Easy, Inexpensive, DIY Art for the Mess Hall

Happy Wednesday from Tybee Island!

I thought I’d share a quick, cheap, easy little DIY art project I put together over at the Mess Hall this week.

Since staying on budget is super important to our client, Pam, we’ve had a chance to really get creative (which I love!) as far as the furniture, lighting and decor go.
Lucky for us, she brought over a bunch of great lamps, furniture and plastic bins filled with tons of neat, little stuff she’s collected over the years, so pulling the place together has been really fun!

I found two of these white frames in a bin on the front porch, and my mission was to fill them with easy, inexpensive, DIY style art.

Pam had a few vintage LIFE magazines, and this page immediately stood out to us.

Inside this little, black “AND” box…

I found a bunch of old letters and greeting cards…,

I snagged an old painters drop cloth from the front porch, and used the glass in the frames as a template to cut out a “mat”…

(me, my mat and my newest age spot!)

A couple of the vintage letters made their way into one of the frames…

I chose the ones that coordinated with the bedding the best….

Not bad for freebie art, eh?

For the other frame, Pam had our favorite page of the LIFE magazine color copied, and I used the glass to trace out the shape we wanted put inside the frame…

Not only is the subject matter totally appropriate for the Mess Hall, the colors of that handsome military man go great with the bedding too!

We’ve got one more day to stage the place before we shoot it for the “Guest My Nest” and “Before & After” sections of our new site.

Then, Pam’s family can start using it as a vacation get-a-way, and they can continue having fun putting their personal stamp on the place for years to come!

On Friday, we’re…

…and I look forward to putting together a post that shows all the decorating we’ve done with Pam when we get back!


AND, since lots of inquiring minds seem to want to know, I’ll write a post about how and why we moved to WordPress, too!


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  1. says

    Oh My Goodness you are at Tybee Island? I will be there next weekend. I want some old letters to use for art projects like you used in framing. I look every where I go for some old letters. I will just keep looking.


  2. says

    hi guys- am loving seeing the mess hall come together….and, what a great surprise to see the re-do on your blog.

    i think i’m really liking having everything so neatly organized in little boxes!!
    i crave structure…and less clutter….
    goodness, now you’ve got me thinking about how to rid my space from some of the clutter.

    you crazy kids- always inspiring us to do wonderful things- thank you!!!!!

  3. Gail says

    I love old magazines & sheet music for artwork. And the old postcards….awesome. I actually have a ton of them (bought a lot on Ebay) but haven’t used them much because I was only looking at the front. I like the idea of displaying the actual letters! Old notes can be so interesting and inspiring. ;0)

    Everything looks fabulous. Can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Julie in Holland says

    Will you guys be posting as much here as you do on facebook and twitter? Will we need to get those accounts to stay in the loop? Hope all went well with the re-do. Cant wait to see pics!

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey Julie!

      Sure will!
      We just got back from Tybee, and now our dog is in the hospital. :-(
      I look forward posting more once things have settled down a bit! :-)


    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey thanks!
      Max is really sleepy tonight, but I’m sure he’ll be back to normal within a couple of days.
      I look forward to writing a new blog post tomorrow!

      Layla :-)

  5. kelly says

    So glad Max is okay..poor fellow for all he had to go through! Love the art work in the post above. Love the chair on the facebook page – you wouldn’t happen to know who that wicker was made by would you? And the inspirational video on the facebook page was great too. I wish we could incorporate some of that AMAZING sidewalk from the video into sidewalks here. That would be so wonderful around schools!

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Hey Kelly!

      I don’t know who made that chair. Sorry! :-( Isn’t it a beauty though?! :-)
      I feel the same way about the sidewalk art….SUCH a great idea!

      Happy Tuesday, friend!

  6. says

    Looking for “junk/old stuff” shops near west side of Ohio, or east side of Indiana. Not looking to go to expensive antique shops, more like whole in the wall places that you can find great old stuff to make something out of or use for decor. Please email me at [email protected] if you know of somewhere to stop at. Girlfriend and I are road triping soon. Thanks

    • Layla & Kevin says

      Thanks Marianne!
      We’re having a blast “getting to know” the new blog. Still a long ways to go, but so far, so awesome. Can’t say enough good things about Shannon from EightCrazy Designs!

      Layla :-)

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