Flea Market Style – Summer 2012

A winter-white sky presides over what promises to be another crazy day of mess-making and picture-taking, here at TLC. Those two things seem to go hand and hand around here, lately. We’ve been working on a bunch of Fall-themed decorating idea articles for HGTV.com, so my office is currently acting as a photo studio, and we’re up to our eyeballs in all-things orange and autumn. LOL!

But before we break out the camera and corn husks, I wanted to share something that has me walkin’ on sunshine today.

Kevin’s photography in the new issue of Flea Market Style magazine.

I’m really, really proud of him, y’all. His first ever, “contributor” pic appears on page 4…

…and a purple-y pink pic he took of moi appears on page 10…

We had to do a lot of stuff-shufflin’ to get that shot that day, and if you could see the mountain piled up behind the camera, you’d wonder why I was even smiling in that picture- ha!

He also shot the article called, “Little Piece Of Paradise” that starts on page 38…

I’m feeling a bit emotional pasting these pics onto this page right now because although we haven’t talked about it out loud yet, I know how much this opportunity meant to him. I know how much giddy good it did. Like, in a really, deep down, guy-who’s-still-trying-to-figure-out-what-he-wants-to-be-when-he-grows-up sorta way.

I saw it in his energy yesterday as he ran back from the mailbox with the new issues of the magazine in his hands. I saw it in the tender way he turned over each freshly-printed page and smiled when he saw a little bit of his heart displayed there. I saw it all from a distance, and I thought my heart would surely explode as I watched him flip through it for the first time from the room next door.

Here’s to hope, happiness, and havin’ an e-place to save milestone memories!

PS- And speaking of folks who enjoy blogging…

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  1. Angela says

    Hey Layla and Kevin! You two bring sunshine into my life, I just love browsing your blog! Great photography (although with Layla as a subject you can’t go wrong!) great ideas, great inspiration!

  2. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Oh congrats to Kevin….I can’t wait to see his pics of Mermaid manor….I have loved that place (in pictures) since it appeared in Southern LIving……

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Andrea! And I’m thinkin’ your thinkin’ of the house next door to Mermaid Manor (Dutton-Waller), because this is actually the first time MM has been featured in print! So excited for Diane (the sweet homeowner)! 😀

  3. Patty Page says

    Congratulations, Kevin! The pictures are gorgeous! I think I’m going to have to go out and buy a copy!

  4. Jana says

    This post made me smile from the inside out . . . and it reminded me of a quote I just came across this morning, ” A amile is a curve that sets everything straight”. (Phyllis Diller) So thank you, Layla, for making my heart smile today!
    And congratulations, to your awesome man! You both must be bursting with pure delight. I can’t wait to get a oopy of the magazine in my hands!

  5. says

    Congrats on your beautiful pics, Kevin. I really want to shoot my interiors better. I’m good with the close ups but don’t know what to do with window light! Your pictures are wonderful and hope to learn from you soon! Congrats again!

  6. says

    Congrats, Layla & Kevin! I simply adored working with you both! The issue looks fabulous thanks to you both! Let’s brainstorm on what we can do together next! :)
    Stay in touch!

  7. Ter'e says

    I bought my copy yesterday and hadn’t even opened it yet! Now I am so excited…….I want to read and not think about cleaning house and preparing dinner. Hey! brownies are in the oven! That’s enough!!!! I love our Kev. I bet he was adorable.
    You kids make us all so happy. The sheer delight you show, in life in general, just makes me burst my seams and I ain’t even related! Since I live so close now, perhaps I could be an aunt of sorts!!!!!! :-)
    Rockin on………….take that HGTV! Flea Market Magazine sure isn’t tired and full of re-run ideas!!!!! It’s new and fresh and in demand!!!!!!
    YEA!!!!!!! YEA to Layla and Kev! You are rockin on!!!!!!!!!!

  8. says

    That is so exciting! You both have every right to be so proud. We are all proud. It’s so cool that we “know” the person that took those pics in the magazines. hehe

    Congrats to Kristin!!! See you at Haven!!

  9. says

    I am waiting on Kevin to launch his on line photography class for beginners! ??? How much longer do we have to wait? Excited about it! :)
    This was a VeRy SwEeT post.

  10. Suzanne says

    So excited! I picked up the mag in publix last week. Sat down with coffe in hand and practically sprayed it out with a squeal when I saw you and Kevin. Then Dianne Kaufman…we are Tybee regulars and have stayed at both Screened in and Mary Kay’s pad. Awesome job guys, congrats!

  11. Lynn says

    Sniff, sniff. Sooo happy for Kevin and his pretty “model!” The work is lovely and I’m a sucker for couples who respect and love each other
    LOVE like when their success and happiness gets you all warm fuzied more than your own. I can feel it in your writing.
    I am going through a struggle of my own career wise (self created which makes it even worse) and am so grateful for my sweet hub who has the patience of a saint after 24 years.
    Be well.

