FLOR Floor Tile Giveaway


Congratulations, Christyn!

I’ll be in touch with you shortly about your prize!


The other day I blogged about how we covered up an oddly-shaped patch of concrete in our living room with some super-soft/sisal-look FLOR carpet tiles

I also mentioned that I had finally settled on the “Suit Yourself” carpet tiles in a color called Flax, but there are literally hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. Here are a few of my favs…

(1- Lasting Grateness; 2- Soft Spoken (we used these in our dining room!); 3- Suit Yourself (in Raffia); 4- Ups & Downs)

(5- Thick & Thin; 6- Velvet Twist; 7- Soft Quartz; 8- Fall in Line)

And there are hundreds of design possibilities, too. For instance, we laid our tiles in alternating directions to give our “sisal” a bit of a twist…

…but check out how you can create two totally different looks just by playing around with the orientation of these Sophistikat tiles…

Pretty awesome, huh?

Here’s another great example of what you can do just by cutting and switching the same selection of (Martha Stewart brand) carpet tiles around…

And speaking of cutting them- we used a really sharp pair of scissors to cut our tiles because we only had three of them to cut- but a utility knife would be the perfect tool if you need to cut more than that.

And last but not least, here’s a fun example of how you can mix and match different styles/colors to create a really fresh, eclectic look…

We’ve had our FLOR rugs down for a couple of weeks now, and they’re really working out/holding together great. (And to be honest, I’m kind of obsessed with using them in every room in the house now!)

If you’d like to read more about how FLOR carpet tiles stay in place, click HERE. And if you’d like to enter to win 30 FLOR carpet tiles of your very own (courtesy of the friendly folks at FLOR!)- just leave us one comment on this post between now and 9:00am, Monday, December 26th- and we’ll randomly select a winner after that. Ooh- and if you could swing by the FLOR website before you leave your comment, we’d love to know which carpet tiles you’d choose if you won! (Note: 30 tiles will create an 8’x10′ sized area rug.)

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. says

    It would be so awesome to win this! I love the sisal ones myself … but the floral prints are pretty sweet too. It would be a difficult choice, but I’m up for the challenge if I win…maybe even if I don’t win!

    • Linda says

      Love the look of these! They would be great in a family room or my daughter’s room! I like the soft spoken for our basement family room.

  2. Lee-Ann Evans says

    After reading about the Flor tiles, I spent HOURS looking at their website. Amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. says

    i was just browsing their website yesterday! I love the suit yourself pattern that you chose as well as the soft spoken…..oh man…I’m so excited about his giveaway!

    your floor looks great by the way

  4. Heather C says

    I am obsessed with Lasting Grateness FLOR tiles! Beautiful! A friend of mine bought these last year and loves them!

  5. Patty says

    I love FLOR carpet tiles! When we get to our living room make over (when the kid is out of college!) we plan on using FLOR. I love your Suit Yourself pattern.

  6. says

    How exciting! I already ordered some after seeing your last post on it. I’ve been dying to try them and seeing yours gave me the confidence. But I need more! I feel a new addiction coming on. LOL! Lisa~

  7. Nan says

    I love suit yourself in flax, but would have to look at all of the styles available to decide…Merry Christmas!

  8. Lauren says

    These are awesome! And so many choices…..love the natural ones, but would also love to take a leap and try something bold and unexpected in my house….hmmm….I hope I get the chance to decide!

  9. Kristy says

    They all look gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to try carpet tiles in my boyfriend’s office (formerly known as the garage ;-)). The Soft Spoken, which you used, looks great and very versatile – but I’d love to try the mix and match as well. Great job! (And Happy Holidays!!)

  10. Intisar says

    Either Lasting Greatness or Best of Both Worlds. But there are so many great choice it’s hard to choose one!

  11. Jessica says

    I really like the PerSuede Me! I know I would get a brown color for my daughter’s room!

  12. says

    Your floor looks awesome! Thank you for the oppotunity to enter this FAB giveaway. I am loving the floral, stripes & textural mix!

    Happy Holidays!

  13. Ronda says

    How do they hold up to pets? My dog’s crazy running has torn up my existing looped berber, so my next carpet needs to be crazy tough (and def. not looped!)

  14. Erin Rizzo says

    Oh my gosh. Love these. I loved the chevron and the blue diamond. It’s such a great idea.

  15. says

    I LOVE number 1! They would look great in my salon. I have been wanting a rug in the waiting area and these would be perfect for clean up and what not!!!

  16. Esther says

    Oh, I would LOVE to win!! I need a cheerful rug in my family room. I would choose 4 (or 5 – I’m having trouble deciding! Maybe you would want to help me?)

  17. Laura says

    I LOVE FlOR Tiles. I’ve never used them but I’d really like to. Yours look GREAT!

  18. Melanie says

    Love these! We have tons of hard wood floors and these would be a blessing. Enjoying your blog!

  19. Kimberly Falls says

    I love these, especially the Suit Yourself, Soft Spoken or Sophistikat!
    Merry Christmas!

  20. Mary says

    I would have the hardest time choosing! There are so many I saw and loved (I too spent a bunch of time browsing their site after your previous post!).

  21. Janene says

    I’ve always loved these. I’m stumped to pick just one. But I can narrow my favorites down to 1, 3 & 8. :)

  22. Lisa K. says

    These are amazing! It is too difficult to choose. The soft spoken tiles might be my favorite. I’d love to try these out!

  23. Jenny Peterson says

    I would LOVE to win these. The Sophistikat is amazing and I always love the option to be creative and have options. I have the perfect spot for it! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Julie B. [Holland] says

    I kind of liked how the patchwork one turned out, but # 2-3 were nice too. Im going to check here and see if I can get them here . If I won I would give them to my daugher there in the states. Thanks for sharing Layla

  25. Dixie says

    I was just thinking a week ago that I really blew it by not putting this on my Christmas Wish list this year because I totally think my hubby would have gotten this for me!! I had a rug from IKEA under my kitchen table and it finally got to the point where it is just too trashed to use anymore and I really miss a rug there to warm up the kitchen. I think I would choose something neutral like you did or a neutral stripe to jazz it up a bit. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!!!

  26. Brittney S. says

    Oh man we are “in talks” to redo our guest room and the “Fall in Line” would totally go with my idea so naturally I would win the talks ;) Merry Christmas!

  27. Val says

    Not only do I love your blog, but I pin you on my Pinterest boards at least a couple of times a day! We are renovating a 100+, 2-story double-pen into a cottage and I’m pretty sure I’d love to use FLOR carpet tiles in our craft room. Hope I get the chance through this giveaway!

  28. Tiffany Miller says

    Great giveaway! If I won, I’d probably choose the “Suit Yourself”. There’s so many great designs! :o)

  29. Brittany Pajank says

    I would love to win a ” Two of Hue” 8×10 rug! It is desperately needed in my master bedroom :)

  30. Angela says

    I would choose the “suit yourself”, too…I love that you can switch them around & get a whole new look! I’m constantly rearranging my furniture so it’d be great to rearrange my flooring, too!! :)
    P.S. I’m going to submit a pic of my bizarre wood stove corner thingy for Pick-My-Presto…it’s in dire need of your design wisdom, Layla!

  31. Nicole Young says

    I was checking out your sisal look rug thinking that would be PERFECT for our living room. I wanted that beachy look, but with something softer for my kiddos feet. Love the idea that with boys and dogs, I could pick one up for cleaning. PICK ME PICK ME!!

  32. Jackie F says

    We used carpet tiles in our basement and have loved them. I would use them in my daughter’s room, which we plan to redo, and let her pick out the style she likes.

  33. stephanie says

    i want these for our dining room! i have been thinking about them ever since your other post. fun giveaway. :)

  34. Dorothy Hemphill says

    They all look so great in their settings but I think the soft spoken has great possibilities.

  35. says

    These would be great! We’re finishing the basement and want to make/get some area rugs to keep our feet warm. I can’t saw what style I’d get because ultimately, it’s up the the wife :)

  36. Gretchen says

    I am in the midst of creating a new home office and I think this is the way to go for the carpeting. The carpet in the room is old and ratty. This would make it so much easier to change the look completely!

  37. Florence says

    Love the opportunity! I think I would pick the black, white & bold baby . I can see why you had such a hard time picking! The samples are amazing. My daughter would love the black & white ones to make a rug for her room.

  38. Alison says

    I”ve thought FLOR tiles were so much fun ever since I heard of them. I would either use Mag-Neat-O in my rec room (also, can’t help it, I’m an X-men fan!) or Yeah Baby! in Cool for the dining room. :) They are such a nifty idea!

  39. says

    Oh I just love FLOR! Aside from being so versatile the company is so great to work with and so professional! Love love! I recommend them to all of my clients.

  40. Heidi says

    OHHHHHH, I love FLOR tiles… have been drooling over them for quite some time.
    I love the eclectic look and the Sophistikat floor tiles.
    What an awesome giveaway!!
    PICK ME!! Happy Holiday!

  41. Kris says

    Well I think I have just solved my problem of finding a rug for under our kitchen table. Area has a bay window and odd placement of light fixture which makes it hard to find a rug to fit the space and the table. Off to check out which pattern and color will work. THANKS!

  42. Kelly H. says

    I’ve been thinking that some FLOR carpet would be perfect in my dining room and I LOVE the sisal-look you used in your living room!

  43. susan says

    I’m thinking these may be the perfect solution in my front foyer. We have hardwood floors, and the builder put an in-floor heat vent about 5 inches to the right of the door (on the side with the door knob). This means that my rug must be off center to the side the door swings to which is not where people can get to since the door is there. It is awkward, but I’m thinking with the flor tiles I could cut out for the heat vent!

  44. Suzy says

    This is great! We have been looking at something for our office that would be durable & ez for maintenance as our odd ice is in our farm house. Lord knows what gets brought into the office on cowboy boots!

  45. Nancy says

    I don’t know if I can pick just one….but I hope I get to!! Toy Poodle looks fun! Thanks for the chance!

  46. says

    I love the black, white, and bold carpet tiles! We will be moving to Vegas in the next few weeks, so to win these tiles to decorate my new house would be AMAZING!

  47. says

    Oooh! These are magnificent! I love the sisal and the ones called Soft Spoken! Hard to decide- they are all lovely.

  48. Cassie says

    I LOVE the “suit yourself” tiles. They would be perfect for our living room! We need something that will last to cover up our 50’s style pebble look floors! Lol! :)

  49. Dana says

    My safe side says to go with a sisal. My fun side says to do the mix and match look like you pictured. I love that!

  50. Donna says

    I think you just solved my rug dilemma for me! I’ve wondered how these would look and hold up in “real life”. I would love to try the sisal in my living room.

  51. says

    If I win I am going to have a big problem…picking one! I had no idea there were so many fun options. Definitely going to consider this for future carpet needs.

  52. Laura Carroll says

    AWESOME! Would love to win this flooring for my dining room. The room is open to the living room and I’ve been staring at it since we’ve moved in just wondering what I could do with the space!! I would love to win!!! Who wouldn’t really appreciate that blessing!! Have a Merry Christmas Lettered Cottage!!!
    The Carroll’s from lower Alabama

  53. Jenni says

    This would be the best xmas present EVER! I’ve been plotting out a FLOR rug for my dining room for about 3 months now, but just haven’t been able to commit yet because of the cost for such a large rug (the tiles I have my eye on are $16.99 a pop). I want the Rake Me Over style in Bone and Dusk to make a pretty grey/cream striped rug. Fingers crossed!!

  54. says

    I love these!!! My living room carpet is terribly stained from teens & toddlers! I am wanting to rip out the carpet & put hardwoods down, but still need a soft area for my lil guys to play. These would be perfect!!! I am torn between #2 & #3, so if I win surprise me!

    Merry Christmas,

  55. Beki morris says

    Oh , these would be so great to cover some of our cold ceramic tile ! Like you I would probably chose sisal but I have a feeling on of there striped patterns would steal the show !

  56. Melody says

    I love that you can replace a tile when the cat goes mental on one. Very economical.

  57. Gena in Texas says

    Merry Christmas! We just put wood flooring in our living room and so very badly need a rug. These might just work! I like the Suit Yourself that you used.

