Our friend, Jason, brought over his new “baby” the other day and I couldn’t resist snapping some pics of her when she started to get sleepy.
Meet Tootsie…

She’s a “dorkie” (dachshund/yorkie) and our pooch, Max, is officially in love. The mere mention of her name has him racing to front door at an incredible rate of speed these days.

The first time Jason brought her over, they chased each other around for a good 45 minutes before she finally konked out on one of the quilts I blogged about yesterday

Aaaaahhhh! That pic kills me! I can almost smell her sweet little head right through the screen!

Here’s a little video of her waking up…

And because we thought this pic of her yawning (no, it’s not photoshopped) was absolutely hilarious

…we thought we’d throw a “Lettered Cottage Caption Contest” this week!

If you’d like to enter, submit your photo caption ideas (for the yawn-y photo above) in the comments section below and we’ll choose a winner on Thursday (July 14th) at noon (Central Time). The prize…a new puppy, of course!

I kid.

How about a $50 Lettered Cottage Visa Gift Card…

You come up with the winning caption, and we’ll order ya one from!

PS- Speaking of precious new pooches, check out David Bromstad’s new baby, “Miss Lady Godiva Bonbon”…

…and Beth’s,”Eowyn”…

…and Sarah’s, “Peanut”…



Ooh! And the winner of the $100 Design Star American Express Gift Card is….

Carrie from The Corson Cottage!

Congratulations Carrie! I’ll be in touch with you via email today!


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  1. says

    “and so this is my question….just how do I decorate around this tongue? So I go with stripes, stick to solids…what do you think?”

  2. Paulina J! says

    By the way, when you mentioned the prize was a puppy my heart skipped a beat! I want one so bad!!!

  3. says

    Oh…this makes me want another puppy. I thought she looked all doxie. Dachshund puppies are the cutest…but I am partial as that is what I always have – dachshunds. To me they are the only dog that grows up to be just as cute as they were as puppies…well almost. I like the way their little tongues stick to the roof of their mouths when they yawn and then all of a sudden click down. I could almost smell the puppy breath in those photos. I’ll think about a caption.

  4. Jess M. says

    “So I was thinking something KISS-like for this room… you know, leather, studs, Gene Simmons?”

    Too. Cute!

  5. says

    Aw, what an absolute cutie! That “the better to LICK you with my dear” tongue is quite impressive as well! Thanks for the shout out girly. Wish we could get Max, Eowyn and Peanut together for a play date (and fur-baby mommy date)!

  6. Mary E says

    My caption for the picture would be “Out of the mouth of babes!” The next would be “Yawn Star” ( a spin on Pawn Star). Lastly, “The licker awakes!”. Doxie’s love to lick!

    Have fun!!!!

  7. Lisa H says

    Ok she is adorable–love her!

    “I am one part yorkie, one part dachshund and one part frog.”

  8. Mindy says

    “I just woke up, I was dreaming about the biggest bone lollipop ever!”

    Now I want one too….

  9. shelley says

    ahhhhh! the lazy hazy dog days of summer are here at last … perfect for lounging on lovely quilts languishing about and being admired for, after all, i AM adorable! you know you llllllllllllllllllluv me!

  10. says

    I was thinking more on the line of the KISS band too but someone beat me to it.. how about “I’m too sexy for my tongue”,,, what a cute puppy!

  11. says

    Caption: “This is the shade of pink paint you need. Just look at my mix-stick tongue!”
    Great puppy pictures! She doesn’t seem to mind being a “dorkie!”

  12. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    I wub those little chubby feet!!!! And that tongue!!!!! TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!! I am a huge sucker for puppers!!!!
    That tongue may need a roman shade hook up to get it back in her mouth!

  13. Rae says

    I absolutely, positively love “weenie” dogs. I have 2 and they are so much fun to have around, they are natural clowns and love to have blankies to burrow in year round. Tootsie is absolutely adorable, you should get Max a playmate…. :)
    My caption:
    I am Licky-licious!

  14. Jeninne says

    “No, you cannot have another ice cream cone . . . just look what happened to Tootsie when her mom let her have more than one . . .”

