Fancy Footwear

Holy cow did I get schooled yesterday! LOL!

I had never even heard of most of the shoes that were recommended, but I’m so glad to have Merrell, Rocket Dog, Sperry, Keen, Tom’s, Clark and Simple (among others) on my radar now! Thank you!

Now I just have to narrow down my top 10 favs…

Converse $44.95:

DKNY $59:

BC Footwear $40.50:

Skechers $39.99:

Rocket Dogs $44.95:

Sperry: $74.95:

Keds $50:

Tom’s $44:

Columbia $29.90:

Simple $55:

And get one of these:

Ya know…just in case.

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  1. bertamac says

    Toms are super comfy, but they don’t last long. I had mine for less than a month – didn’t even wear them every day – and they started to get a hole in them. Cute, comfy, good cause, but I’d go with something different.

  2. Amber says

    Hi Layla,
    Wow, that’s a tuff choice! My daughter bought the little Rocket Dog loafers you pictured (hers are navy) and I have to say they are sooo cute! Plus, she says they are super comfy. I’m a big fan of Chuck Taylor’s (they look great with just about everything) but the Columbia kicks you pictured are adorable and what a steal! Happy shopping!

  3. Kristi says

    Toms are very soft but don’t offer much in the way of arch support. Clarks are fabulous on both accounts, but I don’t know that they carry tennies. The Rocket Dogs are super cute. I have a similar pair (different brand) that pinches pretty badly in the heel. In other words, good call on the band aids :) Good luck!

  4. Christy says

    Who knew so many people had opinions on shoes!
    I recommended Simple on the other post (i love mine, have lavender & navy). I also love my Chucks, Famous usually has a BOGO sale for back to school so you can get 1 pair 1/2 off & they sell Converse. I don’t mind my Target One Star Converse, they are cute, lighter weight & comfy, however I wouldn’t use either for a jog. Just casual around town/shopping, etc. they are fine. Sketcher’s has a new line called BOB’s that also donate a pair to those in need like Tom’s, as does Payless. The Payless shoes are not as cute as the Tom’s though, imo. Layla, I think you have entered a whole new world! You just might end up w/several new kicks. :)

  5. shanda says

    I cannot believe you have lived life without a pair of Merrell’s! Or Sketchers, for that matter. You should also try a pair of Earth Shoes. If you are ever up in Muscle Shoals you should go to Austin’s. Unfortunately, they just closed their outlet store, but my MIL says that when Austin’s built their new store they put the outlet store in the back. They carry all these brands and if they do indeed have the outlet store in the back you can get them for less than half.

  6. Mee-Jin says

    I love Converse. One of the headquarters is right across the street from my house and they have a store down the road. You should look into the “slims” . The rubber is slimmer and gives a smaller look. I have larger feet, the smaller the illusion the better.