Fireplace Re-Do

I had the pleasure of chatting via email with Donna from the blog “Funky Junk Interiors” . And since Kevin is also redoing our fireplace right now, I thought I’d ask her if I could share her Fireplace re-do here on my blog, and then post ours when Kevin is done. She said yes, so here it is! You’re going to LOVE this! :-)

A massive mantle was created out of “precision board”. They went for a slightly whimsical feel by using a wire brush on a drill. Hand carving and a router were also used to create the look they were after…

After the carving of the mantle, Donna applied layers of paint and glaze to achieve a wood effect.

Heavy, metal corbels were created to cover the previously brick mantle supports. The massive new brackets bring the scale of the mantle down to the perfect proportion.

Donna didn’t care for the square opening in the fireplace, so a curved metal insert was designed. It’s removable, so if she wants to switch to gas at a later date, that will be a cinch…

Next, the measuring process for the upper part of the wall began…

The frame-work was created so the rock could be carried up all the way to the ceiling. Donna chose to use cultured stone, but said you could also choose fiberglass, reinforced hand-carved cement. The stone was placed right over top of the existing brick and on the new frame-work above the mantel…

Here’s an example of the reinforced concrete Donna mentioned. The base was hand carved with the concrete to achieve the look of one solid rock. The result gives the fireplace more visual weight and is easier to sit on as well. The stone was treated to achieve the same color results as the rest of the rock…

Thanks for sharing your talents with us Donna! You and your fireplace are amazing!

PS…Kevin is working on both the Kitchen cabinets and the Fireplace, simultaneously, right now- but hopes to have the Kitchen Tutorial photos ready for me by Friday! :-)

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