  15. Britani says

    To honor the new Harry Potter movie coming out this week-

    “This poor puppy just ate a charmed toffee that Fred and George Weasley made.”

    That gift card is too cute!

  16. says

    OMG! I’ve already shared that last pic with my daughter and husband, I want a Tootsie of my very own!
    She’s saying “I can stretch mine THIS FAR, can you?

  17. says

    My captions…

    Madame Licksalot

    Captain Long Tongue

    Got Tongue?

    My dog also has an incredibly long tongue. It’s so cute after he has been playing and it’s hanging out to side.

  18. says

    SOOO CUTE! How about these…..
    I can clean behind my ears with this thing!
    I can’t hold my licker!
    Say AHHHHH
    Need some stamps licked?
    Laffy Taffy or tongue? You decide!
    I have my own tongue depressor!

  19. says

    “Don’t bother, Doctor. I brought my own tongue depressor.”

    This post is lethal. Puppies are everyone’s weakness. Especially any form of dachshund!! Shame on you for making me want one. :)

  20. says

    “Even the blog Dogs are getting in on finding sponsors, ‘Ad space available here”

    I couldn’t resist, I just thought that tongue is so long you could write something on it!! My mom has a dachshund and her tongue is super long too, when she gives you kisses she can get that thing up your nose if you aren’t careful!

  21. Vonda L says

    “You gotta stretch that bubble gum like……this…..before you can blow a great big bubble!”

  22. says

    AHH I love that puppy! We have a morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) and I find the designer breeds they are starting to come out with are just plain adorable!

    Picture Quote: “Ah, this is the life!”

  23. KK says

    “Dorkie Tape. Now in pink. When the job just has to be done, remember, Dorkie Tape gets it done. Now available with a *super cute* dispenser.”

  24. says

    I vote for KISS ME IM DORKIE….whoever commented above!

    “You know what they say about a guy with a big tongue……”
    “Want a five second frenchie?”
    “Give yourself seven minutes in heaven with this guy!”

    I need to get my head out of the gutter, dont I?
    Awesome blog…keep up the fabulous work.

  25. Lindsey says

    “Being chased by boys (aka Max) is one tiring job… just another day in the life of Tootsie!”

  26. says

    “Dorkie Simmons”

    “Open Mouth. Insert bisquit.”

    “My contribution to Decorating with Yardsticks.”

    “That David Bromstead is such a babe.”

    “I might be little but I have the tongue of a champion.”

    “How long do I have to hold this pose?”
    “Open mouth. Insert cat.”

  27. Kristinah says

    Can’t think of anything more creative than the one above ” Can’t hold my licker”.
    that’s too funny! I want a dorkie, too!!

  28. Ryan Agnew says

    Her name is Lola & she is “all love” as my boyfriend says. :)
    Tootsie is adorable.

  29. says

    Heehee! I’m such a dork. I’ve been thinking of captions for 20 minutes and had to come back.

    “Big things come in small packages.”

    “Got stamps?”

  30. says

    Too cute! I love puppies, dogs, kittens, babies, all those things that are cute and cuddly. Our puppies had their first visit to the vet today – two little poodles and one yorkiepoo. All healthy, happy, and getting fat.

  31. Erica Beck says

    I LOVE the pics! How about “Tootsie Roll Tongue!” I have two little yorkies at home so the “dorkie” caught my attention – naturally :)

  32. Dawn says

    “I think you;re beautiful and I feel really warm when I’m around you and my tongue swells up.” Buddy the Elf
    Happiness is a warm puppy…with a really long tongue.

  33. kelly says

    say ahhhhh!
    so cute! never heard of a dorkie, he looks so like so much dachsund, where does the yorkie come in?

  34. says

    Last one, I swear. Maybe.
    (That cute lil’ puppy just popped into my head again.)

    “This is what happens when you make a dog say, ‘Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.”

  35. Geri Greco says

    No one told me that this may happen after too many puppy kisses. Someone please tell me, Is this permanent?
    Layla,give Tootsie a kiss for me.
    He is a lovie.

