Emily’s Wall-to-Wall Fireplace

Hi! I had fun pulling together some design inspiration for Neighbor Gayle’s daughter, Emily, this weekend and thought I’d share it here today in case anyone else is on the hunt for the same kind of inspiration.


Emily and Family

Emily and her hubby just moved in to their house up in Vestavia, AL last summer. They love their neighborhood and have already made lots of neat updates to their home. One project they haven’t tackled yet, is their big ol’ brick fireplace:

Brick Fireplace

The first idea that sprang to my mind was that they could do something like this to it:

Paneled Fireplace Photo

Here’s a visual of how that might look in Emily’s house…

Paneled Fireplace

…and here’s a “presto change-o” photo if you’re on a desktop computer and you’d like to see it flip back and forth between the before photo and the inspiration photo. Just move your cursor on and off of it to see it change:

That’s just one idea, and I’m not sure how fancy-schmancy Emily is wanting to go, so here are a few more photos other examples of wall-to-wall fireplace inspiration:

Wall to Wall Fireplace | Rustic Wood


Emily, if you’re reading: you could use any kind/style of wood paneling if you like the idea above, and it could be installed diagonally, horizontally or vertically, depending on the orientation you like best. I’d still top the hearth with some kind of stone or concrete  slab(s), and then I’d continue the wood down onto the front of the hearth, too.

John and Sherry Petersik over at Young House Love painted their wall-to-wall bricks, and added a mantel ledge from one side of the room to the other in their first house:

Young House Love | Fireplace

Emily Henderson did a similar treatment in this pretty room:

Emily Henderson Fireplace

Emily- you could you a old wood beam in place of the white beam if you’re after a slightly more rustic look.

Here’s another great wall-to-wall idea by Lauren Liess:

Lauren Liess Living Room | Wall to Wall Fireplace

Check out the “before” photo:

Wall to Wall Fireplace | Lauren Liess

That second photo shows how flat that wall used to be, and how you could build out from it to add some storage and dimension.

Emily- the bookcases could sit right on top of your existing hearth! :-)

Have you made over and blogged about a similar style fireplace? I’d love it if you’d link to it in the comment section so Emily can check it out!

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  1. Julie says

    If that is a south facing window and that wall gets direct sun during the winter, I would leave it… That is a lot of thermal mass to cover with a material and color that won’t absorb and release heat.

    • Layla says

      I think they’ve decided to build the bookcases AND keep some of the brick between them, Julie, but your comment brings up a great point! Thanks for adding that to the conversation here today! 😀

      • Julie says

        Ha! We live in an old farm house in Minnesota that is heated with propane. It has been a very long, very cold winter already. Propane is over $5/gallon (last January it was about $1.60). Our house doesn’t have anything in the way of thermal mass and very few south facing windows. I have been having thermal mass and passive heating envy. :oP

  2. Jane Cederholm says

    One thought on the fireplace redo-you might want to eliminate the raised hearth. Children often fall against raised hearths with very bad results. Just a thought for families with small children.

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