Flea Market Finds – Part 2

Here’s some more of the photos I shot while “junkin” the other day with my friend, Sarah:

BASKET – $5.00

I thought this would look GREAT on the floor, next to a fireplace, filled with white birch logs, like these:

PIE CABINET – $89.00

The patina is to die for!

TALL LAMP – $25.00

I would spray paint the base a creamy white, but leave the shade alone. I love the shade. It’s super tall for a table lamp, and could really make a statement.

PIGEON CAGE – $35.00

Wouldn’t this make a great coffee table? Put on some chunky casters and top it with a thick piece of beveled glass…viola!

PLANT STAND – $19.99

I love that there is a shelf on the bottom. You could put a couple of zinc mesh baskets down there, like the three on the bottom shelf in this photo:

GREEN SHUTTERS – $18.00/for the pair


It’s constructed from real branches. I love it’s organic quality.

HUTCH – $12.95

I could see this painted in any color, maybe bulked up a bit with some extra moulding, and sitting on top of a cute little desk. I found this one online:

Photo Credit


Can’t you just see it painted or stained and each little compartment filled with a tiny little seashell?

SIDE TABLE – $9.99

Painted out and topped with glass, this little table would be so cute next to a big comfy chair! I’m a sucker for anything that has caning on it.

PULLEY – $28.00

RULER BOX – $5.00

I could see this in a cottagey office, on a desk, holding paper clips and push pins, etc.


I think this would make an awesome planter… :-)

SHUTTERS – SMALL $8.00/ea. MEDIUM $10.00/ea. LARGE $18.00/ea.

Remember the ornately carved screen in yesterdays post?

Well, I must be on to something, because I just opened up the newest Pottery Barn magazine that came in the mail today, and look what’s in the corner of this bedroom:

Then, WHILE I was looking at the Pottery Barn magazine, I was also watching “My Parents House” on HGTV, and look what they used behind the TV in their design:

I did find ONE more thing to photograph. It also made its way home with me. I’ve got some work to do on it, but I will post before and after photos tomorrow! :-)


PS…Which of these flea market finds would make its way home with you?

Shabby Chic Double-Wide Trailer
Flea Market Finds

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