Dresser – Done!

Hey there!
Kevin here.

Remember that $40 dresser we found at a flea market last year?

Well, it had obviously been left out in the rain (or been used as a boat at some point in time) because it had lots of water damage.

No biggie though- we were pretty positive a little primer and white paint would have it looking as good as new.


Turns out priming and painting it white actually made it look good as newBORN.

No joke.

It would’ve looked great in a baby girls room.

There was something about the curvy mirror being painted white that just didn’t look rock n’ roll thirtysomething enough.

We both still loved the clean-lined dresser part of it though, so we just took off the mirror and it was good to go!

(Don’t worry- we saved the mirror for possible future use. Wink, wink.)

(Oh, and pay no attention to the wall color in the photo above. It’s changin, ’cause you’re pickin a new one for us next week!)


As for the distressed drawer fronts- my Mrs. did those.

I’m into them ’cause they look so rock n’ roll weathered.

Basically, she just coated all four drawer fronts with primer.
Then, she coated two of them with “Weston Flax” (BM).
Then she coated all four of them with “Moonlight White” (BM).

Then she went berserk on them with our electric sander.

Oh, and the reason she put Weston Flax on the top left, and the middle drawer only was…

I actually have no idea.

But I’m sure it has something to do with making them look more rock n’ roll authentically old.


We went round and round about what kind of hardware to put on this thing for a couple of weeks, but when we saw what Mary did to the bin pulls she gave us- we finally had our answer.

She took regular satin nickel pulls…

…coated them with a little primer and some Sea Salt (SW) colored paint…

…distressed them, and BOOM!

Mary only sent four pulls though, so I made a quick trip to True Value for a couple of knobs to use on the top two drawers…

Following Mary’s lead, I covered them in primer…

…then painted on some Sea Salt.

Nothin’ left to do but fill our drawers!

That came out wrong.


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  1. Anna says

    I stumbled on your website when googling different ways to distress dressers. Your dresser is one of my favorites and I love your site. I bought an old dresser at a thrift store and I’m stripping it to get it ready to paint and distress. I love the distressing you did on the white parts of the dresser. Could you give me some details on how you did this? Did you use candle wax or did you just sand it down after painting?