Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

“Don’t quit your day dream.”

I rediscovered some newspaper articles from my childhood this week and memories of my Mom digging up an extra “day job” rushed right across time and back into my head.


We moved out to the country on April Fools Day in 1983. My parents were in their late 20’s, and my brother and I were 5 and 8. My dad wanted to be near more deer & ducks, and my mom wanted room to grow. Annuals, perennials, fruits and veggies- she churned the earth for them all. As a kid, I never understood her fascination with soil and sunshine. Thirty+ years later, I think believe it had something to do with improving a piece of the world…hers and ours.

Triangle Farm

The farmhouse we lived in sat on seven acres. There were six outbuildings, and a million places for my brother and I to dream. Our land was shaped like a triangle, and there was a half acre-sized strawberry patch in the northeast corner of it. Worried a lot of them would go to waste, and inspired to bring in some extra cash for our family, my Mom decided to open the patch up to the public during the third and fourth weeks in June. That’s exactly (and only) when our berries were ripe for the pickin’.

She worked so hard to ready those rows…spreading fertilizer…pulling weeds. We had two varieties: Stoplight and Trumpeter, and when the time was right, my Mom painted pretty road signs and placed a local ad so that people would (hopefully) come to pick them.

Come Pick Strawberries

We were open for business 8 days a year for six years. Two Tuesdays, two Thursdays, and two weekends. Initially, my parents had no idea what kind of crowd to expect, but they learned real quick that Minnesotans love their strawberries, and people come in droves to pick them. Oh the traffic jams on the single-lane dirt road that led to our house! Folks from all around came out and filled their plastic pails full of Mom’s delicious berries.

Berry Pickers

She charged 50 cents a pound, and to this day I can’t see a strawberry without thinking of her. :-)

Picking Strawberries

(My brother and Mother, pickin’ in the patch in 1985)


And speaking of creative and industrious women who inspire me, I stopped by my friend Ashley’s shop on Monday afternoon. If you live in Montgomery, you know it was raining cats and dogs that day. If you don’t live in Montgomery, I put on my waterproof boots and snapped these pictures just for you. :-)

Side Table | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Armchair | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Driftwood Sculpture | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Barr Co Soap | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Beaded chandelier | Nailhead trim headboard | Striped throw | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Candleholders | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Chandelier | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Concrete Side Table | Wood Accent Table | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Gray and white striped ottoman | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Herringbone Throw Blanket | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Honeycomb Rug | Gray Dining Chairs | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Jug Pendant Light | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Nailhead Trim Chair | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Nailhead trim headboard | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Nesting tables | table lamp | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Ottoman | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Parish | Montgomery Alabama | Industrial Side Table | Accent Table

Rattan Jar | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Rope covered candle holder | Parish | Montgomery | Alabama

Round Dining Table | High-backed Chairs | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Rugs | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Stump side table | Nailhead Chair | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Wood Bowl | Moss | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Wood Floor Lamp | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Ashley opened Parish in April of 2010, and just like my Mom and her berry patch, she didn’t know what kind of crowd to expect.

Sliding Barn Door Handle | Parish | Montgomery Alabama

Four years later, and folks are still picking! 😀

Thinking about these gals and their go-for-it-ness has me feeling extra enthusiastic about a new venture I’ve spent a lot of time daydreaming about. It still needs some fine tuning, but the wheels are officially in motion.

Off to ready my “rows” and pull a few “weeds” today. 😉

Psssst- Local peeps: everything is 20% off at Parish this week!

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  1. karen sunday says

    One of everything in that store please! Beautiful story I hope my kids have nice memories like yours so cool. thanks

  2. says

    I absolutely love that story about your family’s strawberry patch.
    I grew up on land, too, and it was so,much.FUN.

    My kids are totally missing out that we don’t live on land!

    We haven’t been back to Montgomery in a few years, but we have several special friends who live there. If I ever make a weekend trip, I’ve got to meet YOU and visit Ashley’s store!

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