DIY Shades

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the white shutters we got from our Facebook friend, Toney…


In that post, I mentioned that we were still trying to figure out what to replace the temporary paper shades on the upper half of our windows with. They’re okay for now, but they’re a pain in the booty to move up and down, so we just keep them up 24/7- which isn’t ideal. 

Since that post, I’ve searched and searched for solutions, but I never could find anything that looked/costed/worked just right. Up until a few days ago, that is. I opened an email from my friend, Kristine, and BAM! Super cute/affordable/functional window treatment inspiration!

Basically, she used all this stuff…

…to cover up a plain, black-out roller shade…

…so that it’s hidden most of the time, but there for privacy whenever she wants to pull it down:

Pretty neat, huh? I’m still not exactly sure when or how we’ll go about putting our window treatments up- but man am I inspired by Kristine’s project! (Thanks again for sending it so that I could share it here, Kristine!)

PS- Click on the banner below to read Kristine’s full DIY Shades tutorial post!

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    What a great idea! Perfect for the grandbebe’s playroom/sleepover-at-Nonna’s room. Want the light-bright-open windows while they play, and the black-out shades to keep them in bed in the mornings until at least 6! :)

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