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The Lettered Olive Etsy shop is officially open!
I’ve only got a few Quoteboxes on there right now, but I’ll continue to add more throughout the week. I’ve been battling with a BAAAAD cold and now I have PINK EYE….ugh…so my time on the computer has been limited…..(cough, cough, cough)

I will also be putting another inspirational product I’ve been creating on there next week…and I’m SOOOO excited for you to see it! It’s not only a great-looking home accessory, but will make a FANTASTIC gift too. I should have a photo of it to show you here within the next few days when my custom labels arrive….stay tuned!

Here’s my temporary shop address:

I did manage to get technical support to answer the sixth email I sent them regarding my troubles with So hopefully within the next couple weeks our real site will be up and running.

I’ll keep you posted as that story develops…. :-)

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Notecards &
Martha Stewart and Conan O'Brien

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  1. The Old Painted Cottage says

    Layla, I just checked out your etsy shop. Your signs are fabulous. Will you be offering custom quoteboxes? Hope you start feeling better soon.


  2. Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden says

    Hope you feel better and get all the bugs out of your new site soon!
    Estly shop looks great!

  3. Lauren and Justin says

    layla!! thank you SO MUCH for stopping by my blog :) it is wonderful to meet you… i am going to check out your etsy shop RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  4. PamperingBeki says

    Welcome to etsy!! I LOOOVE it there. I’ve had plans to open my own site, but etsy works so well for me that I haven’t done a seperate one.

    Good luck!

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