Estate Sale Dresser

This darling dresser came from an estate sale just down the street.
I love it, except that it’s knobless. (Is that a word?)
So, let me ask you all, what kind of knobs would YOU put on it?
There’s two places for knobs in the skinny drawer on top, and two places for knobs on the big drawer on the bottom.

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  1. mama2one says

    I agree with the majority…glass or crystal knobs would look wonderful!!

    Can you please post a picture of your windows/blinds? I know there’s a picture of part of the blinds but a bigger picture would be great. I’m having a blind dilemma and you have such good taste. Thanks!!

  2. Lauren V. Hunter says

    Hi Layla!
    First of all,!!!! What a beautiful dresser!!!!
    Wonderful find! Nice job!!
    Second, when I clicked to leave a comment, i was thinking… “simple clear glass knobs, so it doesn’t detract from the beauty of the dresser, and will blend beautifully…” Then!!! Well…seems everyone else has the same idea!!! It seems great minds think alike!! :)

  3. Chezza says

    I am not sure where you would even look but I am picturing hammered flat backs and then dangly ‘doodads’ for pulls. I am not even sure what you would call them.

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