  58. Raquel says

    Impossible to choose! I would go for a neutral pattern that I could move into whatever room I’d be working on.

  59. Allicia says

    These would make my family room complete! I like so many, but if I get to choose it will most likely be the Soft Spoken that you used as well. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Merry Christmas!

  60. Sherri Miklos says

    I love, love love Flor tiles. my problem, just can’t decide which ones to choose. I’m with you Nancy…safe side says sisal (and it looks so awsome in your dining room Layla…but it would be so much more fun to choose something whimsical :0)

  61. CathyF says

    I have concrete floors, so I’d love to create a cute area with carpet tiles under my coffee table.

  62. Sandra Ross says

    Love flor tiles, have been looking at them forever…I move into homes that are for sale and fix them up and make them look nice for resale and I’m always needing a different size rug for each home I move into. Boy would these tiles solve my problems. I love the one you choose for your home the sisal look one in flax it would go anywhere and compliment any decor. Merry Christmas to you!

  63. says

    I would LOVE these. I’ve been on their website several times, and just can’t decide on the perfect set, but for under my dining room table I think I would go with Souk Chic. I just love the neutral but fun look!

  64. Philene Severa says

    I love these tiles! My bf and I have been researching affordable area rug options for our house, which has all laminate floors. I LOVE the sisal squares and how you arranged them. Nice!

  65. Tammy Stafford says

    I am looking to replace a worn out rug (that I absoluetly love), the rug is no longer available but after looking through your “favorites” I spotted a similar pattern in the carpet tiles (#1). Love these tiles!!

  66. Sarah M says

    I think a gold Road to Damascus or Shadow Play would be awesome in our dining room…though that’s just at first glance :)

  67. says

    Great giveaway, Layla! I’d love to have these for my downstairs den/playroom/guest room/office. Poor room has to be a jack of all trades! It needs some serious help! Hope y’all have a great Christmas!

  68. says

    I so want to get some Flor tiles. So difficult to choose! But I know the room they would go in… our in the process of being put together living room.

  69. Christie says

    Call me a copycat, but I really love the Suit Yourself in Flax as you’ve done under your piano. I’d love a rug that size for our new little home … it would be perfect for our kids and animals.

  70. Kate says

    Ooh! I love these! And they look easy enough for even ME to manage! I love the Suit Yourself tiles that you chose, but I can’t decide which color is my favorite. The Velvet Twist is gorgeous too! What a great problem to have: picking my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win!

  71. says

    What a great idea! I love so many of the patterns, but I think Morning Coffee would look great in a couple of areas of my home. I think it would be so fun to play with the tiles.

  72. ashley says

    Though choice but I love the “Mag-Neat-O” tiles and the “Soft Touch” tiles :)

  73. Tesa says

    These tiles are awesome! I too love the sisal, but there are so many to choose from! It would be a tough decision!

  74. says

    Wow what a great giveaway! I have to say I would copy you exactly in an 8×10 shape. Love the idea of sisal how it can work for modern, country, shabby chic, or our favorite beachy look:) Merry Christmas to you and Kev! Can’t wait to see what blessings the new year brings for the two of you. Oh and do you happen to have a update number on the Give Water donations?

  75. Samantha J. says

    We have tons of hard wood floors and these would be great! Enjoy reading your blog!

  76. Bethany says

    I would love to win the suit yourself in raffia. I’ve been dying to buy a real sisal rug, but with a four year old, I couldn’t risk the price! Thanks for letting me in on the now cool carpet tiles!

  77. Kelly says

    Oh my gosh – there are so many amazing choices, I don’t know which I’d choose!

  78. AmyB says

    We are in the process of finishing our boy’s bedrooms and had them both pick out what they’d want in their rooms. After much debate, they both chose Ins and Outs in the “leaf” colour. I would also love to try the tiles in our dining room (when our pup is a bit older).

  79. Christi says

    Totally torn between the sisal and the ikat chevron. I never win anything but I really hope I win this. These would be perfect for my new dining room!

  80. Gayle says

    Wow, this would be so wonderful to win! I like the “Suit Yourself” pattern that looks like sisal . . . very classic. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  81. Rebecca Musser says

    I’d love to win some of these! I love what you used in your living room, but also like Fall in Line for my son’s room.

  82. says

    FLOR tiles please!!! We’re in desperate need of a new family room rug and would love, love a FLOR Christmas present! Suit yourself in raffia is my pick – my kids will forever be thankful.

  83. Alecia Tabb says

    I have had my eye on these tiles for a few months! I would LOVE to use the sophistikat ones in my bedroom! Thanks.

  84. Carmen Lethig says

    I’ve looked into these before for our LR to protect our wood floors frm our dog. I like the soft touch in sugar.

  85. Erika Williams says

    I love all of the different floor tiles! I think that my favorite ones are the patterned ones that can be changed. Thanks for bringing these awesome tiles to my attention!

  86. Kristina A says

    I love the Shear Indulgence tiles. They look nice and would probably be very bare foot friendly :)

  87. says

    Oh I love these tiles and all the different ways you can customize them for your space! I would pick the suit yourself tiles.

  88. The Imp says

    Oh, #1 most definitely! I’m planning on doing my home office over this year in black and white and these would look great!

  89. Lisa L says

    I have so been thinking about using these in my kids’ rooms! I have no idea which tiles I would choose, though! So many great options!

  90. Dominique Teall says

    I would LOVE these! With a new baby comes new stains! It would be amazing to be able to wash out a tile and put it back!

  91. BrendaS says

    I like the Family Tree tiles…if I were to redo my hallway (which needs some serious help!). Then again, our living room carpet needs help too! Hmmm! I love that you can take up just one tile & wash it/replace it!

  92. KarenK says

    Gosh – I am loving those sisal ones! My living area is horrendous, as well as my hallway. Have been looking to update the flooring in those areas….these are looking pretty sweet!
    Merry Christmas!

  93. Caroline Allen says

    I love the Wool Dorset Stripe. I have been holding onto a catalog of this company because I would love to get them for my son’s room as he has allergies/asthma and I am always optimistic something will help it. And this pattern is even on sale!

  94. Kevin says

    I had seen these at Lowes and didn’t even think about all the ways you could install them! Awesome ideas!

  95. Erin Young says

    i would love the suit yourself in rafia – i would love this to cover some yucky carpet in the kids room – or maybe down the hall – the ideas are limitless! :))

  96. says

    I LOVE the Martha Stewart example you gave — with the simple stripes. I would do something similar to that for our daughter’s nursery that we’re currently searching for rugs for. FLOR tiles would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Rebecca ratnam says

    Moving to our first house next week so winning this is much needed as we have lots of floor to cover, so any help is appreciated.

  98. Lauren says

    They are all so lovely! I am not sure what I would pick, but would probably go with something for our boys’ room since they have bare wood floors right now.

  99. Lisa C. Johnson says

    I think these Flor tiles would be great for the house that we are in the process of buying. Not a stitch of carpet in the whole house! Eek! I would love the “Favorite Jeans” in Khaki or Green Jeans for our living room! Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Christine Aldinger says

    ok this is a awesome giveaway……….i would love winning this!!!! ty for a chance…….Happy Holidays!!

  101. Kim says

    I love the idea of these! And I’d love to try this out in my family room! So far I really like Favorite Jeans in khaki. But check with me tomorrow. It may change!

  102. says

    I have been looking for the perfect rug for my entryway for about a year and haven’t found one! Flor tiles would be so perfect! I love versatility!

  103. says

    I think I would want the same one you did! Although there are so many fun patterns, the wallpaper I am going to put in my entry has a pattern and I think the neutral with texture would be perfect to cover up the old floor that has been there since the 50’s when my home was built.

  104. says

    I love FLOR carpet tiles, I get the catalog and everything! But, they’re outside my budget :( My favorites are the Cut Flowers – so pretty!

  105. Melissa Humbert says

    After reading your post I looked at their website and I just love the variety of colors and patterns to choose from!

  106. Michele C. says

    Love FLOR. such a great concept and like that they also have a recycling program for old carpet tiles. loving the sophistikat myself, but there are really so many great designs it’s hard to decide!

  107. says

    I’d have to go with something similar to yours- Suit Yourself! Something natural to go in our rustic cottage!

  108. erin says

    such a creative way to help my floor out!! Just about to purchase flooring for my house…got flooded from hurricane irene….moving back in soon!
    Loving the Style: Feelin’ Groovy in Color: Lime

    Will look great with my new navy sofa

  109. Pat M says

    I’ve been getting the Flor catalog trying to decide on a pattern. I am torn between “Fall in Line” and “softly Spoken.”

  110. Nicole Y. says

    I would love to win this! Our new place is pretty bare and those tile floors are pretty cold in the winter. :)

  111. Christine D says

    LOVE carpet tiles! We have an odd shaped dining room that won’t fit a traditional rug. This would be a great alternative! Plus having something that’s able to move easily and reposition in a different setting would be great (military life…moving and repositioning is in the spouses handbook!) Love the Twill Ride in Vanilla/Hazelnut! :)

  112. Audra C says

    I love flor tiles. I get their catalog! If I won though, I’d definitely get something for our family room…

  113. says

    OH my goodness, this would be fabulous for the kids room. the carpet needs be be brought up but until then these would be perfect! Love the bold stripes for their room. Oh I would be one happy girl if we won :)
    Merry Christmas!

  114. jude says

    Love so many–Reverb, Just Plain Folk, Parallel Reality, Petal Pusher, Cambium, 40 Winks, Cut Flowers, Arabesque….wow.

  115. Kathy T says

    I think I’d pick the same one you got! We don’t have pets but we still get a lot of dirt tracked in on to our living floor. Happy holidays!

  116. Sheila says

    I have been in love with Flor for several years now. It is fantastic. Have been wanting to use some in our little cottage at the beach to help spice up the space and help the wood floors with sand wear. I love the lanyard and tisket patterns. Either would look Bee u ti ful in the cottage living room.

  117. says

    Oh, I would love to win! I actually was looking at FLOR the other day and do need 30 tiles!

    My favorites are Lacebark, Warm Welcome and Shear Indulgence, in gray. We need a gray rug :)

  118. Sara says

    I’d actually love the same sisal tiles that you got! They’d go great in my dining room!

  119. Brianne says

    Oh my goodness, another item I am obsessed with thanks to the TLC (my husband thanks you)!

  120. Jenny says

    I really like the modern mix, but can’t decidde on a color – there are 3 I love!

  121. Tori Pingley says

    I am liking “Tendency To Swoon” in Amber. I was looking for a western/rustic way to accent my house and I think those would look perfect! ;]

  122. says

    just last night i was talking aobut my dining room needing help. it is 8 x 10 (I KNOW!). i’d love to win. and most likely would want the family tree tiles in licorice. gorgeous!

  123. Kar in Colorado says

    I am digging “Filligreed” and would love to split the squares between my front and back entry ways. (We DIYed hardwood floors over the summer and are still figuring out what/where to put area rugs.)

    Happy Holidays!

  124. Shawna Bloom says

    I would LOVE to win a free rug worth of FLOR! ;) I think the Sophistikat is fabulous!

  125. says

    I love Finer Things, Quality Time and In the Loop. I would love to put these in my bedroom and/or my husbands office. I hate the carpet we have now. I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked it out 9 years ago. Temporary insanity, I guess. Merry Christmas!

  126. Merri says

    These are fabulous! I like a lot of them, but I think I especially like “Flora” and “Lasting Greatness.” I would love to do something fun and pretty for my kids’ new playroom or maybe our new dining room (we’re moving in about 6 weeks)! :)

  127. Julie W says

    I love the Suit Yourself as a basic, but there are so many other pretty patterns and styles, that I could pick several of them. Love your work, Layla! Thanks for the inspiration!

  128. Susan Bush says

    I’m loving these need a area rug for my kitchen and I could put these down in the winter months ….easily pick up and store away for summer and wouldn’t take up to much room….really great idea ….will be looking into this …..

  129. Anjanette says

    We are finishing our basement and these would be perfect for under our stairs.

