Flea Market Find – Footboard

Misti recently posted this photo of a flea market find she scored for $13.00:

My brain kicked into overdrive when I saw the photo.

I was instantly more drawn to the clean lines of the footboard, so I decided to focus on ideas for that piece.

Inspired by these scrumptious chairs…

…I started to think that maybe it could be the top of a giant bulletin board.

…and maybe the bulletin board part could be a thin piece of plywood, or luan, upholstered in old burlap grain sack material.

Like this one:

Since this one is so pricey, (and not the right size, I would HAVE to attempt stenciling the letters and numbers on a regular piece of burlap myself to achieve a similar look. :-)

I’d paint, and distress, the whole thing a creamy, slightly dusty, white color.
Last step- add some nailhead trim where the burlap meets the wood, and presto!

I created a drawing to give you a visual:

I’ve got a few more ideas swirling around in my noggin for you Misti….stay tuned!

Now I’m off to clip some daffodils for my Kitchen. Have you had your “flower fix” today? :-)


PS…Scroll down if you were wondering what the price of the Antique Bed was!

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