. says

    The O is following it’s own path. It’s an amazing coincidence given the message. Don’t mess with it or you are not “following” the path, you are trying to control it.

  50. says

    Utterly charming and so powerful with the wonderfully wonky “O” leading with its “heart” and following it’s own path—love it just the way it is—a brilliant accidental design!

  51. says

    I thought it was intentional as well when I first saw the “before” picture, and I really like the idea…although after seeing it back “correctly,” I can see why some prefer it straight. How about “mis-aligning” a few other letters or even a different word to make it seem more intentional. Just an idea! (But yay for a first-time commenter, right?!)

  52. says

    Nobody’s heart follows a straight path. (Oh, that it did.) I Love the irony of your wonky O. I think it states the most creative and whimsical manner, that the way to love is never perfectly straight. Perhaps that’s the fun in it!
    Your O is eye catching and unexpected and “O” I just love it!

  53. Deborah says

    I’m all for the wonky “O”. Color outside the lines, be crazy, life is just to short to be prim and proper all of the time, don’t you think?

  54. Trish says

    Seeing that brave little “O” wondering off the expected, what you’re suppose to do kind of set path we are raised to be on… well it gave me hope : )

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