• FELLOWship

    Can you see them out there?

    It’s Kevin and our friend (and avid fisherman), Tommy. Apparently misty mornings like the one we had today make for the best fishing, so Kev bundled up and met him by the dock as soon as he arrived.

    I rushed out there to snap that photo of them as they made their way across the lake because I love witnessing moments like that one. I love witnessing my husband being a friend, and I love witnessing people being a friend to him. 

    Kev always says that I’ve “never met a stranger”, and I think that he is definitely one of the sweetest guys in the galaxy, but it seems like the older & busier we get, the more challenging it is to make¬†close friends. Do you know what I mean?

    I think that’s why I love what’s happening in that first photo so much. When I look at into it, I see two people that met less than a year ago, but already feel like they go way back. I see two people being intentional about carving out time to cultivate quality calm together. I see one guy that genuinely loves sharing his trusty old boat, and another guy that’s willing to give fishing a try because he knows this Trip isn’t just about the fish.

    I didn’t realize it when I snapped them on my way home from the lake, but I see connection and growth when I look at into these next two pictures:

    …and if you look real close, you can see those same things up there in that first picture, too. #GoodStuff

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