Edge Sander

Hi. We’re Dusty and Sandy- but today, you can call us Pooped and Plum-Tuckered.

I shot the following video of Pooped today.
He wanted to talk a bit about the infamous edge sander we mentioned in our last post. And when I say “he wanted to talk a bit”, I mean “he hoped the right configuration of words would magically fall out of his mouth when he opened it to speak because he is completely exhausted right now”…

(Click here to watch it on YouTube)

I’m not sure my weak-as-wet-spaghetti arms could’ve held the camera up much longer either, so I’m glad he was able to get that all out in two quick takes.

Our animals seem to be a little out of sorts lately too.

Mr. Bean has taken up residence in my closet. At almost any hour, you can find him sprawled out behind my box o’ socks…underneath a big, old plastic bag fulla’ wedding dress.

Max, on the other hand, stakes his daily claim on top of one of the euro pillows on our bed. He curls up there immediately after his morning walk and pretty much stays put until bedtime. (Except for the occasional bathroom break, of course….which may or may not occur outside because he’s clearly the reigning King of I’ll-Let-Ya-Know-I-Gotta-Go-Sometimes-But-Not-Every-Time.)

We’ll continue to plug away with our projects though. There’s no turnin’ back now!

(Me and Max, in our home office. I mean, dining room. I mean, master bedroom.)

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be back soon with some brand spankin’ new shots of our splendiferously-sealed hardwood floor.

If not, you can probably find us in the back of my closet…just beyond my box o’ socks…right below a big, old plastic bag full’a wedding dress.

Peace, hugs, and protective ear plugs,


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  1. says

    Hi Layla,

    I normally don’t comment even though I LOVE your style and stalk your blog literally everyday, but I just had to tell you how flattered I was that you commented on my blog today!! It means so much and I really appreciate it!

    And I totally understand your dilemma at the moment–being exhausted but knowing you can’t turn back is no fun, but I’m sure you will have beautiful floors (to match the rest of your stunning house) in the end and it will all be completely worth it!

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. says

    a. don’t know how i hadn’t noticed kevin’s southern accent before, but i love it! it’s endearing.
    b. why haven’t we seen your closet before? the second tier pants rack is BRILLIANT!
    c. there is no c

  3. says

    Aww, I love the pic of you and Max! That’s a classic for sure. Hope you guys get rested up and maybe enjoy some spring sunshine down there in the south!

  4. says

    hope you guys have sneaked some naps in! I want max’s job – don’t you? that sounds lovely to get up, have something to drink, take a little walk and then curl up (of course we’d have to be able to read blogs while curled up!) but that does sound fantastic!

    Can’t wait to see your final results!

  5. says

    LOve you two… Love your article in the Flea Markt Style… Love it All, You two are so amzing and inspirational…
    Thanks for always sharing..

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