• Eli

    Meet Eli…

    He recently turned 4, and his mama is the fabulous Miss Traci over at Beneath My Heart.

    We love Eli, and thought it might be neat to get his opinion on kids room decor, so Traci did a little interview with him for us the other day and here’s what the cutie patootie had to say about the subject:

    Traci: What do you think would make a great kids room?

    Eli: Dinasers (dinosaurs) on the wall. And um, and um, tars (cars) on the bed. And tar (car) toys, and um….a baseball bat…and that’s it!

    (Eli! Check out these 3D wall embellishment from Beetling.com! Pretty cool, huh?!)

    Traci: What colors do you think they should put in the room?

    Eli: Um…um…ernge. (orange)

    (What about an orange-accented room like Ashley Ann put together for her boys, Eli?)

    Traci: What if it was a little girl? What colors do you think she would like?

    Eli: Um…pink!

    (Like this Eli?)

    Traci: What else? What would girls like in their room?

    Eli: Pink and purple!

    (Isn’t this a pretty pink and purple room Eli?)

    Traci: What kind of decorations would girls want on their walls? Like…you probably wouldn’t see cars…but maybe…

    Eli: Yes! Tars! Tars. Tars. Tars.

    Traci: Cars? Girls like cars?

    Eli: Yeah!

    Traci: Are you sure?

    Eli: Yeah.

    Traci: Well, I don’t know about that.

    Eli: Well, I wanna do it.

    (Look Eli! You were right, girls can have cars in their bedrooms!)

    Traci: What kind of toys should they have in their room?

    Eli: Whatever toys dey (they) like.

    Traci: What kind of toys do you think kids your age would like?

    Eli: Um. Dinasers…BIG dinasers. And um. And um. Dinasers. Ernge dinasers and red dinasers.

    (Look Eli! A dinosaur with a plant in his back! I think your Mom needs one of these!)

    Traci: What kind of books should they have in their room?

    Eli: Baby books!

    (I’ve always thought this sounded like a fun book. Do you have this one Eli?)

    Traci: What kind of lights should they have in their room?

    Eli: A purple light!

    (Do you like this one Eli? source and light)

    Traci: What kind of beds should the have?

    Eli: Um…baseball beds.

    (Like this Eli? source)

    Traci: Can you tell Layla and Kevin bye?

    Eli: Bye, I lub you! (smile)

    Layla: We lub you too Eli! (BIG smile!)


    Pretty neat to hear about what a 4-year old boy would want in his room! We sure appreciate he and Traci taking the time to talk about it for us, and I sure appreciate this sweet little video they texted me the other day….

    Not only is he creative, that kid has a great voice, huh?!

    Happy Thursday!


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