  12. says

    Congrats Kevin! They are awesome pics! Crazy thing … after I saw your name in the credits, I quickly noticed Dean Riggott’s name — he’s a hometown boy here in Rochester, MN! Though I don’t know either of you personally, I kinda feel a connection!

    Way to go!

  13. Becky says

    Guess where I was at 7:00 this morning? Wal-Mart – to get my hands on a copy of the magazine. I only saw one copy, in a spot for another magazine and I grabbed it! Of course, I wanted to brag to everyone about “Layla & Kevin”. I didn’t mind there was only one other customer in store at that hour; I was GIDDY!!

    After my purchase, I drove to work and sat in my car, going over each page. It was hard to put it down at 8:00 am. (I should have called in sick…)


    ~Becky in CA

  14. Jerri C. says

    This post makes my heart swell. The emotions that pride stirs up are so awesome, especially when we feel it for those we love so much. Congrats to both of you!

  15. says

    Kudos to Kev!

    I just hope you guys know how awesome I think you are! Yous is the only blog that I follow and save in a special folder on my computer! Your talent, chemistry, and all-round positive energy “gets” me every time you pop up in my inbox.

    Kevin is a Renaissance man in my humble opinion! Musician, craftsman, photographer….actor (his video performance). He’s got it figured out…just keep on doin’ what he’s doin’.

    Waiting patiently for his website launch and tutorials!

    Cheers to you both!


  16. says

    Oh, I’ve been pining away to see the new issue on the shelf! Maybe I need to run out tonight and see if it’s in My town yet, as now I’m even more excited! What a rush to see your work published in such an amazing venue – you should both be ecstatic (yeah, I noticed the ‘styled by’ tribute and your photo in the mag too). I think I’d open up with my morning coffee again tomorrow and enjoy that feeling all over again!

  17. Jeanne says

    Congrats to you Kevin! Your photography skills are pretty impressive. You are both so amazingly talented. I see nothing but greatness in your future. Blessings to you both.

  18. says

    So sweet the way you show your love for your man — and so sweet the way you honor is accomplishment! His photos are beautiful — I especially love the light in the staircase. Just beautiful.

  19. says

    Congrats to Kevin! That is amazing. Reading about his reaction made me think of one of my favorite quotes, “Do what you love and bloom forever!” Here’s to “blooming” more, Kevin!

  20. says

    So very happy for both of you. I’m loving this whole look, the photos are a call to action… Go to the flea market make your home unique and special find those hidden treasures.. Love it all! Congrats, my heart is overflowing for ya! :)

  21. says

    Congrats! I love that magazine and haven’t picked this issue up yet…definitely will be now. And I agree with many of your commenters, the love you share is awesome! We are honored to get a peek at it;)

  22. Janny A. says

    Congratualtions Kevin! The pictures are beautiful! Layla you have a way with words that touches my heart everytime!
    I love to see those moments in my husband too!

  23. says

    How wonderful for Kevin and for you! I’m especially moved by your loving tribute to him and it’s easy to see how proud you are. Well deserved.

  24. debbie rodriguez says

    Layla, the way u describe watching Kevin from the other room, and how it made you feel watching him, well, i will just say i love the way you love Kevin. :)

  25. says

    Congrats to Kevin on the AMAZING photos of Mermaid Manor and the Flea Market Style mag…the ladies at Seaside Sisters/ Tybee Island,GA just LOVE you two…you make cottage-living CONTAGIOUS! Stop in and see us next time you are on our little island…we’re sure we have some great things for your next lil project! See y ‘all soon!

  26. says

    That is wonderful! I am so happy that you guys get to do what you love and so happy that Kevin had a dream come true. It’s special to “witness” it and I can only pray that it continues! You guys make an awesome team!

  27. says

    You and Kev make the perfect team. His incredible pictures and your gift for writing go hand in hand like Oreos and milk!

  28. says

    Kevin, congrats on your publication. The photos are wonderful and the one of the curved railing and staircase make me think how I could squeeze such a delight into our own home. Kudos.

    Layla, the pride for and support of your hubby are refreshing, honest and real. Thank you – this is one of my favourite posts.

  29. says

    Could you two be any cuter?!?!?

    Huge congratulations to you, Kevin! What an amazing way to have a dream become reality. Good job!

  30. says

    Pass the tissues please. I so get it Kev…awesome! I just picked up my camera again this past year and it was like someone turned a little light on in my heart. Love all you do Kev:)

  31. says

    Cannot belive I missed this post, oh & I always ask for a flea market mag to be posted to OZ I am very un organised this year!!
    Well I am so pleased for you guys to be featured & pictures look great, also Layla you look gorgeous. :)