• Flea Market Shutters & Frames

    What do you get when you find two dark smoky bluish-gray shutters, for $12 a piece?

    Jewelry for your oversized mirror, of course! :-)

    Kevin (“Mr.LC”) has been begging me to “accessorize” the walls on either side of the big mirror in our Living Room for loooong time. And I was all for it, because it looks so lonely to just stick one flat object, up on a ‘sea of wall’…

    But until now, I just hadn’t found the perfect, inexpensive way to do it. Gotta love the versatility and charm of old shutters!

    I love the dimension the louvers create…and their color is just the direction I want to move in palette-wise.

    No more navy blue (I’ve already re-painted the coffee table legs black). Now I’m thinking more smoky grays, light dusty grays, espresso browns, khakis, blacks, ivories and whites for this room. There’s a reason I’m drawn to monochromatic color schemes, and I’ve decided I’m not going to fight it. I’m going to follow my heart, and let the shutters be my inspiration!

    They hang down a little lower than the mirror does, so we’re going to make a shelf for that area to display candles on, to make it all nice and symmetrical.

    When I saw the slightly chippy, wooden, dusty gray-colored picture frame below marked just $8.75, I snatched it up faster than you can say “patina”…and the two little medium-toned wood ones were just $2.00 each…

    The coordinated beautifully with each other and the rest of our furnishings…

    I immediately took out the artwork that came in them, and they’re now hanging to the left of the fireplace- peacefully awaiting the addition of some of our own art and photography…

    My dog, Maximus, seems to like the new look… :-)

    ‘Til next time,

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