• Fall Party

    Hey there!

    Just a quick little post to announce the “It’s Fall Y’all” link party series we’re hosting with our good friends Rhoda, Kate and Sarah, starting at the end of next month.

    – First up, Kev and I are hosting a Fall-themed “Mantel” link party on Tuesday, September 27th (PS- if you don’t have a mantel, that’s a-okay! Bookshelves, ledges and those kinds of surfaces count too!)

    – Then Rhoda is hosting a Fall-inspired “Door Decor” link party on Thursday, September 29th

    – After that, Kate is hosting a “Fall Craft” link party on Tuesday, October 4th

    – And last, but not least, Sarah is hosting a Fall-themed “Outdoor Ideas” link party on Thursday, October 6th

    So if you’re planning to blog about any of these types of topics, swing on by on those dates and link ‘em up, Buttercup!

    Happy weekend, friend…hope you have a grrrrreat one!

    PS- We’re announcing all the winners of the Wandawega giveaways on Monday- stay tuned! (Ooh! And there’s still time to enter the Wannagota Wandawega? giveaway! Click here for a chance to win!)

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