Exciting news from Blogland and Sindy’s Master Bathroom Redesign

We received a couple of emails from fellow bloggers this week and we wanted to share their exciting news here on TheLettered Cottage.net!

The first email came from our friend Kimba at A Soft Place To Land about her new e-book, “A Very Kimba Christmas”.

For just $8.99 you’ll find five of the most detailed Christmas-themed tutorials Kimba’s ever done!

I just finished reading it, and let me just say, you will definitely be blown away by all the information she’s included and the awesome photography that shows each and every step of all five projects. The book is 72 pages long and there are 180 photos total. Talk about bang for your buck!


The second exciting email came from Roeshel of The DIY Show Off.

After reading about the True Value DIY Drama Contest on our blog, she decided to enter the contest by submitting a video of her unfinished master bathroom. Roeshel wasn’t thrilled about showing the room in its current state, but the space has lots of unfinished, challenging projects that have left her and her hubby stumped.
Well, all her worries about uploading her video have now subsided because the folks at True Value have selected her as one of their top ten finalists!
How insanely awesome!

If you’d like to check out Roeshel’s “DIY drama”, and vote for her to win the $5000 True Value shopping spree and the assistance of a True Value professional to help them finish their master bathroom, click on the badge below and cast as many votes as you’d like between now and December 4th!


Speaking of master bathrooms, here are some highlights from a recent Photo Consultation I worked on for a client named Sindy.
She hired me to help give her budget friendly ideas on how to beautify her small master bathroom. She wanted the palette to coordinate with the blues, browns, whites and woods we used in her master bedroom consultation.
Among other things, I suggested adding some wide, white painted trim around the small windows to give them more of a presence, and to help them feel more intentional, and less like an afterthought.
Vinyl, peel-and-stick wood planks over the existing linoleum would help ground the space and would also inject some old world charm without breaking the bank.
A tiny chandelier, swagged over to the center of the room would add a touch of whimsy…something every little bathroom should have!
A pretty new wall color, completely dictated by (but a few shades lighter than) the blue in the shower curtain would really bring the room to life, and would make all the freshly white-painted baseboards and wide window trim snap, crackle and pop.
Replacing the existing hardware, fixtures, hinges and shower curtain rod with oil-rubbed bronze finished ones would add even more casual elegance. Changes like these can be done over time if you can’t afford to do them all at once. Just take it one fixture or hinge at a time! I like to look on eBay for my hardware/fixtures. You can really find some great deals there.
I suggested finding a local seamstress to add the first letter of their last name to the shower curtain. Little touches like these can really make a room feel special!

Even though in some homes the master bath is a small room, (maybe the smallest in the house) think about how much time you actually spend in there. It’s not like the guest bedroom you never go into. It’s not like the basement you forget is even there sometimes. The master bathroom is probably the first place you visit each and EVERY day, and last place you visit before you crawl into bed each and EVERY night. Not to mention, a great deal of personal time is spent in the master bathroom. Sometimes you’re in there for an hour or two at a time- depending on how long you like your shower or bath, and how much time it takes to “tame your mane” and “paint your face”. :-)
Those seem like pretty good reasons to make sure that even the tiniest of rooms is nothing short of spectacular, right?

Hover your cursor back and forth over the photo below to see Sindy’s “before” photo change to the inspiration drawing I created for her…

Here are some of the items I suggested Sindy use as inspiration when pulling together her room…

Maison De Ville Collection Mini Chandelier:

Matine Toile Shower Curtain:

PB Classic Stripe Towel:

Recessed Medicine Cabinet:

Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Floor Planks:

Chocolate Ticking Woven Cotton Rug:


And in case you’re wondering about the bathroom at our house, Kevin’s got the left “basketcase” finished, and he’s all set to go back to work on the farm table. I cannot wait to have a sink hooked back up again. Not that we ever use it, but it just feels so weird not to have it there! We’re still shooting for November 30th as our finish date for the vanity side of the bathroom. We may have to pull a couple of all-nighters, but we’d love to be done before we leave to drive to Virginia Beach on December 4th.

Have a fantastic Thursday! We’ve got a fabulous guest blogger stopping by tomorrow, and you’re going to LOVE her list of Top Ten Budget-Friendly Decorating Ideas!


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