Eastbrook Flea Market- with Rhoda and Cathy

If you haven’t been to Rhoda’s Blog, “Southern Hospitality”, yet today- head on over there and read her take on our day at the Eastbrook Flea & Antique Mall.
I met up with her and another blog friend, Cathy, on Monday, and the three of us had a ball! It was the first time I have really been out of the house this whole month, and I’m tellin’ ya- we probably could have just set up a tent in the middle of the place and stayed there all night. It was so good for my soul. Talking, laughing…it felt like we had been friends forever. (And, apparently they both got the memo about wearing black that day) :-)

Our rendezvous really made me feel ALIVE. (Thank you so much Rhoda and Cathy!)

So…you’re wondering what I took home with me, aren’t you? :-)

I spotted this old barnwood trough on the floor in one of the booths, and it was love at first sight…

Images of what I could use it for started to dance in my head. My adrenline started to rush, and I knew I must have this rustic beauty!

Right now, I’ve got some magazines & coffee table books inside of it. (I got the Pottery Barn “Bathrooms” book for $4.99 on their website, by the way) But while I was at Eastbrook, I envisioned it filled with green apples, sitting on top of a gigantic creamy-white Dining Table.
I could also see it holding terrariums and chunky candles, of various heights. Speaking of terrariums, I love these glass cloches and their mossy terracotta bases, by Park Hill…

Photo: Euro Antique Market

(And look at the little letters on the front side of the table they’re on!!!)

I also picked up two vintage log scale sticks, and a ruler that reads, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…

I love that the log scale sticks have writing on all four sides.

I found the perfect place to use these in my Kitchen, so after I clean them up and have them installed…I’ll post photos of them.

Thank you to everyone who has sent me email messages and left comments here on my blog.
I truly appreciate each and every one. I am perpetually inspired by your positivity and virtual friendship.

“Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs.” -H. G. Bohn

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