  36. says

    Too cute!! We have a 17 year old dachsund/pom mix. They are so much fun.

    my caption
    “Hey – wash thewe peanut oil in shish puppy chow? My tongue feelth thwollen.”

  37. Courtney J says

    How about
    “Oh you think taking pictures of me is so fun, huh Layla? How’s this for cute!?”

  38. Suzanne says

    “consider this project offically Licked”

    Now who needed the tongue lashing?

    Got peanutbutter?

  39. Kristy Davis says

    “Tootsie, what a long tongue you have. Better off to lick you with my dear.”
    “Max is so hot I’m panting”
    “Check this out”
    “If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself”
    “If you want something cleaned right, you’ve got to lick it yourself”
    “Stretch your potential”
    “Let me help! I love hanging wallpaper”
    “Let me help! I’m a wallpaper magnet”
    “My name is Dorkie, Tootsie Dorkie”
    “This quilt is tasty”
    “This is my quilt, not yours. Nanny Nanny Boo Boo”
    “Please take the picture and be done with it! My tongue is killing me”
    “Yuck, I hate broccoli”

  40. Kim in MD says


    Oh my gosh…I SO want a puppy right now! Any of the above will do nicely, thank you! I am impressed that you let Tootsie sleep on your new quilt! You are such a mommy already, Layla! :-)

  41. maggie says

    If I didn’t already have a puppy (who’s here running around like his tail’s on fire) I’d go get one now! Mine has a tongue that can match that! Do you think they eventually grow into them? What a sweetheart. :)

  42. Michelle Wright says

    “These quilts Layla bought makes me a comfy and adorable bed ~ I think I”ll takes myself a little nappsie poo, stretchie poo & a BIG yawnie poo.” Goodnight all. Love the picture.

  43. Dawn says

    “Thisss isss the bestest quilth forth nappingth on ever. I wonder if the kids will shareth it withh me” (You have to stick you toung out to say this properly.)

  44. Kathy M says

    Sticking her tongue out at you, LOL!!!
    “Go away, I am going back to sleep”

    Great pictures and helpful site!!!

  45. says

    Oh my goodness! Now I want a puppy. She’s darlin’! With a tongue like that I bet the boys are thinking “One kiss from her and I’ll turn into a prince.” ;o)

  46. Athena says

    “”Sleepy? Who’s sleepy? I was just stretching my tongue!”
    or “Wassup?”
    That is one adorable pup! :-)

  47. SheilaG says

    “You can never accuse me of being tongue-tied!”
    “Tongue twisters could be hazardous to my health….”

  48. says

    I vote for KK”s slogan….

    Why couldn’t the breed be called a Yorkshund?? I guess Dorkie has more talk=a=bility, “You got a what? Dork??” keeps the buzz going

  49. Lisa says

    “To keep him company during those long, lonely hours of pulling down wallboard Kev invested in the new fangled Ta-Da-Orkie! Part Tape Measure, Dachshund and Yorkie all in one.”

  50. Kandy T imbie says

    “Caution: This is a dangerous weapon. Only hightly trained professionals like myself should use it.” (Read with an adorable baby lisp).

    “They call me Bond, Tootsie Bond”

  51. Joetta says

    bet you can’t touch your nose with your tongue betcha can’t !! betcha can’t!! She is to cute!!

  52. Kristy Davis says

    “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth … maybe they will keep my tongue inside my mouth.”

  53. Beylah says

    A cranky Tootsie glared at her owner after once again being woken up from her afternoon nap by the power drill. Her eyes said it all: “Do one more DIY project during nap time and I swear, I’ll slobber over every last inch of this house. Starting with your toothbrush…”

  54. AnnW says

    Jeez, it took me five minutes to scroll down! I have two:
    “I am Gene Simmons’ love puppy” and

    “Gene Simmons’s is my doggy daddy.” This are the cutest pictures ever. And nicely styled. Ann

  55. Melissa Bordelon Shields says

    Tootsie, “This watermelon airhead won’t fit in my mouth!! Give me a tootsie roll!”

