“Decorating with drop cloth drapes”
April 27, 9:13 PM

Photo: The Lettered Cottage

Drop cloths may be the new decorating rage.
The price of curtains ranges dramatically, and depending on how many windows you have to cover, it can be a big expense.
A thrifty solution is using painter’s canvas
drop cloths as curtains. That is what Layla Palmer of The Lettered Cottage did. Now if I hadn’t shared that those were drop cloths in the photo…would you have known?
⇒ Each drop cloth was a mere $9.99 and measures 6 feet wide by 9 feet tall.
⇒ All four sides come pre-hemmed, so unless you need to alter the height, they are ready-to-hang.
⇒ Wash and dry before hanging. Ironing is optional.
⇒ Easy to customize by adding trim to the edges.
What else you could do with a drop cloth? Table cloth, picnic blanket, or car blanket for those times when you have to change a tire or sit on the lawn to watch a child’s soccer game.
Drop cloths can be found at your local hardware and big box stores (see list below).
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For more info:
The Lettered Cottage
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Author: Renee Christensen

Renee Christensen is an Examiner from Minneapolis. You can see Renee’s articles on Renee’s Home Page.

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