Drop Cloth Drape Update & a trip to TJ Maxx

I fiiiiinally got around to purchasing some ring clips for the curtain rod in our Dining Room.
Now I need to order the shell trim I’m going to edge the drapes with. Don’t you just wish everything could just be done with a simple snap of your fingers?

I’m having one of those kind of days.
Not to mention I still want to find a lamp for on top of the linen press too.

Hey, you know who has the best table lamps? HomeGoods. I LOVE their lamps. The closest one is an hour and fifteen minutes away, but I really need to get up there sometime soon a get one.

TJ Maxx, on the other hand, has the best pillows. I saw these there last month:

Aren’t they pretty?!

And if you’re in the market for an aluminum side table, similar to this one from Pottery Barn that’s $299…

…maybe you’ll like this less expensive version at TJ Maxx for $79.99…

They actually had one EXACTLY LIKE the Pottery Barn one, but someone bought it before I could get back to the store and take a picture of it. :-( It was also $79.99. I still regret not buying it the first time I saw it!

These glass jugs caught my eye while I was there too…

Pottery Barn uses them in groups on their side tables…

And if you love the look of a colorful tablecloth casually draped across your dining table, like this…

Photo: Country Living

…you’ll love the summery tablecloths I found while I was there too:

Photo: Country Living

Searching for a less expensive version of this $59 Pottery Barn beauty?

TJ Maxx had this one, for $12.99…

TJ Maxx rocks!


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