• Foggy Day becomes Attitude Gray

    “Honey?” (Layla)

    “Yes dear?” (Kevin)

    “I think the dining chairs look a little too blue” (Layla)

    “Really?” (Kevin)

    “Yeah, look at them next to this paint chip of Attitude Gray” (Layla)

    “I guess they do, but you’re not suggesting that we re-paint them, are you?” (Kevin)

    “I’ll be your best friend!” (Layla)

    “Okay, but you’re buying the new paint” ;-) (Kevin)


    So after a quick trip back to Sherwin Williams, with a new sample pot of “Attitude Gray” in hand, I found Kevin waiting in the driveway, sporting his best “bring on the chairs” look…

    As you can see, the new color (the one on the right) is much more muted…

    Once Kevin was done re-painting, I set him up with a pencil and a piece of paper I had printed the numbers “1”, “4” and “3” on…

    It works best if you print the numbers out backwards…

    Color in the number with the pencil…

    Cut out each number and hold them in place, with a couple of pieces of tape. The side you just colored in should be facing the object you’re painting it on…

    Using your pencil, firmly scribble all over the number…

    Once you pull the paper away, you’ll see your number…

    Then, using a small paint brush, fill in the number with the color of your choice. We used a mixture of “Attitude Gray” and a small amount of black so that the numbers would be a slightly darker shade than that of the chair…

    Kevin didn’t want to attempt the hand painting, so I did it, but seriously- don’t be intimidated by hand painting. Rest your hand firmly up against the chair, take your time, and you’ll be just fine- I promise! And don’t forget, it is just paint. As long as you have a wet paper towel handy, you can just wipe it off before it dries if you mess up.

    Here is the finished product…

    I just love the way they turned out…

    I was walking into the kitchen through the dining room last night, while Kevin was outside with Max, and the chairs caught my eye as I was passing by.
    I glanced at them, and was starting to glance away when I did a complete double-take. The numbers are so subtle, and so many hours had passed since I’d painted them, I had almost forgotten they were there! I unconsciously clasped up my hands together, near my chest, and said “Oh!” with a huge grin across my face. It was such a beautiful little “surprise”, experiencing them that way for the first time. I could feel Kevin’s presence in the room, sending me a sweet mental message through those three simple, tiny, painted numbers. I know that sounds crazy, but I’m telling you, it was so surreal. I’ll never forget it. :-)

    The chairs aren’t quite finished though. I’ve got some great, fluffy, chair cushions that will sit on top of the burlap seats.
    We’ve also done a lot of new decorating in the dining room itself that I can’t wait to blog about. Everything we used was found at flea markets, so it was cheap, cheap, cheap yet chic, chic, chic. Our favorite, favorite, favorite!

    Have a great weekend!

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