  130. Charlotte says

    I have been wanting to try FLORing for so long! I think the navy Sophisticat would be so fun in my house :)

    • Shelley Jamieson says

      I always get soooo inspired by your design..:) Now I wonder where and if these tiles or similar are available to Nova Scotia, Canada…:)

  131. says

    I would love to have the Suit Yourself! We just put laminate flooring in our living room and we really need an area rug! Love the options of the FLOR tiles!

  132. rachel says

    I love the FLOR catalogs!
    I think I’d pick the Crossroads pattern if I were lucky enough to win!

  133. Chris P says

    What a hard thing it would be to choose! I think I would choose Style: RAKE ME OVER in Titanium for my daughter’s room!!

    I am definitely saving this in my favorites!!

  134. Abby says

    Oh, I could so use these for my dining room!! I reeeeeeaaaaaalllllly want Lasting Greatness in black.

  135. Trisha says

    Love the eclectic look at the end. I also like the Souk Chic pattern on the website with a neutral boarder for under the dining room table. So many options I would need some help to decide.

  136. Meadowlark says

    Well my “finished” basement that isn’t really… could totally use something besides the cold hard 1950s schoolhouse tiles. WARM WARM WARM!!!

  137. Michelle says

    We are still working on the remodel of our house. The Sophistikat design would be fabulous. Pick me! ;)

  138. Teresa S. says

    I could really use these! We are in a rental with the ugliest flooring in the entry! I love the sophistikat! I like all the color-ways!

  139. Sara Anne says

    These tiles are so cute… I’d get stitch in time for my office/sewing room… or Reoriented in Lavender for my dinning room :)

  140. Sarah says

    Ooh, I’ve been admiring these floor tiles for years! With 3 kids, two cats, a dog (and let’s not kid ourselves, a husband) my carpets are a mess! I love the idea of being able to take the stained/soiled spot out to clean it thoroughly! I like the Checkered Past and Walk the Line patterns off the bat, but there are so many possibilities!

  141. Kaleena Edwards says

    Very cool! This would be perfect for our new baby’s room, due in June! :)

  142. Lori says

    Wow….so many choices. I think I like the one that you used, Suit Yourself. Thanks for this great giveaway and Merry Christmas you two!

  143. Beth says

    I visited the FLOR website the day you first blogged about it. Very impressive — I would totally do this in our family room, where we just had wood floors installed a month ago! I love the SOFT SPOKEN and the SUIT YOURSELF styles the best. Very classic! Thanks for a great giveaway, and MERRY CHRISTMAS :-)

  144. says

    I wouldn’t even know how to pick! They all are so fantastic! I did love the mix of the pattern Filligreed (in Black) with the mix of Feeling Groovy (bone) as an edge. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  145. Liliana says

    What a fantastic giveaway! I actually love the suit yourself sisal tiles you chose.

  146. Jen D says

    There’s so many great ones to choose from…I’d love “lattice” for our library!

  147. says

    I would love those Martha Stewart tiles for my bedroom! Talk about divine intervention, I have been looking for the perfect rug & these would match & work perfectly!

  148. Debra says

    Wow, there are so many great ones to choose from. I think I’d go with either Lamb Cord or Suit Yourself in Raffia (i just love how it looks in your room).

    Merry Christmas!

  149. Joanne says

    Oh! This would be a wonderful birthday present – since my birthday is on Dec 26. Thanks for telling us about this wonderful product. I can definitely think of places to use this.

  150. Barb says

    Gosh, so many choices, I’m not sure which I’d choose, but I’d like to replace the area rug in my living room and these tiles would be perfect—if you give me more time to decide ;-)

  151. Joyce tx says

    Wouldn’t those look great in the LR!? With a large yellow lab, the rug gets a bit beat up and those certainly look sturdy enough to withstand a rough-housing Lab! Great idea!

  152. JenC says

    I think my 1st pick would be Mag-Neat-O or the Fall in Line you featured above. But seriously, how to narrow it down? I have 4 kiddos w/another on the way, 1 dog & 1 cat – so the ability to change out/clean 1 area of a rug is a bonus! Merry Christmas!

  153. Elleana says

    I’m on love with Mag-Neat-O, although it might be a little too much for my room. But then again, maybe not!

  154. says

    Oh my gosh I love the Sophistikat tiles! I would want them in Palm, which is the green. We need a rug for our living room very badly!

  155. Melanie says

    Wow! These would fix the mysterious maroon carpet cutout in the middle of our family room floor! I’ve been dying to rip that out! (or you could just come redo our new house!) Would love to win! Love the sisal pattern you picked.

  156. says

    Oh man – I so desperately need to win this! I think I’d have to go with “Soft Spoken”.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  157. Keri says

    I would love to put “Reoriented” in my little 6 yr old girl’s pink and grey bedroom! The color and sophistication she can grow with!

  158. says

    I WOULD LOVE to win FLOR for my basement. We had flooding this summer and one room w/carpet needs to be ripped out and replaced and the other w/painted floors now looks more like half painted and is chipping everywhere. PLEASE HELP!!

  159. Lindsey d. says

    Ooh! Velvet Twist in Fathom for my bedroom, definitely…. Or maybe Thick and Thin in Cocoa and Cream…. Or maybe go crazy with Dashed off… Don’t make me choose yet!

  160. says

    I would love the one that looks like a fisherman’s sweater! I was just saying today that I am going to get a new rug for our living room after the first of the year, this would be perfect!

  161. Kristen says

    Oooh, these are great! I’m a little in love with the sisal look, soft underfoot thing. It would be amazing to win. :)

  162. says

    I’ve been eyeing up Flor tiles forever! Even ordered samples (which make great coasters btw). The suiting line is amazing!

  163. kelley wendt says

    Oh, it would be so hard to decide but if i win i am sure i can pick just one:)

  164. Jennifer says

    I like “Suit Yourself,” “Velvet Rope,” the “more rockin’ pattern” is pretty cool too.

  165. says

    I’ve debated floor/Flor tiles for a couple of years now. They seem so great, so I’d start with Home Movies in the Salsa colour!

  166. lois showalter says

    I absolutely love the versitility of these tiles…such a great idea…I could have a lot of fun replacing my crappy wall to wall…No more boring floors!

  167. Cassandra says

    These are so fun! It’s a toss up on which one I would like more. I am digging the PerSuede Me and also the Soft Quartz. Thanks for the opportunity!

  168. Rhonda Ysusi says

    These would be perfect for our game room that desperately needs a makeover!

  169. Jamey Rogers says

    WOW.. these look awesome. I love the “finer things” and many others. Your design looks great. These would make my life SO much easier as I have 4 boys and 2 four-legged dogs that also like to go in certain areas of house.. GROSS! Merry Christmas

  170. jillianandgracie says

    Can I like all of them?!?! Flor always has the best greens which is what I’d choose. Too cute!

  171. says

    I really like the “Suit Yourself” tile you used but I would like the Linen or Pumice color for my living room. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  172. Carol says

    Thank you!! I have 17 year old cats and have been looking for a rug for our living room that would be perfect for their occasional ‘accidents’. The FLOR system is so right! I love the fact that I can just lift up only the tile that needs to be washed and put it back! The area I need covered require 30
    tiles so this would be a perfect Christmas gift for me, my babies and my 1930 Cottage!!!

  173. Camby says

    Every day I tell my carpet that I hate it. It’s disgusting! The light beige carpet was looking great for eight years. Then we got a dog. Two years of her coming and going is starting to show. I hate seeing the large dark spot in front of my fireplace. That’s where she does her back-rubbing and stretching. I love ‘em all, but a high-traffic gray or brown is what I need.

  174. says

    I LOVE the tiles under your piano. I need those exact ones in my front living room. They will go so well with my “beachy” look. :) Hope I win!

  175. Colleen says

    With pets in our house, I love the idea of FLOR tiles! It’s so hard to pick…

  176. Kristin says

    With a new baby on the way, I’d love to brighten up our space with one of Flor’s mix and match rug sets!

  177. says

    Oh how to pick! I love the lattice, Mag-neat-o and More Rockin Pattern. I’m sure I could figure it out if I won! Merry Christmas!

  178. says

    Oh, I love these. My favorite is the Lasting Grateness design. But I too wonder how you would keep doggies from *ahem* relieving themselves on such a pretty floor covering.

  179. says

    I love your “suit yourself” tiles in raffia, they are very classic in look. These FLOR tiles are awesome! Thanks for sharing about them. I am new to following your blog, but I love your style and how real things are that you post :) Our home was built in 1921 and we keep rugs in every room, but these FLOR tiles make so much more sense, but without losing the character you want to maintain in a 1920’s home. How awesome!!

  180. Dawn L. says

    I really like the All Square pattern. I like the idea of a solid, but with a nice, soft textural pattern in it.

  181. Laurel says

    I love the ‘Just Plain Folk’ look – so cozy looking and it just may inspire me in my knitting : )
    Merry Christmas.

  182. says

    Wow-gorgeous stuff!!I like the Shear Indulgence in Wharfdale White.It would be perfect for our master bedroom that I want to beautify!!

  183. Tracy Safran says

    I would love the win the flor tiles – probably the sisal – I like that look.

  184. Mary says

    love carpet tiles!!! Love the ideas on the site…hope I win because I know just where I’d use them.

  185. Cristie says

    Suit Yourself is definitely my favorite pattern! I have several rooms that I would love to try them!

  186. Pam Grieco says

    I have no clue which I would want – there are so many choices….. love this idea! Pam

  187. Sarah says

    Awesome giveaway! So many ideas…still deciding. With 3 little kiddos running around this would be the perfect solution for our family room and dining room.

  188. Kari says

    I love the sophikat and the making waves!

    They seem to be the perfect solution to the problem I have with other rugs!!

  189. Anna says

    What a gorgeous thing to give away! I have been looking for a rug for our living room for awhile but I may just have to get one for our bedroom because the Sophisitkat in Cobalt is to dye for!

  190. kim says

    these are genius and you posted this just in the knick of time because I have been trying to come up with a solution for under out dining table for months. It is most often set up without any leaves (leafs?) in it so it seats six and it is a tight space so a rug that fits under the smallest table size would be best but I was trying to figure out what to do when I put one or both of the leaves in when we have company without having a shruken rug underneath. This is the solution!!! I can make the rug fit the table for what size we have it at the time! I can remove the extras when we shrink the table down but keep them handy when we want a rug under the full size table!!!!! I think I am going to copy you and go with the “suit yourself” but I also like the natural born talent they show under a dining table!! (sorry long comment! these have me excited!!)

  191. Linda Matson says

    Those Flor tiles would look so wonderful in my need-to-fix it house! Especially the little room I am going to make into my studio! :-)

  192. Sherry says

    I was JUST looking at these the other day. We desperately need new flooring in our dining room and these would be PERFECT. I like the ones you got “suit yourself” – I think my husband would like those too!

    Merry Christmas!

  193. says

    Just Plain Folk in Worsted… Merry Christmas to me?! Thank you for hosting and Merry Christmas to the Lettered Cottage Home!

  194. says

    I have never seen these before & I think I am in love :-) What an exciting giveaway – I’d probably go with the sisal. I love the simplicity…

  195. Sandra says

    I would love to win your giveaway. I would use the tiles in my dining room and mudroom. Thanks for sharing!

  196. Rachel H says

    I actually am seriously considering getting some FLOR tiles to make a area rug under my dining room table. I just bought some samples and have narrowed it down to three – Toe the Line in Dark Red, Rake Me Over in Red, or Toy Poodle in Red.

  197. says

    I’d certainly love to win. We are getting ready to redo the basement/man cave. There is currently a dispute on whether to carpet the floor or tile it…so why not use carpet tiles!? Sounds like a great compromise but wow there are so many to choose from. I think we’d go with a berber earthtone like “in the loop”.

  198. Britani says

    oh wow! so many great styles! Mine would have to be blue and white.. not sure on the style though.. so many good ones available!

  199. Chanda says

    I have spent way to much time on their website trying to convince myself to buy some! Would be so awesome to win!

  200. says

    I would love to win the Suit Yourself tiles for my dining room. So much better than worrying about the current rug getting crumbs and spills from precious grandchildren!

