Embroidery Hoop Art

It started with really good intentions, y’all. Intentions to create a fun piece of art to hang in our sonny boy’s room.

It started with a four dollar embroidery hoop from JoAnn’s…

Hoop Art

…and a yard of pom-pom fringe, and a cloth napkin my friend Traci used to wrap something up for me last year…

Pom Pom Fringe

It started with the ol’ print-in-out-on-a-piece-of-paper-and-use-pencil-lead-to-transfer-it-onto-the-napkin technique…

Make Believe Hoop Art

…and some leftover white paint to fill in the letters…

Make Believe Hoop Art 2

It started with some hot glue to hold down the edges…

Hoop Art DIY

…and some more hot glue to hold the pom-pom fringe in place…

Pom Pom Fringe Hoop Art

It started with two extra pom-poms to fill in the last little gap…

DIY Hoop Art

…and it ended with hoop art that looked just like a great big cookie cake!!

Hoop Art Fail

Not exactly what I had in mind!

Oh well. Maybe I’ll try a different “recipe” next time- ha! 😀

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  1. Ter'e says

    You just crack us up. Chalk this one up to “practice run”. Sweet P and white pom pom balls? Somehow that does not quite equate. Great thought and sentiment. I bet our Sweet P will be a little more rough and tumble than that.
    I volunteer to come up and teach him the art of making mudpies!!!!
    Here I sit, giggling to myself again.
    This child is in for the ride of his life!!!! I can’t wait!!!!! You will be the perfect mommy.

  2. Kim says

    Could you cut out the “Make Believe”, maybe in a square and use it on the front of a pillow with an accent colour on the opposite side? The lettering is great!

  3. gourmet goddess says

    Layla ,

    somehow this is just not doing it for me ,,,,, cannot quite put my finger on what is not right with it. You really put together some great stuff – I hope this does not offend you .


    • Layla says

      Lol! That’s why I put it in the cookie box and said it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind at the end of the post, GG! 😀
      (I even saved that photo as “Hoop Art Fail”- LOL!)

  4. Lacy says

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! How exactly did you get the letters on the napkin? This would save me SOOOOOO much time versus the way I have been making stencils and tracing them. Thanks!!!

  5. says

    Funny. :) This kind of thing happens to me a lot. It always looks so good in my head… Once I painted a tray with chalkboard paint, which didn’t work so well because the tray was plastic and had some sort of film on it with printed poinsettias (which peeled off along with the paint). I tried to salvage it by writing EAT on it, thinking I would just never erase it and it would be a cute accent up on top of my cabinets. Well, no matter where I stuck it, the bottom portion of the E got hidden behind the crown molding. So, it looked like the word FAT. Not exactly what I had in mind for my kitchen decor. Ha! :)

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