  56. Marina Lawing says

    “In the lap of luxury at the Lettered Cottage”

    You’ll have to tell everyone where to get a Dorkie. My Pomapoo’s need a new friend!

  57. Julianna Weidman says

    “Any one else watch Design Star around here???”

    Waiting for my puppy to arrive home on the mainland after we were stationed back from Hawaii….your post made me miss her even more :)

  58. Cindy says

    “I LONG to give you a great, big kiss!”

    What a sweet puppy and what a sweet dog bed. My “Duffy” will want one of those!

  59. Melinda Ke says

    Caring for your vintage quilt:
    Mix one part dachshund with one part yorkie, add moist schnozzle and use long pup tongue to smooth out any creases. Lay flat to dry. Use of warm pup body may speed up drying process.

  60. Lisa W. says

    Oh my well I have a dashound and this looks just like one at least right now. Exactly how mine looked as a puppy.

    Ok your gonna think I am crazy…I am a hairdresser and look at allot of those hairdresser catalogs. Have you seen the “Essie” nail polish ads. OMG this would be great. They always have such a cute kick to them. Like one of the latest is marshmellows with the polish dripping down on them and a catchy little phrase.

    Ok ok I’m thinking this with the puppy. Maybee it could go like this. The polish dripping down, and the color would be…..

    PEACHES AND CREAM…how cute would that Really look for one of their ads and you will see it I promise:)

  61. Priss says

    “Daddy, I had a bad dream. I was in a Got Milk commercial with a lady who kept trying to put a dress on me. Yechhhhh!!! Daddy….who is Paris Hilton?”

  62. says

    I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Layla and Design Star!!!
    Yay!!! We WON!!!! Your blog is a true inspiration this means so much!!

  63. says

    Puppies and quilts, oh my, too much stinking greatness in one picture. (Love your Etsy quilts by the way.)

    As for my comment, I think that precious pup is thinking something like:

    “Can someone PLEASE help me roll this thing back up so I can go back to sleep?!?”

    Or perhaps:

    “Why, yes, I would like to supersize that rawhide.”

  64. Alicia says

    What an amazingly cute dog!! I can’t decide if I am in love with the name of the breed, “Dorkie”, or the dog ?

    “Don’t worry,,. I’ll grow into it? “

  65. Sharon says

    Grandma what a big tongue you have—-The better to give you wet, sloppy puppy kisses with, my dear.

    So adorable!

  66. says

    Don’t know if we can do more than one, but just in case:

    “Why yes, as a matter of fact, they did name the Tootsie Roll Pop after me!”

  67. Lori Peele says

    Wouldn’t life be funny if people communicated like puppies, licking each other and sniffing each others bums!

  68. Jacki says

    “Oh Layla, I woov (puppy version of love) the quilt you picked out so much, I just want to lick it and eat it up!

  69. Allison A says

    “If a woman’s weapon is her tongue, I’ve got this one covered!”

    So cute. She’s precious and the one of her truely sleeping is adorable!

  70. Ashley says

    “I love my aunt layla, this much!”
    or how about…
    “Can David Bromstad’s pup do this?”

  71. Dana says

    “Nanny-nanny-boo-boo! I got to spend the day with Kevin and Layla!”

    Shut the front door! That is the cutest pup ever!!!!

  72. Anna Denney says

    Dachshunds are a favorite of mine, I have four!

    My caption: “See my tongue? How long it is? And it’s STILL hard to groom my back without falling over!”

  73. says

    Ohmygoodness too cute for words! I was just looking at some photos of pets on furniture. I can forget them now. With or without furniture, Tootsie would look fabulously cute!

  74. says

    OMGoodness, she is adorable! They all are. Brought tears to my eyes. I miss our doxie so much! She looks just like a doxie. Dorkie – how funny! “Pre-pasted wallpaper blah!” Thanks for sharing her cuteness!

  75. Erika says

    I have a dorkie named Minnie. She sleeps just like Tootsie and is just as adorable. she is also very photogenic. :-)

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