  201. cindy O. says

    We LOVE FLOR tiles just can’t afford it! hope it picks me:) Happy Holidays!

  202. The Jones' says

    So potentially venturing into the land of mild creepiness, the hubby and I have been eyeing these for some time after seeing them used on a particularly gorgeous episode of Divine Design.

    Now after seeing how rich they made the flooring in your living room (I mean honestly, the wood floors are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S and it is hard to outshine them, but we ADORE the little piano nook with the FLOR tiles ^^) I think this may be the next thing we fill up our project piggy bank for!!

    We are in LOVE with the Crossroads FLOR tiles in that beautiful creamy grey hue “Cloud”. We would put it in our living room under the sectional and coffee table. They look SO soft too! I’m thinking I may skip the ottoman cube chairs and just let guests enjoy the carpet tiles. =D

    ~Christy n’ Michael

  203. says

    I love carpet tiles! I would probably go with solids and do a mix match pattern of my own in my girls room. Hope I win.

  204. Randi says

    I have been getting their catalogs for years, but have never purchased. I absolutely love their Mag-Neat-O zigzag print!

  205. Lynn Kendrick says

    I would like these in all of my rooms!. What a great idea. Stylish, do it yourself and kid/pet friendly. What’s not to love?

  206. Brandi Pittman says

    Ohh, I looked at their website the other day and secretly became obsessed with them as well! Too bad I already gave out my Christmas list… :) But, If I win, then I would love to get the sisal-look to put in my den. Or maybe dining room? Although I think I want something more eclectic in there and the den takes priority right now!

  207. says

    I adore Flor. The options are endless – whoever wins is going to have a hard time choosing! Thanks for the chance!

  208. says

    We are moving to Texas in July to become full-time missionaries with To Every Tribe & I would love to win this to use in our new apartment there! The Filligreed graphic pattern is my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  209. says

    I was going to say I love the sisal ones just like yours, but that Sophistikat chevron look blew my mind. It’s a toss-up! Merry Christmas Layla an d Kevin!

  210. Christie says

    This would be absolutely the best Christmas present ever! I would love to win these carpet tiles for our family room. Fingers crossed. :-)

  211. annie says

    those look awesome to use! and i can think of a place (or five) where
    they could work in our home!

  212. says

    These are awesome! My living room needs some color on the floor. Right now I have a sisal type outdoor 8×10 rug (only cost $40) but I would LOVE to have a pop of color – I looked and liked many of the patterns, but maybe I would put together different colors – how fun would it be to pick them out?!?!!?

  213. Heather says

    I am digging the textural patterns – love Suit Yourself and A Hint & A Whisper!

  214. Amy says

    Ooh, we used flor tiles for wall to wall carpeting in a bedroom in a checkerboard pattern. I need a carpet under our dining room table, and a flor one would be great!

  215. April says

    It would perfect to win this. I have a less than perfect rug in my living room. It’s not comfy to sit on, I need something soft and durable for kids and dogs. :)

  216. Leah says

    I love the Thick & Thin, but I’d have to do some serious browsing before deciding :)

  217. Jamie says

    I love Flor tiles! I think the Lasting Grateness is my favorite.
    Happy Holidays!

  218. Lisa Hankins says

    I need these tiles desperately! lol They are gorgeous and I’ve heard they hold up so well. Love the sisal ones you chose!

  219. Mary says

    We have used F lor Tiles in a room with an indoor pool — have been installed several years now, taken much abuse, and have never needed to pull one up to clean it separate from the rest. LOVE them! If I win, I’m toying with getting Reoriented in Teal for my living room. Thanks for the give-away!

  220. Cora says

    I love FLOR tiles and have been looking for some for our mud room but I can never decide so I haven’t bought any yet. All I know is I want red!

  221. mary rose says

    love #3 but honestly love all of the tiles. Seems like a great way to pretty up a room. Thank you~

  222. Ann Maas says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like these before! Awesome, as for my personal fav… I don’t have one. I love the mix and match patterns, and the chevron option as well. We are moving in a few months, I’d have to pick something that works with the new house but awesome!

  223. Jamie says

    I am in love with those Martha Stewart tiles you showed in the foyer. Amazing the things you can do with FLOR! Would love to try these in my basement.

  224. Cathy says

    FLOR pattern “Just Plain Folks” just blew me away! Love that pattern! Really like the mis/match and ability to replace one tile at a time if needed (looks down at hairball producing cat … sigh).

  225. Elizabeth says

    What a fun giveaway! I would love the Soft Spoken tiles in linen for my dining room! Thank you!

  226. Jenna says

    I would love the tile colour you have in your living room – it would go with anything in any room :oD! :o)

  227. anne arey says

    I love seeing these used on so many of the design shows. They are beautiful in your dining room, I’m interested to hear how they wash after a pet accident.

  228. Kiki says

    My mind changes on these every time I look!! Love these!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas!! :)

  229. Allison M says

    These are absolutely gorgeous, I’d love to win them!
    Never won anything in my life, but it’s worth a try! :)

  230. Jen Y says

    I don’t have a lot of time to browse right now – it is the eve of Christmas Eve! I really like the cut flower pattern best so far.

  231. Nancy says

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on FLOR titles and for this contest. I’ve been thinking about using these for awhile. I love the “Suit Yourself” that you picked and thought I would pick that one myself, but didn’t want to copy! As I said on facebook, I love the Irish knit pattern- “Just Plain Folk”. Now I just saw “Thick & Thin” which would be great in my kitchen! I suspect I will find more that I like! Thanks again.

  232. greta says

    I’ve wanted to try these for ages! I love the black and white with a black border!

  233. says

    OMG I am OBSESSED with Flor and I am dying for a rug from them! I’d definitely go with “Rake Me Over” – but it would take me for-ev-er to decide on a color since there are so many amazing options! :)

  234. says

    oh this would be awesome to win! Id totally give them to my mom…they just finished an addition to their house that was 7yrs, in the making! My stepdad had her put in the last screw and she was bawling,. so sweet!

  235. Nicol says

    I worked for a flooring manufacture that made something similiar, but FLOR’s are much nicer. Better patterns and textures. I have many plans for them!

  236. Haley B says

    I love the love ewe or the modern mix, it would be so nice to cover up some of the horrible old carpet in our bedroom.

  237. Christy says

    You’ve got me hooked! Now I’m thinking I need these in almost EVERY room of MY house too! :) Very fun stuff!! I think the first place I’d start though is in the dining room, then the master bedroom….

  238. Lisa says

    I’ve been getting the FLOR catalog for a few years dreaming of the day I can get some! I would love some for our living room and entry way. I like the tiles in the wool category.

  239. says

    Oh, I definitely like the berbers, all of them. If I were to win, I’d really have to look to decide which one I liked best, or maybe just may a blind choice. They are all lovely.

  240. Jude H says

    Oh how we love the Flor tiles, so creative and fun …. and we are desperately in need of a few for a new baby’s bedroom so please pick us :o) Pretty please!

  241. Lorrie says

    We’re shopping for a new dining room carpet, and Line, Please in Jade would be perfect!

  242. Kathryn jones says

    LoVe all of it!! Love them all. I didn’t have time to chooe a specific one and like the idea of mixing the patterns together!!

  243. AJ says

    I’m crazy about Chevrons. Love the photo with the blue chevron flor tiles and the pop of orange from the boxes.

  244. ivy says

    I would love the Suit Yourself. I love the Lasting grateness, too, but don’t think i could make it work. Looks great! Thanks.

  245. says

    I would love some of these. I really need a rug in my bedroom and living room for that matter. I really love the Suit Yourself one.

    What a great solution for that spot in your living room.

    Merry Christmas!

  246. Kay in VA says

    My daughter and son in law introduced us to FLOR. Love em all! Lamb cord and suit yourself are nice. What would I choose? ummmmm….

  247. says

    Oh my goodness… I have been thinking alot about those sisal floor tiles ever since reading your post… and now a giveaway?! Yay!

    I would love the sisal tiles to make a rug for my newly painted (albeit unfurnished) office. We’re on the Dave Ramsey plan so a new rug is out of the question right now… I hope I win!!

  248. says

    After 12 years and 2 teens our basement carpet is toasted. The last child is off to college next year and time to get rid of the nasty carpet. FLOR is what I am going for and crossing my fingers on this giveaway I would mix it up with the pattern, but love FERN in velvet twist for sure.

  249. Kelly says

    I love the tiles you chose, those are my favorite flor tiles I’ve ever seen. Love your style!

  250. Laura M says

    Love the sophistikat pattern. These would be the perfect solution for my house!

  251. Cindy says

    Whether I win or not (I never win anything, so I’m going with NOT), I’m going to use these in my living room when we rip up the carpet and refinish our hardwood floors that are lying underneath. I’m so glad you introduced us to them! What a fantastic product. :)

  252. says

    oh how perfect would this be under my dining room table! the ability to change out a tile if it got damaged by a toddler? perfecto!

    i’d love the dashed out pattern!

  253. Katie Currin says

    I LOVE the carpet tiles you chose! So natural and warm. and ummm…that Martha Stewart striped rug…gimme gimme… :0)

  254. says

    I like the “Just Plain Folk” style. It would look great under our kitchen table. Thanks for the giveaway-Merry Christmas!!!

  255. marilyn says

    Would I ever like to win flor-floor tiles! Love your blog and keeping up with you on facebook.

  256. Alice says

    Love, love the Flor Tiles! And love, love how you used them in your house. Looks great!

  257. {shannon} says

    so hard to choose!! i’d have to come up with something fun for the living room… getting hard woods after Christmas!!

  258. Barbara Hightower says

    I love Home Movies in Salsa – actually I am looking at these for my son’s dining room. He loves modern art and the colors in these Flor tiles would fit perfectly – would help anchor his dining room fo sho! :) This was a lot of fun – the possibilities are endless, no?!
    Line by Line in Rainbow is super fun too…OK I’ll stop now!

  259. Stephanie Handy says

    Love it! Would love the same one that you guys got since I’m mildly obsessed with very natural/neutral colorways.

  260. Lindsey says

    Seriously? I loved your blog already, but okay, okay. I love it more. Someday I hope to get some of my own. Maybe this will be my lucky day!

  261. says

    These Flor carpet tiles are sooooooo cooooool. They would be great for people who move a lot, because of the endless possibilities. We are currently in a rental and these would be a perfect alternative to an area rug, as we could make these into the perfect size for the room. I would most likely choose a neutral color and pattern. Thanks for sharing your love of this cool product and may you have a very Merry Christmas!

  262. says

    Ever since I saw your original post about using the FLOR carpet tiles I combed their site and was dizzy from all the fabulous choices and possibilities. On one hand I am drawn to colors and designs and on the other I love the sisal look for a neutral but textured look….either way…. If I win this giveaway you’ll hear the glee all the way from California!!! Fingers are tightly crossed!!!!(toes too)

  263. Roxanna says

    So many to choose from but think I would reallllly love to have the Suit Yourself in aloe. Love the zipzag pattern……thinking maybe a 8×10.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Wishing you and your family a joyful Merry Christmas.

  264. Amy says

    My house is full of bold bright colors, and I would love to find out what’s under my old (stained) carpet and create cozy spaces with some Flor tiles. I’d probably pick something from the Toy Poodle line … or maybe “Feeling Groovy” … decision making is hard.

  265. ratty says

    i LOVE the Feeli’n’ Groovy & House Pet styles because there are SOOO many color options!! YUM!

  266. Nicole Henley says

    I know I’ll change my mind next time I get on the Flor website (so many choices) but today, I really like the Lanyard pattern. Keeping my fingers crossed because I really need a new rug:)

  267. Stevie says

    I was just thinking how I need something new in my kitchen!!! I would LOVE Home Movies in Salsa, or maybe Pistachio, for my kitchen please, please, please!!!

  268. Christine Brown says

    I love “soft spoken”. So beautiful! My husband is in the military and this is such a great idea to keep in mind. Moving around so much and in military housing there is not the nicest of flooring sometimes. One house had basement-ish tile flooring in the living room! Yuck! This is such a awesome idea to keep in mind for future houses. : )

  269. Barbi says

    I went to FLOR’s site yesterday after I read your original post and loved the selection! I’m looking into a mish mash of yellows and greens for my daughters room. Thanks!

