Endless Yard Sale 2009


I made it back!
Safe & sound, and with a backseat full of great junk. :-)

I can’t wait to go again next year!

Susie was just as precious as I knew she would be, and Rhoda was just as much fun as she always is. It was truly a blessing to be in their company. I will never forget that day as long as I live!

Most of the items in this photo are things I purchased on the Endless Yard Sale….

….and all for less than $30! The large sailboat was a gift from Rhoda, and the long twig basket set, red metal pitcher and red & white apron all came from a flea market I visited yesterday afternoon. (I got all three items for just $9.00)

The “tea caddy” style lamp in the photo above was my favorite Endless Yard Sale find. It was marked $10, but I ended up getting it for $8.
The second I saw it, it instantly reminded me of this similar model by Pottery Barn…

I knew I could do something with it once I got it home.

The small silver trophy and two little burlap sacks came from the same Endless Yard Sale vendor. I got all three items for just $5.00.

The tiny white sack with red stripes (perfect for my kitchen) was just 50 cents. (Thank you Susie!) :-)

The spools were $1.00 each, and I plan to use them as candle holders.

The white ceramic candle holders (perfect for the entertainment center in our living room) were $5.00 for the set of three.

And the last thing I bought, for $3.00 was this vintage rubber stamper. It will look great in my office…

The most priceless treasure I came home with though, was one that didn’t even cost me a penny. It’s a renewed sense of what friendship is really all about. The experience reminded me that you don’t have to be the same age as your friends. You don’t have to have the same view points or opinions as your friends. Heck, you don’t even have to have the same decorating style! Friendship is really just a beautiful blend of trust, support, communication, loyalty and understanding. And much like your home does, your true friends make you feel comfortable about who you are.

But the most important thing I was reminded of is that one must be a friend to have one. Each of our friends have problems they need help with, secrets they can trust us with, and exciting news they want to surprise us with. It’s so important for me to remember to meet my friends’ needs, just as they always meet mine. Thank you Rhoda and Susie (and Mom, Sarah and Jessica) You’re all brilliant, shiny women and your friendship means the world to me!

Now, without further ado, here’s the video I shot while shopping the Endless Yard Sale…hope you enjoy “saling” with us!

Accessories for bookcases = $170, Finding your Enthusiasm = PRICELESS
It's 5:11 am

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