Flea Market Find- Linen Press?

A few weeks back, while stolling through one of my favorite flea markets, I came upon this solid wood storage unit…

It was love at first sight.

Poor Kevin didn’t stand a chance of talking me out of getting it. Fortunately, I only had to twist his arm for about 16 seconds before he, too, realized that it needed to come home with us.

The tag on it read, “Antique Linen Press- $79.99”.
(which meant it would actually cost us $86.78 after tax)

So, of course, I asked if I could purchase it for a lower price than it was marked for, and the woman who owns the flea market obliged. (Bless her heart!) I’m happy to say, that it made it’s way into the bed of our pickup truck for $71.99. (which was the price including tax)

Since then, I’ve done some searching online, and I don’t think it’s actually a “Linen Press” (gosh, do I love to call it that though!) and I don’t think it’s actually an “Antique” either. (The “Made in China” sticker on the bottom kinda gave it away) :-)

It sort of resembles a changing table, but I think it’s too low to actually be one. It measures just 28″ tall.

I adore the groupings of little worm holes sprinkled in various places…

…there are even some on the handles of the pull-out baskets…

Even more amazing, ALL of the baskets are in perfect condition (Pretty remarkable, considering the age of this piece. Ha ha) :-)

I sanded it down within minutes of unloading it onto the back patio…

And now it is covered in a smooth & satiny, creamy-white coat…

I made sure not to coat the piece too thickly. I put on several thin layers, so that the worm holes stayed free of paint. By the way, very old furniture sometimes has worm holes. To achieve the effect of worm holes, like they have on this piece, a nail is heated and then hammered into the wood. It creates tiny darkened holes that mimic the pattern made by worms. This is usually done around knot holes in wood to look more natural. Here’s an example:

Classic Furniture PA

Here are some of mine…

Once the paint had thoroughly dried, I lightly distressed the entire piece, to give it some time-worn, cottage character…

It’s now sitting underneath my Dining Room window, ready to be filled with linen napkins, extra silverware, placemats, napkin rings, tablescape props and floral foam.

I’m looking so forward to the challenge of accessorizing the top of it.
I know I want a lamp on it for sure.

Hey! Speaking of lamps, I saw this “borrowed & blue” beauty online the other day for $385…

Cottage Home Maine

It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to re-create. You’d need a wicker-covered jug…

Photo: Vintage Weave

I see them at flea markets and on Ebay all the time. They’re usually priced between $20-$30.

Then you could dry-brush it any color you like (or leave it natural), and purchase a simple lamp-making kit, available at most home improvement stores. Stick a shade on top, and a round of wood on the bottom, and voila! A whole lotta bang, for not a whole lotta bucks! Pottery Barn is selling these lovely specimens for $149.99-$199.99 right now…

I LOVE them. :-)

Well, that’s all for now folks…I wish I could post the fireplace re-do, but Kevin seriously hurt his back the day before yesterday and is having trouble even walking. I really hope he gets to feeling better soon. I hate to see him suffering. :-(

He was halfway done with the fireplace before he hurt his back, and he’s so anxious to finish. When he feels better, he’ll “git-r-done”. It’s looking cottagey-delicious already!


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