  270. Frances says

    Oh wow, I’d love to win this. I actually went over right after your last post and designed a new rug that I would like for our living room. I chose Warm Welcome in Gold Leaf with Feelin’ Groovy in Black bordering. We have a Flor store in Chicago I believe but, I haven’t gotten around to actually going there and feeling/seeing all the options.

  271. Lisa Sanders says

    While sitting in my office room reading this blog, I am thinking how my poor little rug in here could use an update, and what a perfect solution this would be! About that time, here comes my grandson with a sloppy joe sandwich and drops it right on the rug….yep, I need a new floor cover in here! It would be hard to choose, and I can see why you changed your mind many times, but I really like the tiles called ‘Quality Time’ in pewter…But I might change my mind! :)

  272. says

    I LOVE thesse! Twill Ride and Suit Yourself are my favs so far. I had always wondered how they stayed together. Thanks for the tutorial and hosting the giveaway!

  273. says

    It might be interesting to use “Take a Ribbing” or, because it has more colors “Rake Me Over” in black, sterling, teal and orange. It would be really fun to put one together and see if it stands up to skidding dogs. Thanks for the opportunity to play with the colors.

  274. says

    I have been pining over the Flor tiles for months now! We desperately need a new living room rug. Love!

  275. Alex says

    I am in love with the combination of rake me over and well suited both in plum! I am not “handy” by any means, but this looks so EASY!

  276. Missy G. says

    The pistachios color of “Home Movies” was one of my very first pins! I hope I win! Someone is going to have a very Merry Christmas. Great giveaway.

  277. WendyK says

    I love the robin’s egg/cream/neutral chevron-like pattern rug shown above that was made out of Martha Stewart tiles. So many new and interesting types since the last time I looked at Flor’s site. Thanks for the giveaway!

  278. Kelly Martin says

    I like the “checkered past” pattern and I know just where I would use it – my formal living room. The room is in desperate need for a “Pick My Presto” makeover and the rug tiles would be great inspiration!

  279. says

    I would choose the sisal as well. I’ve been looking for a neutral area rug for months now, and haven’t found one I liked! This might be a great alternative.

  280. Courtnay says

    My friend used these in her kitchen and inspired me to do the same in mine and the adjacent hallway. We need something that our paralyzed dog won’t pull up as he scoots around the house on his knees. Boy would winning these be a great jumping point for this project! :) Thanks for the contest!

  281. Lynette says

    Beautiful! It’s good to hear that they are durable and holding up well. We have 4 kids and a dog and will look into FLOR options when we get ready to replace carpeting. I’m thinking they would work wonderfully in a kids bedroom.

  282. Mishka B says

    I have had my eye on Flor tiles for a wile. They look great in your home! I think I would pick Sophistikat, or an eclectic mixture like the last picture.

  283. Allison Y says

    Love the lattice pattern… Looking for something to put in my garage to designate a workout area, this would work great!!

  284. Leslie L says

    I think I would pick the one under your piano….or “Fall In Line”. After Christmas, I have a week off from work, and I’m going to be re-doing my bedroom in more soothing colors than I currently have, and that would ‘finish it off’ perfectly.

  285. says

    great giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try FLOR out as a carpet source … I love the More Rockin’ pattern, but would probable end up choosing something like Soft Spoken since our house isn’t really set up to handle such a bold statement rug :)

  286. Lianne says

    They are all so cute (and their catalog is so cute!) but i have to say that the soft quartz would be perfect for the hubbies soon-to-be created
    “man cave” :)

  287. Courtney Jo says

    I love all these ideas. The soft sisal idea is really cool. Merry Christmas!

  288. Emma says

    I went to their site after seeing your original post thinking I would get just what you did, but now, I don’t know!! So many great options!

  289. Lynn says

    Gah! I love the Sophistikat but also think the ebra stripe would be oh so fun. Thanks Layla!
    Merry Christmas!

  290. Kimberly says

    Wow, so many options to choose from! I think my favorite is either Suit Yourself or Soft Spoken.

  291. JillMichelle says

    I would LOVE to win! We are in the middle of moving and these would help us kick start the restoration of a new house. I just have to pick the house out before I pick out the tile designs!

  292. Heather says

    I am obsessed with sisal rugs, but my husband likes comfy cozy ones. The Suit Yourself pattern sounds like the greatest compromise! We just moved into an older home with awesome reclaimed gym floors, and I’m dying to get a big area rug in front of our couch. Flor tiles would be fun!

  293. ERIKA says

    I looked at the tiles after your last post – I can see where the addiction would come from! I think I would choose something neutral with a simple pattern like the one you choose but that chevron pattern picture you posted above is DARLING!!!

  294. Brenda says

    We went to FLOR in Atlanta this morning and ordered 28 carpet tiles for our master closet project we’ll be working on next week. Came home, saw your blog and realized we ordered the same tiles you have. Obviously you have good taste! I could find a place for 30 more if I was lucky enough to win though. The people at the store were very nice and helpful too.

  295. says

    I love yours and A tisket, A tasket!! Love love love!! We are wanting to put wood floors in our downstairs & this would be perfect for the living room!! Thanks so much!

  296. Joanne Mathis says

    I recently received the FLOR catalog and I am in love with so many of the styles! I hope I win so I can put some in my dining room!!

  297. Katy Lyons says

    I would be soooo happy if I won! I have quite the crew of animals and I have had floor tiles previously and they were perfect for us. Right now I have all tile floor because I live at the beach (Tybee) and I need some carpet in my life ;) Thanks for all of your wonderful blogs!

  298. says

    What a great giveaway! It would be so hard to choose, I’d have to get my hubby’s opinion. I really like the soft quartz right now! Thanks!

  299. says

    We have been looking for good flooring for the corner of our playroom. Right now we have a very ratty rug and have thought about using FLOR tiles there instead.

  300. says

    That was so fun to look around. I would use them in my living room as an area rug, so I like the patern ones like “40 wink” or “more rockin pattern”…..although if I won, I may have a really hard time actually choosing which one I like best.
    Merry Christmas TLC!!

  301. Ryan Whisenhunt says

    I think the Shear Indulgence in either Essex Blue or Suffolk White would be fantastic! It’s so hard to choose though – I love the one you guys chose for your house too. Any of them would be fantastic – we just put in dark hardwood floors, and this would be a very welcome addition to the nursery, which is still a bit sparse (our first baby is due in February)

  302. Sarah T says

    Those FLOR tiles are a great solution to your living room. Looks so nice! So, of course, I’d love to win some tiles! :)

  303. Katie abel says

    I lurve the sphistikat in navy! It would be perfect in our living room. Merry Christmas Kevin and Layla

  304. says

    Could so use this for our livingroom or dining room. We are in need of some rugs. I love the look of the Shear Indulgence.

  305. Desiree says

    Love this! If I’m not the lucky winner, I may have to just buy some of my own. I have thee perfect spot in mind and 8 x 20 is what I need!

  306. says

    I looove FLOR carpet tiles. I have been lusting over the sophistikat pattern for quite sometime now, but haven’t been able to afford it. Here’s my chance!!

  307. Kari says

    These are so fun! I looooove all the choices…but I think for my own home I’d be tempted to mix the patterns/florals/solids like the woman in your post. I’m buying a house soon so I would LOVE to get to put these in my new little space.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  308. Laurie says

    I would use them to re do my basement room…the carpet there is ruined and I’m trying to figure out what to do for flooring. These could be the answer!

  309. says

    Oooooh! I love this giveaway! I spent way too much time looking at FLOR’s website. I just couldn’t decide. But if I had to, I’d go with the mix and match style you have above.

  310. Michele O says

    What a great idea! So many choices, but I really like force field and home movie.

  311. says

    I’m hoping to put hard floors in the bedroom here and need a rug under the bed. The Soft Spoken would be perfect.

    Thanks for the chance and have a lovely holiday!

  312. says

    I have the Sophistikat tiles in palm as a runner in my hallway. I would love the experiment with the diamond shapes for my dining room. Thanks!

  313. Sarah T says

    Well…now I’m probably disqualified. :( I made a comment earlier and thought I was commenting on the FLOR site too. Oops! I really like the ones you have picked for your house. Style: Suit Yourself
    Color: Flax

  314. Laura V says

    I would LOVE to win the FLOR tiles. Im in dire need of an area rug in my living room right now. Id love to have the blue and white one pictured above !

  315. melindat says

    I have had my eye on these FLOR tiles for quite some time…love your style.

  316. says

    Very funky- and classy too! Would be fun for a kids space… I doubt its open to Canadians, but, thought I’d post anyhoo because they are fun!

  317. says

    Oh I would so pick the FLOR pattern “Easy Chair” and put it in my living room. Thanks for chance to win.
    Merry Christmas!

  318. lauren says

    would love the suit yourself tiles – we so need to take up the carpet in our boys’ room!

  319. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    We have been considering putting floor tiles down in our basement….the kids spend so much time down here….the WII and our eliptical is down there….I had no idea there were so many choices! Wow. I love suit yourself, fall in line and ups and downs…..I would have to draw out of a hat!!!! I am anxious to hear how your tiles fair after so time and wear and tear!!!!

  320. KRS says

    What a great giveaway. I’ve been looking at these for a space in our house and just can’t decide. So many lovely options.

  321. KimberlyJ says

    I LOVE those! I’m going back to look around their website but so far Filagreed is my favorite.

  322. Lisa says

    I LOVE FLOR! I’ve been “stalking” FLOR tiles for years now, and would love to put some in my home! Great post!

  323. Bonnie says

    Great flooring solution. I’ve been looking at FLOR tiles for some time now, and love how they”re recyclable. Really like the Love Ewe pattern, and Lamb Cord.

  324. Kim H. says

    oo so pretty! There’s too many to choose from, but I do like the sisal! Thanks!

  325. Mariah says

    I’m a big fan of the Suit Yourself! I could totally see this in my dining room!!

  326. Lori says

    FLOR tiles are great! We got our first rug this fall–a runner in five different colors of House Pet for our long and narrow kitchen. They’re fun and add so much color and interest to an otherwise boring space. If I win I would definitely get the Suit Yourself for my office nook.

  327. Karen O. says

    I love that mix n. match look you’ve pictured with the floral, etc. These look really fun and I’d love to try them in my new home we’re closing on in January! :)

  328. says

    There are so many fantastic options! I can’t decide right now – but I would choose something similar to the color you did. We have an English Bulldog who is fawn and white – so that wouldn’t show his shedding as much! :) Maybe that cable knit sweater print? How cool is that?!

  329. April was in CT now CA says

    I have a few spots I could use FLOR tiles in and would love to win this! I really like the look of Suit Yourself, very versatile!

  330. Jillian B says

    Man oh man! I LOVE Flor! I have always wanted a mix and match rug, with Toy Poodle, House Pet, Fez, Twist and Shout, and others in shades of green…. *sigh*

  331. Jentri says

    Pick ME! I desperately need a rug under my dining table. And FLOR tiles are perfect!

  332. Bernie says

    “Yeah Baby”! (that’s the name of MY new carpet…..Thank you (in advance). or makin waves, or the cable knit on I already forgot the name of. Marry Christmas!

  333. Regina says

    I like the one on your post that is turquoise strips. That would be great in the cottage. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  334. gina says

    Have seen these many times and love them. Belive HGTV used them in one of the Dream Homes a few years ago and i remember looking at the FLOR site for hours. You are right about so many options….it would be hard to choose! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win. It’ll be fun deciding what room to spruce up! Love the sisal look you chose!

  335. Karen says

    Many beautiful choices, but I would probably choose Mod Zebra II. I like the funky look!
    Thanks for introducing me to these. I definately want to give them a try.

  336. Kate says

    Hmm… I love the Souk Chic rug, but I also really enjoy “Easy Chair” and “Arabesque” :)

  337. stacym says

    I love how your floor turned out! And I really like the thick and thin pattern!

  338. Jackie Foster says

    You could go on this website and browse for hours ~ Everything from the patterns to the array of colors get your creative juices flowing.. Its amazing that you can create a one-of-a-kind rug on any budget!

