Flowers and the Flea Market

A crazy Southern sky full’a storm clouds didn’t stop me and my Mom from hitting up a local garden center’s Spring open house event this past weekend.

We were like kids in a candy store amongst all the pretty flowers and plants.

Mom was on a mission to find us a couple of hanging pots for the naked shepherds hooks sticking out of our front flower bed.

There were so many beautiful varieties to choose from…

We ended up picking these two because she thought I’d be able to keep them alive the longest…

I’m still regretting not bringing home a couple of these for my naked porch pots though…

Begonias. *sigh* Sweet, sweet begonias. (I will be back for you- I promise!)

After we loaded our flowers into the car, we decided to pose like Vanna take a walk around the property…

I love a good ‘walk n’ talk’.

Especially when it takes place underneath umbrellas like these…

…and is occasionally interrupted by invitations to tiny islands like these…

Lamar and Johnny definitely know what’s up when it comes to walk n’ talks…

After our stroll around the pond, we headed over to Eastbrook Flea Market. Mom was on the hunt for a little mirror to hang on the fence in her secret garden

We looked at lots and lots (and lots!) of contenders, but in the end she chose the little round one in the photo above.

We saw so many great flea market finds while we strolled from booth to booth. I loved the tone of this big basket…

…and those map and glaze-covered boxes would be kinda fun to make too.

We saw a neat twig-covered chandelier, pretty pastel-painted frames, stunning vintage cameras, a magnificent, blue-painted mirror, a sweet little garden-themed chandelier, and a colorful, folding ruler, like the one we used in our Flea Market Style magazine article

There were lots of farm-style wares too…

And I could’ve just eaten up this driftwood frame, antique trunk, and vintage card sorter…

…as well as this seafoam green butter slicer, wooden number ‘thingy’, and this amazing old metal bed…

It was such fun shopping trip, and although I really didn’t plan on bringing anything home with me, Mom went ahead and bought us this piece of framed photography we’ve had our eyes on for quite a while now…

The tag on it said ‘Old Minnesota Farm Family Panoramic Photo’…

…and it is right up this Minnesota girl’s alley!


So many things draw me in…the simple old farmhouse…the little kiddo standing on the chair (in front of his mama?)…the six-pane windows…the one that’s open upstairs (what does that room look like up there?)…

The little girl in the middle…the weathered barns in the back…the beards on the men…all their s’penders and straps

The car on the right side of the picture intrigues me too…surely it was parked there for a reason (composition?)…

The whole thing just makes me wanna build a barn on a bed of round rocks somewhere!

(One with a chevron-patterned door, and teeny-tiny square-shaped windows, of course.)


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  1. Nana says

    Moved away from Montgomery 7 years ago, and still miss the Eastbrook Flea Market. North Alabama has lots of great flea market/antique malls, too, but Eastbrook is special. Were you at the Southern Something or other nursery – can’t remember the name, but LOVED their flowers and plants and mixed potted arrangements!

  2. Nana says

    OK, I had to do a search online to satisfy my curiosity, and refresh my memory! So, were you at Southern Homes and Gardens? Love ’em!!!

  3. says

    And when you get those kiddos one day (and you will), Eastbrook’s owner will say , EVERY time you walk in, “we take kids on trade in.” Has become a joke between my husband and I.

    I am down the street from you and am glad to have just found your blog recently – duh!

  4. Kristina says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE old weathered trunks! Always have my eyes open for one, but these expensive eyes always find the pricey ones!

  5. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of those flowers… I can’t wait to pretty my house up for spring!! I so wish we had gorgeous spanish moss here in NC, and walking trails like those… makes me want to go out and find places like this around my area!

  6. says

    Oh, what a fun flea that looks like it was! I can’t imagine leaving empty handed!! ha!
    I loved this post.. I live near Minneapolis and grew up in Minnesota and have loved “barns on a bed of rocks” my whole life…someday I’m gonna have me one of those…. but until then, I will just adore their simplicity and their stories of life in the past.
    My husband and I traveled to Charleston last spring and absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous Spanish moss and trees down there- in fact one of our souvenirs was a framed photo of one of the largest and oldest in the area. Every time we look at it, we remember our trip and the great time we had.
    Thanks for bringing up memories of two of my loves!

  7. says

    that picture is so cool.
    a piece of history.
    a memory captured forever… that.
    even seeing their clothes is so neat.
    i wonder WHY they took that picture too?

  8. Laurie F. says

    You are just the coolest! Thanks for sharing everything! Your phots are fantastic (I love photography!), your ideas, creativity, inspiration, videos, and overall passion for all things beautiful in life! I love looking at the world through your eyes….it is what I do, too! I take my five year old with me so she can learn to appreciate architecture, design, colors, nature with me! She loves to sit on my lap as we peruse through your website, online magazine, videos, and room designs and ideas!

    I love to read success stories – I love yours!
    Thank you and keep up the great, great, great work!!!!!

    • Layla says

      What an encouraging comment! We sure do appreciate your kind words Laurie!

  9. Gwen says

    Great pictures, I also love flowers and flea markets, one of your pictures with the box made out of maps maybe my next project. Thanks again.