• Fireplace Re-do

    When we moved in last October, our fireplace mantle was orange and laquery. (And, yes, “lacquery” is now officially a word in my vocabulary) Not to mention, waaaay to puny. Take a look:

    So I went out and bought a 1×8 pine board and stained it my favorite color- Walnut!

    (Insert the sound of screeching brakes here) Wait. Back up. FIRST, before I stained it, I hit it with a chain and a hammer. Scratched it up with a utility knife and a screwdriver, and poked some holes in it with a nail. THEN I stained it.

    So in the end, it turned out like this:

    Then we attached it to the existing mantle, and voila!

    As for the brick, I’m thinking of covering it with 2×2″ tumbled travertine tiles. Like the ones on the left, OBVIOUSLY!

    I am going to remove the firebox insert thingy, and tile the inside, outside and even the hearth. There a gas line hook up in there, so we’ll have that hooked up one day. Hopefully before gas reaches $7.00 a gallon.

    Now, here’s where ya’ll come in. I’d LOVE to hear your ideas on what I should put on my mantle. It’s so LOOOONG! I’ve just got that picture propped up there now because I haven’t painted our Master Bedroom yet, and I think it’s going to go in there. Don’t quote me on that though. :-)

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