  339. Margie Paetzold says

    I’m obsessed with this flooring! Especially for our long thin floating living room that we haven’t been able to find an area rug for.

  340. julianna says

    Ooohh, it would take me hours to pick between all the styles I love. I hope I win!

  341. Shannon says

    I really like Velvet Rope in Celery. It would look lovely in my living room!

  342. StephanieB says

    I would LOVE to win this for our new house! I don’t think I can pick just one type until I’m forced to! So hopefully I’ll win! LOL!

  343. Claire says

    I have a rectangular concrete spot in front of my back french doors where this type of carpet would look PERFECT. What a great idea! Thanks, Layla.

  344. Tammy Eblin says

    Love these! I NEEEEEDDDDD the black and white Filigreed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  345. Ashley says

    I love this idea! I love how the sisal looks in your space and I think I would go with that one as well- we just bought our first home and have been struggling to figure out what to put in our breakfast nook, but this is so perfectly neutral while still bringing a lot of texture to the table!

  346. jan says

    I’ve been oogling the martha stewart rug since spring. We just finished with new floors and I’m saving up to get that rug. The colors are perfect.

  347. Cyndi says

    Just a few days ago I figured out my FLOR order, before this post. It would be so great to win the tiles. I want to tile the entryway into my kitchen. It’s were everyone comes in including the dog. Shoes and boots pile up. I currently have a hodge-podge of rugs. I’ve picked persimmon as the color which would be the perfect accent to my kitchen. I look forward to having a nice entry that looks planned and welcoming instead of haphazard. With a nice solid area of FLOR tiles my dog could do her happy dance without having to jump from rug to rug to avoid slipping on the bamboo floor. I’m also seeing other projects in the future…..

  348. kelley says

    i’d go sisal! I’ve been wanting a sisal rug for our sun room for years but can’t afford one… this would be quite the Christmas gfit!

  349. Sara Seaward says

    Every January I pick a project around the house. I called it “The Hidden Days”. As much as I love Christmas, part of me also can’t wait until it’s over so I can tackle something new and fun. Yes, I feel a little guilty about that, but I keep it to myself! Anyway, this January it’s going to be my laundry room. I spend so much time in there and it absolutely depresses me. I have a vision for it already, and the Flor “Flats and Cords” in the color Glaze would be a perfect fit in that vision! Here’s hoping I win! :-)

  350. Trena says

    The FLOR tiles would be great for my living room. I have a 10 month old baby boy and a Pekingese pup so cleanup would be easy!

  351. Pammy says

    So many gorgeous colors – it would be really hard to choose.
    Likin’ a lot of the lighter tones of “Feelin’ Groovy”, maybe edged with a row of “Just Plain Folk” – I’d have to see them all together I guess . . .

  352. Ellen S says

    I’ve been thinking about those soft spOken for my family room rug. 30 tiles would be just the right size!! :-)

  353. Alexis says

    I love the sisal – it would be perfect for my dining area. I went over to the website, and now there are too many options to choose just one. Great giveaway!

  354. Jennifer says

    I love toy poodle! This would be great in my family room…can’t decide on a color though!


  355. Hanna Foster says

    I was just looking at their website and loving so many of the tiles….dreaming up lot’s of possibilities!

  356. Michelle says

    Been looking at “Suit yourself ” in Raffia for the living room. Need something doggie proof. Would love these more than anything #carryoutsideandwashoffmistakes!

  357. Jen says

    I love the sisal and all the Martha Stewart designs.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    Merry Christmas!

  358. janie lapierre says

    These are great! I was looking for these a few years ago and could not find them!

  359. says

    Wonderful giveaway! I’d choose the Shear Indulgence for our bedroom. That looks like a cozy way for your feet to begin their day. :-)

  360. Eryn says

    Wishing you guys a very Happy Holiday! Thanks for entertaining and inspiring me all year long! Xoxo!

  361. Jackie says

    I just ordered a Flor catalog yesterday! It might cost more, but I think it would be worth it in the long run. We need to cover our bedroom floors, and I think the Flor tiles might be just the right thing!

  362. Bev says

    I already checked out their website and I like what you have. I also like something in a blue or even a green. Alot of choices.

  363. Melissa Gardner says

    You’ve opened my eyes to a new flooring possibility! I need to pick something out for my newly finished basement!

  364. Sharon says

    We are planning on using Flor tiles in our basement when we finish it. Love them!

  365. Alicia says

    I would love the Rake Me Over in Teal or Breeze for the nursery we need to start assembling!

  366. Leticia Barnes says

    This stuff is awesome thank you so much for sharing this great product with us. If I won it would go in my craft room that has a cold ugly concrete floor.
    This is what I would pick if I won :

    Style: All Square

    Color: Purple

  367. Jennifer says

    I have the perfect place for some Lattice tiles. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway!

  368. says

    Woot! Woot! What a fun giveaway!! 30 tiles is HUGE! I’ve always liked Souk Chic and More Rockin’ 1. But be still my heart with Cut Flowers and Sophistikat! Thanks for a fantabulous giveaway!

  369. MaryKate says

    I would love something fun and funky for the playroom (and I love that they are so easy to clean or swap out!!!)

  370. Heather K says

    I want to make an area rug for our living room after we put in our hardwood floors. I really like the stripes.

  371. Susan says

    I love the look of the Lamb Cord in the warfedale white. I love that you can replace sections if needed.

  372. says

    Boy am I glad you introduced me to FLOR Carpet Tiles. This is just what I need in my studio. I am really interested in the House Pet…these look very durable and would be great in my studio. I especially love the fact that if I mess up one tile, all I need to do is replace ONE tile. Perfect for me!

    I’d LOVE to win this giveaway…30 tiles would be just enough to cover the non-paint area in my studio.

  373. says

    Oh…I love these…and I too would love to use them in every room in my house! The “sisal look” one is my favorite…

  374. katy says

    I’ve had my eye on the Soft Spoken tiles for a while. Love your sisal ones too though!

  375. Lori says

    I loved the Just Plain Folk mixed with the Lanyard. It was displayed in what looked like a playroom. Looks great!

  376. Pam M says

    I’ve got my eye on Best of Both Wools (Suffolk Stripe) for our dining room. How fun!! There are sooooo many choices.

  377. Tori says

    I am swooning over the Full Kilt in Lake! I love the idea of this in a dining room. If there is a spill, it’s so much easier to take care of. The colors and patterns are great!

  378. Terry says

    My son and I have been toying with the idea of using carpet tiles in his bedroom, so I really appreciate your post and comments. Now I’m also thinking of using them on our hardwood kitchen floor!

  379. Ellen says

    I’ve seen these Flor tiles a few times now and I think they’re great. We desperately need some for our little ones nursery, just can’t afford it right now. At the moment it’s a tie between toy poodle in cloud and the flats ands cords in buttercream, but they are all great. Oh and I love how your space looks with the new Flor. I bet it is so wonderful to have a special place to make music with that beautiful piano :)

  380. says

    I need these for my offices! already played around on the Flor site after your original post and my faves are the ones you picked – Suit Yourself!

  381. Donette Zempel says

    I would love the “suit yourself” in our dining room. I have yet to find a rug that I love AND that we can afford, so it is just our table on the hardwood floor, and boy does that area get dusty/crumby! I think this would be a perfect solution!

  382. Rebecca says


    I visited their web site and found several I want to order samples of for our bathroom. Part of it is carpeted now and it needs replaced.

    I will try for the giva away but either way I will be looking into this product.

  383. Laura says

    I like Lasting Grateness, but there are so many good ones it is hard to choose.

  384. Alisa D. says

    Can I pick two favorites — Lasting Grateness in White and the Suit Yourself that you picked. I love the idea of FLOR tiles!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!

  385. Grace says

    I love your blog and these carpet tiles too! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!!

  386. Karen says

    I have been looking for a wool rug for my living room. I would like to get a light color, but have hesitated because I entertain often and many of my guests have small (messy) children. The Shear Indulgence would be perfect – warm, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

  387. joanne ledbetter says

    Perfect for my busy (and messy) family of 5! Please help me replace the old dirty berber with this beautiful product.

  388. Gretchen Stein says

    Love these – what a great cocept. I have swung by the website several times – I really like the sisal option – I actually like “suit yourself” for the room I have in mind. Thanks!

  389. Bonnie says

    Love the suit yourself! Would be perfect for my foyer in the rafia color! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  390. Pam says

    I think I’d choose the Suit Yourself (cause I see how fah-bu-lus yours looks, I might would choose the rafia color, but that flax looks sooooooooo good!

  391. charlottekady says

    i have made myself a nice hot, strong latte and am absorbed in the flor website. I have many places to use these….

  392. says

    What an awesome giveaway!…so many I like would have a hard time deciding….really love the sisal too!!!!

  393. Patty K says

    I would love the Lamb Cord in Suffolk White =)…thanks for the great giveaway!

  394. Mandy says

    So cool, I could use in my new house (: All laminate and tile but sometimes your feet need a softer break (:

  395. Eileen says

    I love the pattern and color that you chose. I can think of several rooms in our house that are calling out for FLOR tiles!

  396. JulieW says

    It’s so hard to choose but the ones that make my heart sing are Arabesque for my living room and Shear Indulgence for my bedroom.

  397. DiLoreto Lorraine says

    I love the Filligreed or the Lasting Grateness or the Road to Damaskus!

  398. Sarah says

    I’ve been obsessed with this website ever since your post. I rent so finding a carpet to work with a space that could be flexible once I move is a must. Hence why it’s going on two years and still no carpet. This looks like my solution. I would love to try fall in line celadon with toy poodle seafoam as a half block edge. Either that or the Martha Stewart collection your feature would be awesome too!

  399. Sara Cagle says

    These are so much fun!! I love what you chose, it looks beautiful! My choice would be Suit Yourself in Flax,

  400. Edwina says

    Awesome giveaway-thanks Layla! I’d want to order swatches to be SURE but I’m leaning toward Twist and Shout in Rose….

  401. DLG in Mich says

    I would love to make a new area rug for under my dining room table out of the Thick & Thin pattern in blue and brown. With so many options though, it would be difficult to choose!

  402. Amanda says

    I’d love to win the same ones you have except in the Raffia color. Great giveaway!

  403. Lorri says

    I would love these in my dining room. We’ll be laying laminate starting Monday and these would look great in there. Thanks for the chance to win.

  404. michelle says

    ups and downs or rake me over. would have to chat with hubby about it before our final decision. very cool. thinking of putting them on our lino floor in the laundry room…..would be very cool!

  405. Brandice says

    It would be so difficult to choose but I really like the Milliner style! They are all pretty great.

  406. Janet - Louisville, Ky says

    Sisal soft spoken for me. I have pondered on it for months now just afraid to take the plunge not actually seeing it down.

  407. Heather Regan says

    Oooh Oooh Oooh, I’ve been stalking these tiles for a while now. I would love ‘soft touch” in ‘sugar’ to cover my 1890’s bedroom floor. It’s chilly up here in MA and toasty toes would be wonderful in the AM. Thanks! ;-)

  408. Megan says

    How would I ever decide??!. All Square….I love it. I like Lattice too, though. And Suit Yourself. Or actually, for something out of my usual comfort zone Reoriented in lavender under my soon-to-be olive green midcentury sofa. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  409. Amy says

    I love Souk Chic, but also think a solid or stripe would be great in my boys’ room!!

  410. Liz M. says

    What a great giveaway! It would be a toss up between Ups and Downs in Tan or Suit Yourself like yours.

  411. Heidi says

    What a creative way to cover a problem spot! I have been looking for a rug for my bedroom and and been lurking around the FLOR website – they have some great designs.

  412. Becky D. says

    Love the Filligreed! Would go great in our bedroom and more importantly hide pet hair from 3 black animals!

  413. Victoria Porter says

    I have been admiring FLOR tile for a while nowI have seen them used on HGTV and have been to the site many time. I’m a traditionalist so I would have to go with something like Twill Ride in Chocolate/Pecan…seriously, who wouldn’t want chocolate pecan on their floor!

