• Eastbrook Flea Market- Part Two

    Bummer news…apparently the Blissdom Convention is sold out, so I won’t get to meet so many of my internet friends in Nashville this weekend.
    What a total drag. :-(

    Maybe I’ll drown my sorrows by hitting up another flea market.
    That’s my favorite quick pick-me-up.

    Speaking of which, here are the rest of the photos I took the other day at Eastbrook.
    The architectural element in the photo above would look stunning sitting on a mantle like this one. (I removed the art that currently hangs above it, so you could get a better visual):

    Those light fixtures look familiar, huh Jenni?!

    Edited 2/5/09 to include:
    Catherine at Simply Natural directed me to this photo she blogged about yesterday, by KAA Design Group:

    It looks like the exact same piece, doesn’t it? Wild that we both blogged about it the same day!

    This pale blue shelf was, quite possibly, the coolest thing I saw there that day:

    It seems like the price was around $199.

    These ornate tin wall baskets must have been “the real deal”, because they were priced around $250 from what I remember. Yikes!

    I LOVE this little piano stool.

    Can’t you just picture it painted a creamy white and re-upholstered in a fabric like one of these:

    In a room like this:

    This “Partners Desk” was pretty expensive. Five hundred smackers, to be exact.

    I love the idea of working this way.
    I could see it painted a cheerful color, like yellow.

    Something as sweet as the concept of being able to see your loved ones face while working. :-)
    Check out the little rubber stamp holder that’s attached to the top of the desk:

    What a great place to display test tubes filled with flower stems. Or clip family photos and love notes.

    I never did find the price tag on this next table, but more than anything, I wanted to take a picture because it looks like it would be so easy to make. The finish is fantastic too. What a great table for a home with children in it, eh?

    This little green topped table was only $35. Too bad I don’t have a spot for it.

    Paint the legs white, and it would look perfect in an interior like this:

    This birdcage card holder was priced at $34.

    Here’s a close up:

    It might also look neat hanging in a large picture window, minus the cards.

    So all the birds outside become your pets. :-)

    The last thing I photographed was this funky little bench. What an awesome paint finish! I normally wouldn’t be drawn to it’s geometric lines, but there’s just something about it that makes me smile. :-)

    Now…out of all the ones I photographed, what was your favorite flea market find?

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