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A while back, Heather Bullard and Ki Nassauer invited us to team up with them on a yard stick-themed/how-to article for the 2011 Spring/Summer issue of Flea Market Style magazine. We were shocked/nervous about the opportunity they had presented us with- but several emails, phone calls, and yardsticks later, we managed to git ‘r’ dun, and have a buncha fun to boot.

We were pumped to find a copy of the newly-released magazine at Books-A-Million this past weekend, and we tried like the dickens to conceal our excitement as we ran/walked up to the counter to make our purchase. (Insert a visual of a giddy-yet-completely silent, Dumb and Dumber-esque “We’re really doin’ it Harry!” moment between Kevin and I, here.)

When we got out to our car, (where, once the doors were shut, we could celebrate with actual words- and not just hyperactive hand gestures and Joker-like facial expressions) we found “our” article, and began reminiscing about shooting the photos in our guest bedroom, several months prior. (Insert a visual of us moving every bit of furniture out of the room and into our hallway, reading room and living room for a few days so we could shoot lots and lots of ruler-themed project photos, here.) Crazy, good/nerve-wracking times. What a trip!

Because we weren’t exactly sure what we were doing at the time wanted to give them lots of options to choose from, we sent them approximately 12,997 photos to look at. Here’s one that didn’t make it into the mag…

(Pictured left to right- our nephew Gavin, a window card from Live-Inspired.com, me and my (rocker) Dad circa 1977, another Live-Inspired.com window card, and my Kindergarten photo)

They used an angled version of it instead. (Good thing we sent them 218 angled versions of it to choose from.) I really liked that particular ruler project too. Such a cute idea! It also created an opportunity to sneak in a photo of my little “marshmallow man”. (That’s one of my all-time favorite family photos!)

Here’s another photo that didn’t make it into the mag…

Gee, I wonder why? Ha ha.

Anywho, if you’re a flea market junkie (flunkie?) like us – you should definitely give the current issue a looksie. It’s chock full of pretty pictures, sweet stories, and inspiring ideas. Check out the cover…

Luh. Shuss. NESS!

And before I sign off, Kev and I have been thinking about something that we wanted to run by you real quick. What do you think about some kind of live DIY-related chat? Kev said he could set it up here on our blog pretty easily, and then maybe once a week we could pick a popular renovation or decoration-related topic to chat about with whomever wants to join in. Kevin and I, personally, are always running into questions about various different DIY projects, and it sure would be cool to chat about ’em with folks who have been there, done that- ya know what I mean? Maybe it’ll be a half hour long thing…maybe an hour? We’re not sure about all the specifics, but we thought we’d run it by ya to see if it’s something we should seriously think about organizing. Let us know what you think, and if enough folks are into it, maybe we’ll go ahead and create “The Lettered Chatroom” sometime soon!


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  1. says

    I love the Cindy Brady pigtails in the 2nd photo!!!! A DIY chat sounds great. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of the magazine. Congratulations!

  2. says

    Those photos are awesome! I love the idea of the Lettered Chatroom, I’m sure it would be great to get one on one advice :)

  3. says

    So fun and exciting! I am so happy for you guys! I’ll be heading to the bookstore this week for my issue!
    Live Chat — sounds fantastic! I’ll be there!

  4. says

    Love the chat room idea! And I cannot wait to pick up a copy of FMS mag. Thanks for always
    being willing to help Layla. When I needed ideas for my living room windows, I emailed you and a few other bloggers.
    You were the only one who took the time to even reply to me and helped me get SO many great ideas that I incorporated. Thanks :)

  5. Melinda says

    Congrats on your magazine feature – you two totally deserved it! The chat room idea – wonderful!

  6. says

    Love the yardstick theme!! So cute!

    And yes, a chatroom is a great idea! Or what about a forum where people could post ideas? Too much? I would love a place to interact with all these creative folks!

  7. Lexie says

    Congrats on the feature! I will definitely be picking the current issue of Flea Market Style to see you guys! I saw it at Home Depot this week.

    I would love a live chat, too. You guys are my decorating heroes! Ever time you put up a “Pick My Presto” post, I think-I need to hire you guys to presto my whole house! :)

  8. says

    Jeez, I’ve been wondering when you guys were going to blog about this! I got my issue of FMS this past Friday evening. Standing in line (by MYSELF) leafing through it, I come across your article and burst out with “OH MY GAWD!” — the startled looks from those in the line with me let me know that, yes, I DID in fact say that OUT LOUD! So embarrassing!

    Loved the article, and those projects you did were very cool! I particularly liked the tissue holder and the lidded box. I’d love to try my hand at the lidded box, its such a cool storage idea for the desk area!



  9. says

    Congrats on the article..I picked it up last week at my local grocery store..and I’ve been enjoying it every minute I get a chance. You guys did an outstanding job. You guys RULE!

  10. Demarus S. says

    Layla: Just picked up my copy of the 2011 Flea Market Style in Minnesota…love it ~ you did a great job!

  11. says

    I love the idea of The Lettered Chatroom. I often think of things to try, to muddle through, and wonder if anyone else has figured out a better way. Interestingly, most DIY question boards ultimately have every bit of info contradicted by someone else and just tell you to go buy expensive products. So, something hosted by y’all, would be much better than that!

  12. Ella's Mum says

    Congrats on the magazine article! The lettered chatroom gets my vote!

  13. kathy h says

    So happy for you two! Don’t know you, but feel like I do. You have such an amazing chemistry.. and your fun-ness just jumps out! I KNOW you will end up with a TV show someday!

    P.S. Love the picture of you two rockstar rulers!! Definitely should have made the cut.

    you RULE!! :-)

  14. Terri says

    Good Morning Layla and Kevin!! I saw you yesterday…. in the local grocery … on the magazine aisle!!! :) LOL

    Congrats.. very cool!!!! Terri

  15. claire says

    hey is there any chance of getting the mag shipped to ireland?? – i got the last issue from a friend wud love this one

  16. says

    YES YES YES! Do the chat room thing! I watch you two from afar and you so inspire me and what I want to do with my house that I envision looking like a cottage! LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I have a webtv show with my bff! I think we need to have you guys on! You two are precious!

  17. claire says

    just wondering if its possible to get mag to ireland?? anyone? or anyone want to pick up one and send to me????? please – ill cover costs!!!!

  18. Kristi-WestMichigan says

    I’d love the option to Live Chat with you guys! I never really knew how to sum up my decorating style until I stumbled across your blog one night. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was in love with basically, well…everything I saw. I was so inspired! My mind was buzzing with ideas and plans for our simple 90’s ranch style house we bought last fall. I could imagine all kinds of wall treatments throughout the house, something special for each area. I have a good start but I’m constantly tweaking things to get the feel I’m looking for. I pretty much go straight to The Lettered Cottage for inspiration every day. My husband and I are big DIYers so I try to recreate the feel of an inspiration room or item until I get it right :) I’m so thankful to you both for letting us into your lives and into your beautiful home! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  19. Carolyn R. James says

    I just saw it on the newstand and fell in love with it. Now how do I get a subscription? There were no postcards inside.

  20. melissa says

    I have everyone of their mags so far and I just love the ideas.
    Can’t wait for the next issue.