  414. Eric says

    Oh, I would love some Flor, but it will take me a little while to narrow down which one I want most….

  415. Rae says

    OOOOOhhhh I want to win this sooooooooo bad. I need something in my dining room under the table and this would be perfect. Love your blog and following you guys, you’re such a cute couple!

  416. says

    I would LOVE to win. I need a new rug and have already been to the FLOR store so I am wishing for a new one! I would have a hard time choosing between sophistikat and soft touch. LOVE them both!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  417. Andrea says

    It would be so hard to choose if I won, but I really like the look and sound of Shear Indulgence!

  418. Sara H says

    Man I would love some sisal tiles!! I’ve got a big ol’ coffee stain on my rug now, so it desperately needs replacing!!

  419. Allison R says

    I would love these for our “new” house on Capitol Hill! I’d chose the Lasting Greatness tiles for under our dining room table. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  420. Leanne says

    I have to replace the old wall-to-wall carpet in my super tiny craft room/office (no hardwoods underneath… boo hoo) and I was literally JUST drooling over “Suit Yourself”! I’m in love with the aloe color. The Flor tiles would be perfect since the Hubby and my 4 month pregnant self will be doing the replacement!

  421. whitney says

    i like “suit yourself” or “tisket, a tasket” for a clean / long-term rug in a neutral color. it would be perfect in my dining area under my farmtable!

  422. Sarah says

    I love FLOR for its versatility- how fun to have so many options from one pattern. The sisal is really beautiful, and I’m digging on the modern mix, checkered past, easy chair. So much to choose from!

  423. Shayne says

    I would place this in my dining room! Love the linen Suit yourself and the lattice pattern.

  424. Leslie says

    Not sure which design(s) I would choose. Redoing my basement for the teens so I would love something bright, fresh and fun. And if they get a little carried away, it would be so easy to clean. Thanks for the great giveaway. And great ideas too. Have a happy holiday!!

  425. Beth N. says

    Love to try this type of flooring with our five dogs! We are so desparate for new carpet! I love either the Lamb Cord or the Modern Mix. Both look awesome :)

  426. Ann says

    I would love to update and replace the rug in our family room with the Family Tree tiles in either licorice or almond. Very pretty!

  427. Gale Starnes says

    I love the velvet twist or the black and white, and I really would love this for my kitchen…I have 80’s linoleum…yuckky, I know…but this would cover a great portion of it nicely!!! I thank you for a super nice giveaway! Christmas blessings~Gale

  428. says

    OHMYGOODNESS! I love these carpet tiles. I must have spent hour trying to figure out which ones I love best. Guess I’ll have to go back and look some more. LOL This are perfect for me as I have either hard woods or tile in every room in my house and I really need to soften the room a little. Thanks for introducing me to this website.

  429. sarita says

    i went to the site and found – easy chair – but it was discontinued – so i really like the shadow play also..what fun tiles these are!!
    thanks for the chance to win some..would make a pretty “rug” in front of my sliding glass doors..Merry Christmas to you and Kevin.

  430. Kelly says

    I would probably choose a pattern, like the lattice. I love texture but not too much color and am in need of a new floor covering right now… :)

  431. Linda says

    I have been looking at rugs. I like the sisal “suit yourself” and the way you layed the tiles. The Flor site is interesting.
    I love it in your living room. Thanks for sharing.

  432. says

    I am soooo excited for this giveaway….I have sooo many I like,… thick and thin,…short shag….etc…It would be sooo much fun to pick out some!!

  433. Kara Beard says

    I love the FLOR tiles. We’ve been looking for these in our schoolroom and basement! Merry Christmas!

  434. Brigzorn says

    Ive been looking at rugs everywhere for our master bedroom. I think these Flor tiles would fit the room perfectly. Fingers crossed! Thanks for this awesome give away.

  435. Joyce Carr says

    You find the most interesting items for your home. The carpet squares are wonderful. I’ve never seen them before. I took a quick look at the website and think “Soft Spoken” would go well in our new family room.

    Thanks, Layla.

    Joyce Carr

  436. Joy H says

    I love these tiles!! I think it would be totally fun to use the suit yourself tiles. They have so many different choices and styles.

  437. Amanda says

    I honestly love the mix and match look. I’ve been looking for a rug for my dining room, and the Flor tiles would be a great solution!

  438. says

    I just became your 9000th google friend. Holy!!

    I would love to win these floor tiles. We have a big room with a concrete floor that could definitely use a little carpet to warm things up!!

  439. Leslie says

    I just opened two boxes of Flor tiles — LOVE ‘EM! I chose House Pet Gecko (kind of a teal color) and Turtle (red/black) and made a checkerboard out of them for my mudroom. House Pet is perfect for indoor/outdoor or mudrooms. I am also contemplating creating a Feelin’ Groovy runner in Red and Ginger and I need to cover an 8 x 11 spot under my dining room table, too! Love Flor – have had this product before and it wears well over time, stays together and is easy-care! You picked a great product!

  440. Katie Bradley says

    Love that Sophistikat and the trellis-like design in the Martha Stewart line!

  441. says

    I’ve loved the thick and thins for a while now and this would be the perfect way to add some to my living room! Thanks for the opportunity!

  442. Jennifer says

    Love Flor tiles! So many fun patterns, but I think I would choose the Soft Spoken pattern.

  443. Angela Fritz says

    I am in LOVE with the “stitch in time” rug they’ve got. i want in my bedroom so, so badly! i also like the sisal “suit yourself” for our downstairs living room. so nice!

    merry christmas!

  444. Ashlee says

    LOVE!!! We are getting ready to put hardwood down and have been trying to figure out about what to do for an area rug! These would work great!! Love the navy and white options!:)

  445. says

    I so need these for my bedroom make over that will take place (Lord willing) being for too long! :) I would like something classic and soft. :) Right now I am leaning towards the suit you self in the darkest color they have :)

  446. Barbara says

    I’d never heard of FLOR before but these are perfect! I think I would love Two of Hue in cream in my living room.
    Merry Christmas!

  447. lynne says

    love your website…and the Flor tiles are very interesting concept. I love the filligreed and the Modern Mix…hard to choose from all the offerings!

  448. Laura says

    We are finishing our basement and have talked about Flor tiles. I just love them all but I think I would pick the same thing you have.

  449. Jamie says

    I love the sisal, of course – who wouldn’t? :) But I also love the mag-neat-o, and rockin’ Flor. Super-awesome! What a fun product!

  450. says

    I have loved FLOR tiles for YEARS!! & have never been able to afford them.
    I know exactly what I would get ( the Suit Yourself in Pumice) and then possibly one more for my kitchen.
    My friend has several rugs from them & I have always coveted them!
    Thanks for the opportunity Layla & Kevin!

    Happy Holidays!

  451. Claire says

    I love many of the Martha Stewart designs! It would be so hard to decide where to put them and which ones to choose! I’d probably pick the sisal ones under my Breakfast table! Merry Christmas Y’all!

  452. Jennifer says

    Sisal is a safe pick for me…. But one of these days I’d love to live on the edge! My friends love their FLOR…. I just can’t decide!

  453. Jenni says

    So many choices!! I’d love to be able to make a rug for my master bedroom…

  454. says

    There is something so incredibly happy about the “Rake me over” design. I would get that for the playroom :) Thanks for the chance!

  455. says

    I would love to win these to create an area rug for either my den or living room. Your experience of needing to clean up after a four-legged family member reminded me of my own dilemma with my family’s cat. What a great fix!

  456. Diane says

    I love either All Square or Rake Me Over in Mist. I have been looking for an 8×10 rug for our master bedroom for a while now, and have checked out the FLOR catalog a few times! They have so many great colors and styles that it’s hard to narrow it down.

  457. Stacey chase says

    Love these and will be saving my money in jan to purchase some of the Martha Stewart stripes ones!!!

  458. Kera says

    We are finishing our basement and would love Flor Floor Tiles! I like the Checkered Past in Vanilla/Hazelnut. Thanks for the opportunity!

  459. Anna says

    These are fab! I love the Toy Poodle style and would mix and match an entryway rug!

  460. Amanda says

    I’d actually love the Sisel one! I may even save my pennies to get my own if I didn’t win the giveaway. I’ve been hearing great things about them. As a matter of fact, my school uses them as rugs and they have helped up fabulous. With 500 kids trampling all over them everyday I figure they’d hold up pretty well in my own home!

  461. Lauren says

    I love these carpet tiles. They would be perfect in our irregularly shaped family room. Thanks for the great idea!

  462. Stacey says

    I just got some Flor samples in the mail today to start designing my first rug! So far I think I like the Needlepoint Stripes the best.

  463. says

    I’ve been looking for a new living room area rug for awhile now. A few months back I had looked into FLOR, but have since forgotten about them. Thanks for the reminder! Your enthusiasm for them is contagious!!! I’m liking Sophistikat a whole lot…

  464. says

    I love the Shear Indulgence wool line of tiles!! With kids running around I always try and keep flooring either wood, or wool. Thanks for such a fabulous giveaway offer Layla!

  465. jess says

    i doubt i’ll actually win, but BOY would i be THRILLED if i did (who wouldn’t!) that striped blue/tan/brown layout is fabulous.

  466. Jo Lynn says

    I would love to win this giveaway. I love how you can mix and match. I want to put some under my kitchen table. Thanks!….jlk

  467. Gayla says

    Thank you for sharing your ideas!!! We are in the middle of a remodel/addition with a transition area between two different types of flooring that these carpet tiles would be perfect for. I really like the Suit Yourself in Flax color. Thanks for the opportunity!

  468. Deanna Hollifield says

    After seeing your initial blog entry featuring the FLOR carpet tiles I immediately ordered the catalog! I would love, love, LOVE to win this! My favorite is the mix & match set “In Stitches” in red. *Fingers crossed!*

  469. christina says

    I love these. Just bought a new house and need some rugs. It would be fun to make up our own.

  470. says

    I literally spent an hour at their site trying to figure out which tiles I could use for my living room…. Thanks for that shot of the eclectic rug, that only makes things more difficult because I really like that look!!
    Fingers crossed!

  471. Jennifer M. says

    I’m really liking the “Tendency To Swoon” style in Honey Bun color… but there are so many great ones that it would be hard to choose!

  472. Margo says

    I’m loving “Suit Yourself” or “Lamb Cord”. They are all beautiful so its hard to choose. Thanks so much for sharing such a generous givaway.

  473. says

    I`m really liking mod macrame, or lacebark….in gunsmoke. I spent ages on the site after your fist post, and of course, had to go back for another look!

  474. LaVerna DuBois says

    I would totally do the Sisal Suit Yourself. I would also get more tiles because I’d love to have 12×12 for my space and it’s totally hard and uuber expensive to find a sisal rug that big. (well, it’s out of my budget anyway)

  475. says

    Thanks for a great give away – not sure if we qualify down in Australia but I will enter anyway. I would choose Family Tree in Frost.

  476. says

    I’ve actually considered the ‘suit yourself’ myself! How did you know I’ve been dreaming of these?!?! ;) Perfect Christmas gift! So many great options – mixing & matching would be a ton of fun too!

  477. says

    I love Flor and too many of their designs. Today my favorite is the Warm Welcome.. but that is very likely to change!

    Too much good stuff! :)

    Happy Holidays!

  478. Kim says

    Oh, flor….once you start you just can’t stop. I’ve used it in three rooms now. My favorite is ‘Well Suited’. I’m about to start working on redecorating my bedroom and would love to be able to add in a rug!

  479. Amy B says

    I’m dying to try these in my eat in kitchen area. I have a little one so I love the idea of swapping out tiles if one gets stained because in my house it prolly will. :)

  480. says

    i think my fav would be…..modern mix! now the big decision is whether to build a rug OR use these as the start of a whole area to be floored – oh so many ideas! thanks so much for hosting!

  481. Christy H says

    Love them all-especially the Martha Stewart collection and the sisal one:) Merry Christmas!!

  482. meghan says

    Loving the look of the FLor tiles. We have two dogs–both of which decided my carpet would make a great snack. I would love to be able to try something new, with the ability to switch out any tile that might be chewed on in the future! Tiles are such a great idea!

