• DIY Lamp Makeover

    A few weeks ago, I blogged about a project I helped work on at my friend Debbie’s house. Remember the armoire we transformed?

    China Cabinet Makeover | Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

    Well, she sent me home with one of her table lamps that day, and I’ve been thinking about how to change it for her ever since.

    Brass Lamp Makeover

    She told me she received it as a wedding gift 28 years ago, but that she really didn’t care for the brass or the shade anymore.

    Brass Lamp | Before

    I, on the other hand, kind of liked the brass (and embossed floral pattern), so I couldn’t bring myself to do anything super-permanent to it. I did spray the top of it with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint…

    Brass Lamp Makeover | Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

    …but, like I said, I was pretty determined to figure out a way to not damage that middle section. (Ya know, just in case Debbie changes her mind about it someday!) ;-)

    I played around with several ideas before finally settling on slipcovers.

    Yep. When I saw these fabrics at Joann’s, I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do!

    Fabrics from Joann Fabrics

    Aren’t they pretty? I found the gray floral in the upholstery fabric section, and the navy ikat in the outdoor fabric section. I picked up some light khaki colored trim to go with them, too:

    Navy Ikat from Joanns

    Long story short, I measured the area in the middle, and cut a piece of the ikat and a piece of the gray floral to fit it. Next, I used fabric glue to attach the trim. Last but not least, I ran some Velcro up the inside of the seam in back so that Debbie can change out the slipcovers if she wants to:

    Table Lamp Slipcover

    Cover Lamps With Fabric

    (The lamp shade is from Target.)

    Fabric Lamp Makeover Ikat Lamp Makeover

    It was a fun little project, and I’m reeeeally hoping Debbie likes her “new” lamp(s). If not, I guess we’ll just head back to the fabric store together this time!  :-D

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