Dusk at Doodlebug

It’s Happy Hour and I’m sitting on a white wicker settee inside the screened-in porch at a cottage called “Doodlebug”.

It’s topped with a lime green, leopard print cushion…


The view of the marsh in front of the cottage is like something straight out of a “Bellamy”…


The air is heavy, and moist- but it smells incredibly fresh.

Makes me wanna take deep breaths…

Clear my mind…

Connect with God.

(I just heard thunder in the distance)


I’ve got my feet propped up on the coffee table in front of me…


I can feel a blister between my pinky toe and the toe next to it.

Must have walked too much today.

(Is there such a thing as walking “too much”?)


There’s a big, black bird sitting on one of the curled up boards on the dock in front of the house.

(Curled up boards on the dock in front of the Doodlebug)

I wonder if he was born on Tybee?

I like to think he was.

I like to think he knows just how magical his surroundings are.

I like to think he knows just how lucky he is that he can safely land on something that most humans would be too scared to walk on.

And I like to think he landed there because he wanted to watch the sun set beyond the marsh…just like me.

(Except he wanted a front row seat!)

(The marsh in front of Doodlebug)


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