  483. Dee says

    I was just looking at the Flor website the other day for our upcoming redo of my son’s room. He wants a “rainbow” floor – wouldn’t a carpet tile rainbow be cute?

  484. Tina says

    I love these floor tiles. We have 2500 square feet of hardwood floors. Rugs are so expensive. I love the many options. And the easy replacement of a stained or damaged tile. Hopefully we can add these to the house this spring:)

  485. Amy Borden says

    I have used Flor tiles before and absolutely love them. Our atrium at church is such a high traffic area so we ordered flor tiles so we could just swap out a section if it gets too worn. They have held up great over two years and if one gets gum or something on it then we just replace that one tile and it is good as new!!!! I couldn’t pick a fav at the moment because there are so many that I like!!!

  486. Jesse Moran says

    i love these! i love the all square design in purple. it would go in my studio when i redecorate it this year!!!

  487. Aimee says

    Count me entered in the contest. I now have to fix a floor because we had to rip it out to get at some pipes for the bathroom. BTW, your selection is perfect.

  488. LoriW says

    I have a son who will be going off to college next year so I’m ready to revamp his room. I would love some FLOR tiles. I think I like the Petal Pusher carpet tiles. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  489. Mia B says

    I checked out the Flor website after your first Flor post. Too cool! I love the idea of Flor in the garage. so fancy!

  490. Tia Mackenzie says

    I need these so badly. New dog who has dirty paws .Medium sized boys with big dirty feet.

  491. says

    I L. O. V. E. the ‘Love Ewe’ tiles in Wharfedale White. They would look perfect in our bedroom and help me cope with the cold floors of our 1850’s farmhouse (which we bought at the beginning of December :-).

  492. Holly S says

    I would LOVE to win these – I have the perfect place for them! Thanks for the opportunity!

  493. LibraryGirl62 says

    I can’t lie…I did a little sqeeeee when I saw this! I live in Florida in a house with terrazzo floors and an old dog with bladder issues…I NEED FLOR tiles! Merry Christmas :)

  494. says

    Love Love Love Flor! I drool over their catalog! I like Fall In Line … dig the stripes. But now I’m drawn to that eclectic look of mixing and matching colors, textures and patterns. Awesome!

  495. Barbie Ridley Stover says

    I would dearly love to own this FLOR floor product. It is so much more up to date than wall. A qnatural and warm looking room would be a possibility with FLOR. I would use Just Plain Folk in our study……..great texture would add interest and the Frost color would make the room pop.hope I win.

  496. Allison H. says

    LOVE the Flora Rug Set in the Leaf color, would be so cute in my kiddos playroom! Great idea!!

  497. Shannon says

    Ooh! I would love to win this giveaway! I don’t just want, I need these! We’ve got a very long hallway that needs a runner and I can’t seem to find one the right size. Would also like them for under the dining table and in front of the kitchen sink. Suit Yourself and Sophistikat are two of my favs, but I also like the one with the blue and yellow roses.

  498. Karen Flanagan says

    I really like these, especially being able to change the design or replace a damaged section without having to purchase a whole new carpet! I would use them in my boy’s room.

  499. Kelley says

    I’ve been wanting to purchase some Flor tiles for a long time! Some friends have gray tiles in their entry and it looks great.

  500. Becca says

    I dig the stripes! Thick and thin is my choice if I only get to name one but I really like the eclectic quilt look, too.

  501. Leslie says

    I love your choice of “Suit Yourself” – classic pattern, soothing color works for me!

  502. says

    I LOVE your tiles. I have always wanted to use some. I would use the style Home Movies in my family room but there are so many patterns that I like.

  503. says

    Merry Christmas to you too! I would love a chance to win Line, Please or Mod Macrame. It’s amazing how versatile these really are!

  504. Françoise Lecours says

    I just love FLOR, just got there catalog in the mail …we are planning to renovate my work-guest bedroom in spring and it would be wonderful to win ! Have a great holiday may every body be safe and happy !

  505. Terry says

    I’ve been obsessed with FLOR for years! Just have never been able to pick a style or location. There are too many amazing choices! Today, I would choose the ikat style tiles. It would be fun to switch up the pattern when I get bored!

  506. Judy says

    I think I would choose “Soft Spoke” for the area I have in mind but there are so many wonderful choices.

    • Molly D says

      We have a dog who sheds a lot so we’d need something that wouldn’t show, maybe Full Kilt or A Tisket A Tasket. These look wonderful and now I am considering them for my business. Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  507. Itsa says

    So pretty! I would love to use some under my dining room table. Merry Christmas to you!

  508. Lisa V says

    Those look awesome! I’d love to send them to my son, who just got his first apartment, and needs everything! Thanks for sharing with us, and merry Christmas.

  509. Kim says

    We’ve been looking at these since we had to “unfinish” our basement after a flood. We still want carpet for warmth and these would work great if we did have more water issues in the future. Just pull ‘em up and take them outside to dry!

  510. says

    Oh.my.GOODNESS!!!!!! That website is amazing!!!!! I think I could spend hours on there, dreaming and playing and wishing. So many styles grabbed my attention, but if I had to choose just one….it would probably be the sisal…..just like yours. You really can’t go wrong with a classic, neutral like that. It’s perfect <3

  511. Kate S. says

    The sisal (look #3 above) would look amazing in our upstairs hallway! Thanks Layla! LOVE your style and am constantly inspired with ideas from your site. Keep up the great work!

    Merry Christmas

  512. Crystal says

    Omg I would love to win these! How fun especially since I have all wood floors in my house.

  513. Stacy says

    I have secretly been coveting the FLOR tiles for my living room! After checking the website, I think “rake me over” in Tidal is my favorite, though there are so many that I love!

  514. sarah says

    Oh i just love! These carpat tiles. Perfect for our dining room where messes happen and the kids rooms

  515. Jennifer Officer says

    I like the Suit Yourself tiles. This would be a great option for someone who has pets.

  516. Stephanie says

    I think I would pick the “Suit Yourself” in Aloe for my den. Oooh, I hope I win!

  517. says

    I like “Suit Yourself” I hadn’t thought about it before, but this would be a great option in our basement. I don’t want to replace the stained carpet because I know it will just get spilled on again, but if I can pick one up to clean it, or even replace it….well, obviously this is just great :)

  518. Maggie says

    What a great Christmas present this would be! Thanks for the opportunity. I love either the Sophistikat or the Fall in Line.

  519. says

    I LOVE the eclectic look! We are getting ready to have a baby girl and working on her nursery. I like the pink rose pattern on the website. So I would mix and match those with chocolate brown squares, a light neutral in a different texture, and a fun stripe of some kind!

  520. Michelle BC says

    I love the idea of these tiles! When I first heard about them, I thought they’d be too modern looking for our home. You have showed so many great options — I hope I win!

  521. Dawn says

    I love Flor tiles…. I just can’t decide which to buy. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Happy Christmas!

  522. Tara F says

    Ooh! Thanks for the giveaway!! I actually really like the “Suit your Self” line too. I especially like the wash and wear possibilities. I have three cats and the make BIG messes as I am sure you are experiencing with Kit Kat. Merry Christmas!

  523. says

    Oh, I showed these to my husband the other day when you first posted. They look like the perfect solution for my dining room instead of buying yet another area rug. PLEASE put my name in the hat!

  524. Jess K says

    I checked out their website the other day when you were blogging about your sisal. I love all of the ideas that you had and the ones that FLOR has on their website. But if I had to choose one style, it would have to be House Pet in Chinchilla, Hamster (or Canary) and Chameleon.

  525. Melissa says

    I love these!!! We have a very old house with some odd shaped rooms and these would be a perfect way to cover the floors. What a clever idea and even better it looks good!
    Your blog is wonderful!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  526. Wendi V. says

    I LOVE this idea! Pets and kids can cause major carpet drama, so I especially like that you can replace a square without having to get rid of the whole carpet! There are so many great choices on the website. I like the MOD MACRAME style.

  527. Heidi says

    What a great giveaway. I’ve been looking for a rug for our livingroom and these would be perfect. Merry Christmas! and thanks!

  528. Leah May says

    I love these flor tiles! We just remodeled our entryway and this would be the perfect finishing touch.

  529. cara says

    I have had my eye on the Martha Stewart rugs to create a stripe pattern in my entry way, but those Sophistikat tiles would look pretty awesome under my breakfast room table!

  530. susan says

    I love these tiles. Seeing what you have created, in an otherwise difficult and unsightly spot in your home, I can now see an end to my gross bedroom floor. My 10 x 13 master bedroom floor is plywood with a small section of hardwood. I mean a really small section. This section is nasty too. After 5 years of an unfinished master bedroom, I would love to “install” these tiles. Thanks for bringing them to us.

  531. Liz Johnson says

    I think that they would look terrific in my guest room! I am going for a casual, clean “beachy” look.

  532. Lynn Moore says

    Love the versatility and creativity……can always be changed and explored. Fun!

  533. Amy says

    How cool are those tiles?!?! I love mod macrame in river rock…just what I need in my bedroom! Thanks for sharing!

  534. Cindy says

    Since my garage is badly in need of a makeover, I would go with Working Class in a checkerboard pattern of cool gray and red.

  535. Laurie says

    I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable rug for our family room which is oddly shaped and a resting place for two big black dogs. FLOR floor tiles look like the perfect solution. I love the sisal-like option you chose. Thank you for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!

  536. Marie G says

    I would so love to win this! We are getting ready to tear up our carpet, including the stairs. Ever since I saw a pic on Pinterest I’ve wanted to use Flor tiles on our stair treads.

  537. Christa says

    I have a FLOR catalog and have been trying to figure out what to put in my basement rooms….can’t decide, at all. But aren’t those giant fuzzy buttons they have fun?

  538. Sharon Cunningham says

    I love ALL of the Flor tile pictures!! If I won my biggest problem would be deciding what style to choose!!

  539. Nicole A. says

    Wow! These are great…I love the sisal tiles. I am looking for something for my dining room and entry way. This may do the trick!!

  540. Sarah says

    I really love patterns, I think the reoriented is pretty, but I don’t know if any patterns would go in our house, so I might have to get something neutral.

  541. Tracy Bartonniles says

    Fall in Line (terracotta) O my goodness. saved the FLOR website to my favs…now I shall drool all over the computer! Hope I win! If I do I can burn the blue utilitarian Walmart area rug that seems to just look ugly in my liv ing room! :)

  542. GinaMarie says

    Soooo Cool …LOVE THEM ALL !!!
    I have been trying to find a nice rug for my livingroom forever and I finaly found it and it looks so easy to do ..Thank you so much for sharing . Love #2 .. I think .lol.

  543. says

    I would love to win the FLOR carpet tiles! And 8×10 is exactly the size rug that I’m in need of. I would probably choose a neutral like the ones that you made your rug with. Thanks for the opportunity!

  544. Cathy Armstrong says

    I love the look of the tiles you chose, Suit yourself. I need to replace the carpet in our home, these could be perfect!
    Merry Christmas!

  545. Alana says

    I love these! And I’ve never heard of them. These would be a wonderful addition to our home addition/remodeling project. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  546. Holly says

    I’m loving the lamb cord or the sisal – thanks for an awesome giveaway! 8×10 is the perceft size for under my dining room table :)

    Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!

  547. Betsy says

    Shiny Happy Stripe, Take a Ribbing–and they work together well! What a great concept and what a great website!

  548. says

    We are just moving into a new house and oh man these FLOR tiles would be terrific for our home office. (My hubby and I are both self-employed business owners.) There are SO many wonderful tiles but I think if I won, the Crossroads in a soft gray would be terrific!

    I’ve been an admirer of FLOR tiles for awhile but have never had the opportunity to use them. This would be great!

    BTW I love how you used them in your room…and I love how they showcase your grand piano. (Do you also play piano as I do? Whoo hoo! I have a wonderful grand & because my husband is a Registered Piano Technician, it is always wonderfully in tune and plays exceptionally well! I’m blessed!)

  549. Leanne says

    Hi! Love the look you’ve created under your (beautiful!!) piano. I’d absolutely go for the same sisal ones myself. Merry Christmas to both of you!