• Exterior Motives

    So here it is.

    Our house…

    It’s made out of cinderblocks.
    Yep, that’s right- I said cinderblocks.

    Not the most “cottage-y” of exteriors, eh? My husband didn’t think so either. Fortunately, I was able to cloud his judgment with the repeated use of phrases like, “clad it with some kind of cottage-style siding”, and “paint it a warmer color”, and we made an offer on the place in September of 2007. Our offer was (surprisingly) accepted, and we closed on Halloween.

    I figured I’d start our blog with a post about the exterior of our house, and then ease you into posts about the interior slowly.
    Very slowly.

    Because I’m telling you, the place we moved into was scary.
    Reeeeeeal scary.

    Stay tuned…

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