Flea Market Wicker Planter & Contest Winners

Remember when I went to the Eastbrook Flea Market in Montgomery with my Mom?
Well, after stuffing our bellies with some of the best Pad Thai I have ever had the pleasure of eating, and after scouring all three levels of the flea market for treasures, we came upon this in one of the very last booths:

I love it’s patina:

And for the time being, (while my friend Jessica is staying here) it’s being used as a place to stow the throw pillows from the bed each night, in the Guest Bedroom:

This one fits nicely on the bottom shelf…

I was also inspired by this photo though…

…and thought about the idea of using it in the Guest Bath, filled up with fluffy, rolled-up bath towels.

It may require cutting a piece of thin wood to size, but then I could also place items like these on the bottom shelf:

Choices. Choices. Gotta love a great flea market find to help get those gears turnin!



Here are the winners of the Craft Magazine Giveaway:

1. Inspired Kara
2. Cottage Rose
3. Shannon @ Silver Trappings
4. Jason and Whitney Powell
5. Drama queens mum

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Happy Valentines Day 2009!
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